August 12, 2019 Rumors

HBO Max is currently casting for a half hour dramedy pilot titled Generation. The show is about a bunch of high school kids exploring their identity and sexuality. Some of the roles mention possible nudity. Lena Dunham is also listed as an executive producer.

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Alexandi Daddario has lost a lot of weight and she is nothing like what we saw her in TD.Would love to see her do nude scene but the movie Lost Girls might be last chance to see peak Alexandra assuming the scenes were done before Baywatch came bcoz it was after Baywatch she lost a lot of weight


She shot Baywatch Feb-May 2016. Lost Girls was October-December 2017.


"Lot of weight" ...yeah, she's about to disappear...
She got fit, which is different, and after Baywatch she keeps training.
And now, nobody wants to see her naked... yeah sure, ok!


She was “fit” in True Detective. She was quite thin in that Why Women Kill clip. If you think protruding hip bones and seeing every vertebrae is “fit” so be it, but if her Lost Girls nudity is closer to the WWK clip rather than True Detective, it’s going to be really disappointing.


As long as she’s healthy I’m happy


3 episodes of HBO’s “ Mrs Fletcher”, starring Kathryn Hahn, will screen at TIFF.


This is an outstanding ass shot. So gratuitous and nicely lit. She's got great butt too. Do more of this stuff itv.


Damn! Nice scene. Thanks.


So no nudity on the first episode of Why Women Kill, but the episode was rated TV-MA only for language.


Oh no... there is still platforms that release show episodes on a weekly basis. Fuck me.


When I saw that still, my heart jumped into my throat.


"Tasteful nudity" means sideboob and butt crack at most.
Meh, she's too skinny now anyway.


If I had to bet, I’d agree with you, unfortunately. Just doesn’t feel like that sort of show to me. Though her losing weight doesn’t make me want to see her naked any less.


She stills looks gorgeous


How much would it cost to fund the release of Lost Girls? Would it be out of reach for crowdfunding? An average joe like me would be happy to chip in a few hundred dollars if needed. Some of us here are millionaires.


A dream would be to see nude scenes with Dove Cameron, Eliana Jones or Sarah Hyland !


You mentioned Olivia DeJonge came close to being nude in Undertow a while back, any more details?

Also, does CBS All Access put shows up at midnight? If so, what time zone?


Was it just some brief sideboob from Emily Deschanel in Animal Kingdom? It went so fast I couldn't really tell when she popped up from the tub.


I think The Third Wife released, I saw a couple of news about it, but I can't find this movie. I am waiting it for months. It has strong sex scenes. Hope I can find it soon.


Sacred Games is up? Any news?




As I had said, not to expect anything. Nudity is very rare in India. Even when you get nudity, its always from unknown or unpopular face. Even in Non-Indian shows, mostly, the Indian girl (or Indian descent girl) does not get naked, recent example Sunita Mani. The biggest bump for me was Tina Desai not getting naked for a show like sense8. Now I am waiting for The Witcher, maybe it will have something from Anya Chalotra.
Also, the show Sacred Games season 2 is a disappointment (IMO) and not as good as season 1.


Short trailer for "Il était une seconde fois" (Twice Upon A Time) with Freya Mavor


Just some random questions:
- No expected nudity on Why women kill?
- Any new infos for possible nudity from Zoey Deutch in The Politician?
- Anything by Emma Roberts in any of her upcoming projects?
- Anything in Dollface (especially from Shelley Hennig)?


We'll know if Why Women Kill has any soon. The creator said that being on CBS All Access allows for it. That R hasn't said anything doesn't mean anything. If he had confirmation, he'd say something. He doesn't see or hear about everything.


I’d like to know about Shelley too


You shouldn't expect anything from The Politician. Go read the synopsis and look at the preview photos.


Recapped last year and the reason I asked for "new infos":

Is there likely any nudity from Zoey Deutch or Lucy Boynton in Ryan Murphy’s The Politician?
Possibly. Lucy Boynton has a sex scene right at the beginning of the first episode of The Politician but believe it’s only implied nudity. BTW, hearing January Jones will be playing Lucy’s mom on this show.


Also any info on January Jones nudity in The Politician


From screendaily review of “Angel of Mine”:

That said, there’s an escapable air of self-consciousness about Angel of Mine, including in a stripped-bare scene between Rapace and Rob Collins (as a potential date) that visibly conveys the extent of Lizzie’s pain.

so that’s likely the brief nudity


those who are wondering about sacred games season 2 air timing, it'll air at 15th august 0.00 AM IST..


Apparently nothing in any episode


Potential “Wheel of Time” casting news today. It was reported here that some of the female roles may require nudity.


Madeline Madden and Zoe Robins cast in this. Not great news to me.


Zoe Robins was fine as hell in Ninja Steel


So there will be many sex scenes and nudity for Kate Mara?
We need to see something in the same level of sex scenes My Days Of Mercy or higher... !!! 😀 😀 😀


You know it's FX show, right?


Every one of his posts has a minimum of three exclamation points. He is what happens when hype and overreaction have a child together.


Erin’s character, Katy, was based somewhat on a historical person. But more importantly, she embodied a bold freedom that was emblematic of the time, and she approached that role with complete fearlessness and fun.

Quote from the director of Driven. Disappointed with the lack of nudity in The Boys, but this will surely make up for it.


This it what commonsensemedia writes about Driven in Sex category.

A character strips down to her underwear to change clothes and is briefly topless. A woman under the influence kisses and grabs another woman's breasts.


Will caps be released before Friday?


When is Dreamland starring Margot Robbie releasing....??? Are we going to get her nude again this year or not...? She's done good nudity for the movie. Its probably waiting to be bought by sone major studio.


They only showed it at US and Israeli festivals, so my bet is that they've already attracted some major studios for wider release some time this year


Karrueche Tran showed her ass on the recent episode of "Claws" on TNT. It has been a while since I seen a good ass scene like that on basic cable.


Since people keep talking about it, I would guess that in the next couple of months, Lost Girls will end up on Amazon Prime. That’s the dumping ground for bad movies.
No clue what the deal is with this film, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a lot of nudity, either. I’m under the impression that the director already re-cut the film to remove a lot of what he originally intended, and given that it was intended as an erotic film, so to speak, now the movie is probably pointless. Just my own opinion and observation. It’s very odd that film festivals are ignoring it.
I’m definitely not expecting more than a few brief shots of nudity in this film. Not complaining. I’ll take it. Just saying.


Have you considered the possibility that "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" is simply not a good film and that it finds no buyers, regardless of the amount of Alexandra Daddario nudity there's in?
In 2001, "Prozac Nation" premiered at TIFF but failed to get a domestic release before 2005, while it had the nude debut of Christina Ricci. And it did get negative reviews when critics were allowed to see it.
"Hippie Hippie Shake" is a slightly different situation given that the director and the screenwriter had both disavowed the project and that test screenings didn't show much enthusiasm for the version the producers had put together.
There are tons of films even without any major name in the cast that get selected at film festivals or find domestic distributors. It just takes a few people convinced that it's a good film or that it'd be interesting to establish a connection with the director as their next project could be a hit. "Lost Girls" has clearly failed to impress these people.


It's clearly a hard movie to sell. Same as My Days of Mercy was. There it was a same sex love story set around the death penalty debate -- no buzzy writer, no buzzy director, and the only 'name' was Ellen Page and her last hit was Inception. While we may like Kate Mara, the wider world doesn't care about the woman with the bad wig from the awful Fantastic 4 movie.

Lost Girls has a similar problem. A murder mystery set in Japan with a lot of sex/nudity. It's not based on a buzzy smash hit best selling book. The director isn't a name. Your 2 biggest names (to the wider world) are the witch lady from GOT and the chick from San Andreas (or maybe Percy Jackson if you saw that).

It'll sell/find a distributor but it's not a surefire hit. The Crazy Rich Asians effect isn't gonna help this dark R rated thriller.

Look at Daddario's other movies. Can You Keep A Secret? It's adapted from a best selling book from a well known chick lit writer. One of her previous books had already been made into a movie. They make it cheap enough, put a hot dude in it, dump it on VOD -- it'll find its market and stand a chance of recouping its budget.

The We Summon the Darkness movie -- a low budget horror (there's like 2 locations and a small cast) from the producers of the hit shark movie 47 Meters Down. Again, it's an easy sell to that audience.

It's a hard climate out there for indie flicks. Look at Daddario's thriller Nomis (now Night Hunter). That was shot back in early 2017! It had a film fest prem in September 2018 and is only getting a release this September. That's an easier movie to sell -- a serial killer thriller with Henry Cavill, Stan Tucci and Ben Kingsley. And it still took 2.5 years.


Maybe this will be like the never released film - Hippie Hippie Shake starring Cillian Murphy and Sienna Miller.


There’s been virtually zero news about it since the project was announced nearly two years ago so there’s really no basis for anyone to have any “impressions” one way or another. We simply don’t know anything.


I hope you're wrong about the nude scenes being removed.


I'm hoping they just give up with the film festivals stuff and just put the movie as is on Netflix and be done with it.


Don't think there's any need to worry at all. So, it didn't get selected for TIFF, that's a big name festival with movies that are either star packed or have a famous director or are actually very good. We know that Lost girls is neither of those things, I mean TIFF, Venice and now even NYFF are festivals where Oscar nominated movies premiere.
The best example for an erotic movie that premiered at a low key festival is Compulsion, it was first shown at Torino Film Festival. So probably Lost Girls will premiere at Stockholm or Tokyo, if not then there's nothing to worry about, since there are many other European and Asian festivals.
BTW, even Carice Van Houten is waiting for the some news, on Instagram, she again asked the producer about the status. However, instead of straight answer, this time she just sent her a mail.


I suppose Torino is another possible film festival for this. Happens in November.


I hope not. I don’t watch much, if any, amazon original programming, but they only show 90s soft core (the golden age of soft core) with all the nudity edited out. What the hell is the point?


I agree. Amazon Prime content is a complete joke. That's what happens when the company doesn't even see the content as very important to the bottom line. They just kinda don't really care. Such as shame they don't do a better job cultivating interesting, niche audience-driven content given the whole potential of the platform.


One problem with Amazon Prime Video (unrelated to nudity) is the lack of quality control for what’s available. It seems like pretty much anyone can put anything up there. I’ve come across “documentaries” that were wildly amateurish/unprofessional, for example.


“Waves” confirmed for TIFF.

A few other new films announced (obviously not including Lost Girls)

I’m mostly interested in “Jungleland” with Jessica Barden.


Might be something from Ella P in the final 2 episodes this weekend.


Was there any new cast for the final season of The Deuce?


It sounds like every other show being made right now. Same plot.


youre not wrong....but if they cast some hot girls who show their boobs do we really mind?


YOUR NUDITY WISHLIST? (besides daddario)

- Hayley Atwell (never nude before, probably our only hope is for more leaks)

- Antje Traue (potential in Dark S3, Dead End S2, Resonance or King of the Ravens)

- Annie Wersching (showed ass in bosch, the side/under boob we got from those shots made her breast look incredible)

- Deborah Ann Woll (unlikely, she has said as long as her blind husband can't see her body, we won't get to either)

- Jessica Chastain (done plenty before but no good nude ass shots. Also a leak list from a few months back that accurately predicted Maggie Q & Olsen's leaks listed her)

- Katee Sackhoff (strongly appreciated the ass shot in Another Life but I am greedy and want more)

- Anna Torv

- Jennifer Garner (I recall she recently said she wasn't against doing nudity in some interview)

- Cobie Smulders

- Rebecca Mader (currently pregnant)


I would looove Jennifer Garner.


Any chance of getting something from Anna Torv in Mindhunter S2?


Theres a gif someone posted on Tumblr from the Netflix trailer of Anna topless but covered in front by her legs and a sheet. Not long to wait to find out!


There are thousands of forums where ppl discuss their wishlists. Plz don't do it here.
All is gonna make is for this post to have 100+ comments and when you click on it expecting something good's turned up, all you gonna find is an endless (and quite frankly somewhat useless) list.


Lena Dunham..ughh!!


Not only does Lena include nudity in all of her projects, the prestige attached to her name might persuade some young actresses who would otherwise be reluctant to get naked. Not necessarily "ugh" for our purposes.


"the prestige attached to her name" prestige doesn't mean what you think it does


Wait, you mean some internet dude thinks Lena Dunham sucks? What a shocking opinion you have!


Yeah, just what I wanted to write. And let's not forget that thanks to Lena we got two fantastic nude scenes (and so far the only ones) from Shiri Appleby.


Those Shiri Appleby nude scenes were the best nude scenes from Girls. They were so shocking and unexpected. I wish she would do more nude scenes. What has she been up to since Girls?


UnREAL's lead Rachel, 4 seasons. No nudity but a number of Shiri sex scenes. Quite debauched & degrading. Shiri's a hell of an actor. Rachel's a sicko. Full of guile & dastardly deception. In a way, a continuation of her Cate in Life Unexpected, lovable destroyer of lives.


Hmmm, Lena Dunham usually likes to put female nudity in her series but I don't expect miracles from HBO.


You mean like how that show Girls didn't have nudity? Oh wait it did.


Of course "Girls" did which is why Dave said Lena usually like to put female nudity in her series. She has only made 2 series with Girls being the most famous. Your comment doest make any sense as a response to his.


Angel of Mine has its world premiere at MIFF on Wednesday and screens again several times throughout the week. Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski.

Rated R for "sexuality and brief nudity"


My guess is something from Noomi, zilch from Yvonne.