August 13, 2018 Rumors


Any idea if there’s nudity from Zoe Levin in the upcoming Blackpills series Bonding?

We’ve seen all the entire season of Bonding and there is no nudity from Zoe Levin or anyone else.

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“Vita & Virginia”, with Gemma Arterton & a probably topless Elizabeth Debicki, to premiere at TIFF. Also “Teen Spirit”, Max Minghella’s film starring Elle Fanning and “Tell It To The Bees” with Anna Paquin & Holliday Grainger.

That’s the good news. Bad news is continuing absence of any news about an IANAB screening.


Elle fanning really??


I wasn't that confident for "Tell It To The Bees" after reading a preview a couple of months back. I am more confident now.


The prospect of Holliday Grainger naked and sexy in Tell It To The Bees has my balls absolutely buzzing.


Was worried about this exact scenario, let's just hope that IANAB was still going through editing and they didn't submit the film for review. Still there are some upcoming European and Asian film festivals that we can look forward to, before Sundance hits.


Not really a Sundance film (or Venice, Telluride, NY). If not TIFF, then to be honest it probably fits best at Tribeca - next April.

Or London in October - that would work, I’m sure there would be a willing volunteer to see it there 😉

Also, if it hasn’t finished editing by now, having wrapped around Christmas, they have serious problems.


For reference, Under the Skin filmed around the same time of the year as IANAB in 2011 and first premiered at Telluride in 2013.


There's also AFI Fest in November.


Yeah, if it premieres this year then we can count on London or LA, although there is a good chance that it might open some Italian or Swedish film festival.
The best scenario will be, if Netflix directly buys it, just like Alex's last film.


LA gets the non-nude Daddario - “We have always lived in the castle”


no news about Lily collins? And who knows the movie called undertow recently be on showed on MIFF?


She's absolutely beautiful and it would be a dream to see her do a good nude scene. Sadly, I think there's more chance of Lord Lucan being found.


Isn't this a PG-13? Pretty good considering..


Good For today's MPAA standards I guess. I was hoping there would be a more clear view of breasts based on the nudity review. It used to be common to see bare breasts in PG movies in the 70's-80's and then when the PG13 rating was created you could see nudity in both PG and PG13. By the late 90's you could still see breasts in PG13 but it was becoming rare and by the 21st century it started to become almost nonexistent to see any frontal nudity in non R rated movies.


Cara Delevingne having fun with Rita Ora...


Thanks for the video.


Good god Orlando Bloom is a terrible actor.


your attention is on the wrong thing 😀


You're focusing on the wrong thing


You could say Orlando's acting was... a diversion.


thanks man....


Outstanding indeed. Though it would be nice to have the original video too.


Finally! My life is complete.






I don't see the October release on the My Days of Mercy Facebook page anymore. Have you heard any recent rumblings about a release date or distributor?


I received this message from the official facebook page earlier this year.
"Hi, thanks so much for writing us and for your interest in our film. The film will be released around October 2018. We'll post when it does.
Again, thanks for reaching out!"


Heh, I wonder if they know why we're so interested.


Re any Emilia Clarke nudity.
She's an odd one for me. I think she looks stunning in GOT but not so much in other roles or as herself. For me its down to that white hair in.GOT which looks so striking on her.
Not too bothered about future nudity as we've already seen all there is to see in those early, awesome scenes in GOT .


Wait what? She showed her pussy in GoT?


Very briefly in episode 1. You can see a flash of bush when she is going to the hot tub


Uh.....You consider 1 half-second of blonde merkin to be showing bush?


Well, it's blonde, and her natural hair color isn't blonde, so i'd assume they would use a merkin and not make her dye her pubes.


Well if it’s a merkin then no but I didn’t know it was one

If it’s a normal bush showing a bush for half a second doesn’t make it not a bush


Anyone braving The Festival this week to see if Emma Rigby is actually topless as a Smurf? (An odd sentence to write)


Claudia O'Dohrety is in it too. I find her so cute as well.


way too many cocks and balls in that one - not even Emma is worth sitting through that


I don't usually have any issue with male nudity if it's justified and not just used for comedic or shock value. From the BBFC - "Moments of crude humour include a scene in which one man urinates on another, with sight of his penis. There is nudity, including sight of penises, testicles and buttocks, all in a comic context."


wow ... i'm sure you didn't wake this morning and expect to be saying those words in the same sentence 😀


any view on nudity from Emilia clarke in above suspicion... have been waiting for quite long now...


As people have said to others who've asked: the movie leaked in Turkish. No nudity. Unsure if the Turkish cut of the film was censored. An actor in the film said that he and Emilia were both nude.


I’ve watched that Turkish version. The actor is barely in the film, has only 1 line of dialogue with Emilia, just appears in the background - so either they cut out his entire storyline/scenes or he was massively exaggerating.


In turkey there are plenty censored movies relased so just wait until vod version relase


Too bad about Zoe. She was great on Red Band Society. Thanks anyway.


Anything from Ellie Bamber in High Resolution?


Any information on nudity in A Simple Favor?


Guarantee that neither Blake Lively or Anna Kendrick show any nudity. It ain't happening. Don't kid yourself. Paul Feig ain't shooting that.