August 14, 2018 Rumors

Thursday’s Strange Angel season finale is the best and perhaps last chance for Bella Heathcote nudity on this show. Near the beginning of the episode, Bella may have a dark sex scene. Unlike the sex scenes in earlier episodes, Bella is now on top and more aggressive. Later, Bella might be shown in the bath. A little later, Bella supposedly gets undressed and puts on a ceremonial gown. The gown may be slightly see through, and Bella wears it for the rest of the episode culminating in her orgasming during a cult ritual.

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Great pity there were never any pictures of Anne Archer's long full frontal scene in the Graduate. She was a right milf in her day.


Anne Bancroft played Mrs. Robinson.


I believe they're referring to Anne Archer's performance of Mrs Robinson in the west end play from 2001.


Kudos to the hero that posted the video of Sophie Cookson. Saw that Parzival was planning to see it. It would be awesome if you got video of Neve McIntosh's nude scene as well. Any way you could try and get an angle for Sophie's backside? Don't know if seats are designated ahead of time. If you're worried about getting caught maybe pickup a hidden camera? Like those glasses or something. Just putting that out there. Good luck!


What?! I thought the pervs had been satisfied by the Cookson vid and I could enjoy the play in peace.


That was clearly filmed on a phone, we want you to use a giant ipad with flash on.


We're lucky to have got what we got. Just enjoy the play and let them stress out about how Kristen Bell went nude on stage and we'll never see it


are you talking about Hair? because no she fucking didn't. it was a fully clothed version of the play. also Bell has gone on record many times saying she'll never do nudity - stop telling lies to get attention


Maybe look into stuff first before you get ahead of yourself


It’s not a lie but it’s also not about anything recent. It was a student production, Tisch School of Arts at NYU I believe, before she get her first role on Broadway and subsequent TV/movie work.


Details please.


Come again?


Kristen Bell went fully nude in a play once


Pervs are never satisfied. Sophie Turner could have a well lit full frontal nude scene where she walks around in one long cut showing everything she's got, and we'd still get "what, no Maisie?!?!" Or bitching about a merkin or something.


Yup. People still complain about Scarlett's scene in Under the Skin and that was about as good as it gets from a Hollywood star.


People complain because they’ve set expectations about what they expect to see from those scenes and compare them to other scenes.


Don't see how people could complain about that. That shit was 1970s level of nudity from an A-list star, you don't get that anymore.


Found a really hot indie film actress that has appeared in a few short films that I saw on Youtube. Her name is Stephanie Leonard. Haven't seen her expose breasts yet but there are some scenes of her ass, bra/underwear, and massive cleavage. Just thought I'd post this. She's really sexy. The scene below is of the bra/underwear from the "Vampire". Ill post more GIF's along the way.


Ha, I've seen some of this guy's movies. They're hilariously shitty.


and another one from "A Broken Marriage". Massive cleavage.


Here's another GIF from "Addict". She shows her ass.


Entertainment Weekly says All About Nina with Mary Elizabeth Winstead comes to theaters September 28th. Trailer in the link.


No VOD release then?


Nope. Never. Theaters only. New trend.


You're kidding, I hope?


That's JayD for ya! Putting stacks of toothpicks in perfect stacks of 100, and looking constantly for nudity news he can complain about.


c'mon man...LOL


I guess we better find a Recapped representative to go to one of these release and raise money for it^^


I saw the gif, but is there a video of Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard in The Miseducation of Cameron Post?

And on a complete unrelated note, what do you think the odds are of ever seeing Emma Watson get naked for a movie? At least a good clothed sex scene, come on.


I had hopes for Emma after the stuff she said about wanting to do nudity if it's in the right movie, but I dunno now. The Circle's book version had her character in multiple sex scenes and a masturbation scene, but there wasn't even a kiss in the movie. I think there was some stuff cut from The Bling Ring's script, too. Makes me think she's asking for these changes, which doesn't bode well. And I'm with you, even a non-nude sex scene would be great! All we have are a few make-out scenes to-date.


Emma Watson has no new film's a pity


Re Emma Watson.
I'd say its highly unlikely. She's a bit posh, prim and proper. But then again, Helena Bonham Carter is even more posh and upper middle class and she gave what I think is the greatest ass scene ever by a big name actress in Wings Of A Dove, so we can never say never. There's also the issue of Emma working for UNICEF.
While I think she's beautiful i also think there's sexier actresses with hotter bodies than her. However, there is something about her that would put a good nude scene right up there amongst the wanted and best. The leaked video of her in the bath showed she has a small but beautiful pair of tits. A scene like that with her face in view would be a real load blower lol.


Considering she already posed for that revealing Vanity Fair photo (while promoting Beauty and the Beast oddly enough) I don't think it's as impossible as many people think not that it's a sure thing either. Also, Angelina Jolie works for UNICEF. I don't think it matters.


Thanks for the answers, I just wanted to hear your opinions on this. I myself was hopeful until that Vanity Fair photoshoot. But after all the backlash and people stupidly accusing her of being a hypocrite for calling herself a feminist and posing like that, I feel like she'll be try her best to avoid that kind of stuff in the future, unfortunately.

However, for years now there has been talk of Emma producing and playing the Queen Of The Tearling, and her character has several sex scenes in the book if I'm not mistaken. I haven't read it but I believe I heard that sexual exploitation is actually one of the major themes in the book(s). On the other hand, her character in the Circle also had sex scenes in the book, so...

All in all, I agree that it's unlikely but I still remain hopeful since she's number 1 on my "get nude" wishlist. Thanks again.


The adaptation of the Circle cut both romance storylines. If you’re making a film about this particular social media platform and the company behind it, that’s the first thing that can go. They also dropped the sea life stuff with Patton Oswalt’s character. Karen Gillen’s stuff was cut down. Boyega’s character was done differently. I don’t think these changes came from the command of Watson.

Tearling was aimed at the YA crowd, so PG13. As fenix says only time will tell.


You might as well ask a magic 8 ball, anyone on here would just be completely guessing, i think a majority would guess its very low chance if any but celebrities change their opinions on stuff constantly. Ultimately its a crap shoot that nothing but time will answer.


Please keep a ear out for nude news on German actress Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) in the following...
- Dark Season 2
- Dead End Season 1 (she stars in it)
- Das dritte Sterben
- Altitude
- Die Freundin meiner Mutter (some lesbian comedy, not listed on imdb)



Recapped, if I knew you , I'd buy you a beer for bringing this news. Bella, I hope you deliver and I hope it's awesome.