August 15, 2018 Rumors


Anything from Ellie Bamber in High Resolution?

We saw High Resolution back when it was known as Taipei. Ellie Bamber has a sort-of sex scene near the end of the movie but there is nothing even close to nudity.

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A bit of background info about that Turkish “release” of Above Suspicion, from the writer of the book upon which its based.

As suspected it was an unofficial pirated upload, so any Turksh censorship would not apply. Seems to confirm that there is no nudity in the official version, which ties in with the most recent post here. No release date info.


So... comments are closed on the most recent post. What's up with that?


I know some people on here go crazy whenever the possibility of CGI nudity is involved, but Marion Cotillard got photographed by paparazzi swimming nude this week and it's now abundantly clear that they used a body double for the nude scene in Ismael's Ghosts.


Wasn’t she pregnant during the filming which necessitated the use of a body double? She has never shied away from nudity in the past.


Yep but I'm sure we'll get the same people claiming because she got naked in the past that she'd never use a body double.


Crikey! She used to have such a cracking body. She's not that old so I wonder wtf's happened to it?


All things considered, she's still in tremendous shape for a woman in her 40's. Aging and pregnancy are undefeated, though, when it comes to ruining once magnificent breasts.


Yes, those factors can ruin a once wonderful body, but there's plenty of other women who've had kids and older than Marion and theie bodies still look fabulous. Monica Bellucci is in her 50's with 2 kids and still stonking hot.




The milk's gone bad


And you didn’t post the pics here?!?!

Also, bodies change over time. Its already been A WHILE since that movie was filmed.

Stop being weird.


Anything from Sorcha Groundsell in Netflix's "The Innocents"? There is an undressing/sex scene in the trailers and it's rated TV-MA, but parts of it also look like a YA movie. Out next Friday so I could just wait & watch but am impatient for news.


“We Have Always Lived In The Castle” to screen at the LA film fest. I think all the organisers have got together and decided not to overload us with Daddario goodness. Get this non-nude one out the way, screen “Nomis” somewhere and then we get THE BIG ONE.


Not sure I see Nomis as the type of movie to screen at a festival.


There was a nude scene on Yellowstone. I don't know the actresses name but it showed her ass and a very brief quick glimpse of her nipple.


ok i found it...was looking at the wrong episode initially.

seems like they're still being shy with the nipples. skirting around the edges. and now that they got away with it, i wont be surprised if we dont see anymore the whole season.


And what happened with Kelly Reilly's sex scene in a bar club?


There are 3 possibilities-
1. They filmed the scene but edited it out.
2. It was in the original script but never filmed.
3. It is in the season finale next week.


Crossing fingers for it be the third possibility.


Season finale episode is next week and there is a strip club scene so we'll see if they are willing to show a clear view of breasts again.


Was she one of the main cast


Olivia Grace Applegate in Driven (2018)
[Skip to 03:31 for nudity]


lol the dialogue in this is just cringe. “You’re beautiful...your curves.” She’s hot though, and it’s nice to see a good ‘ol-fashioned sex scene. Thanks.


Lord, do the writers actually talk to horny women? Come on, women like dirty talk too. Maybe not the shit guys like, but yeah that line is just........LOL!


Well this production is on Passionflix -- a streaming platform aimed at women who like romance stories. So this, Hollywood Dirt and Afterburn/Aftershock were all written by women, produced by women, directed by women and adapted from novels by women. Make of that what you will.


Shooter TV series canceled.
Hopefully Shantel VanSanten can do a proper nude scene now.


They are shopping the show around. It will most likely get picked up by another network or Netflix.


Hope not , it's time to put it out of it's misery ....


Netflix have the international rights to the show... So I wouldn't be shocked if they pick it up