August 16, 2018 Rumors

Due to high demand, we looked over the videos of Emilia Clarke in the Turkish release of Above Suspicion and compared it to the version we saw. The first sex scene is similar except it is shot further out so that we can actually see Emilia on top riding her partner. Emilia’s hair is covering most of her breasts but we believe she’s wearing pasties anyway. Emilia also shows part of her butt from the side. After they switch positions to Emilia being on the bottom, the Turkish cut is actually longer. The cut we saw also had less fades and camera angles. The other sex scenes are pretty much the same. So likely we just saw an earlier cut instead of an uncensored version, and the US release will be the same as the Turkish version.

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Is Daisy Ridley nude in Ophelia???


bareback and sideboob in a sex scene


Can’t wait!


Has anyone seen if Emma Rigby is topless in The Festival?


Looks like Netflix accidentally released Hold the Dark’s trailer, but then they removed it from Youtube. I saw a nude woman in the trailer, I think this woman is Riley Keough. Finger crossed.


Since American TV series and movies today are so scant when it comes to female nudity, why not focus more on European cinema? Here is the scene from the new Showmax Original series called "Rojst". It's only a prologue so far, the first episode will premiere over the weekend. Her name is Magdalena Kolesnik.


Scenes from European films and TV shows are posted on here all the time.


I think the appeal of nudity in American TV and cinema is largely due to how it clashes with the repressed American ideals on sex and nudity. The titillation comes from the feeling that you're either seeing something that you were not meant to or something that otherwise you would never see had the actress not gotten naked in said movie or TV show. With European cinema and television sex and nudity are viewed in a much different way that there aren't nearly as many hoops that need to be jumped through for a European actress to get naked on film/video.

In the end of it all tits are tits, but there is a certain psychological aspect in play.


It is because people like to see people they know naked, and people feel like they know celebrities. It has nothing to do with “repressed americans.” You people need to get a grip.


Show me all of those topless or naked women on American network television and basic cable. I'll wait.


Show me where in my comment I wrote there are naked women on network television. I'll wait.


It's an ace in the hole when you can get an American actress to star in a European film, i.e. Analeigh Tipton in Compulsion.


Probably because the majority of people have 0 idea who they are, so you may as well go watch playboy tv etc.


correct answer. everyone else go home.


Magdalena Kole?nik from 11 minutes prologue to new polish tv show "Rojst" that will premiere this Sunday.


Hi, on HBOs site one can see ratings for the first 5 episodes of Deuce season 2: the first episode has nothing (only TV-MA), and other four only "Adult Language, Adult Content". Season 1 episodes have that and Nudity etc. in ratings. Does anybody know how reliable HBO ratings are at this stage, couple of weeks before premiere? Thanks.


HBO is pretty slow with updating their tv-ma and probably won't do it until September.


well in case someone missed it :
Scottie Thompson nude photo shoot


Oh wow, thanks!
Is this part of a set?


There's one more that looks from the same set, where she's clothed .... The above photo was shot by Shane Russeck. Maybe more Googling will yield something. Was drunk and tired last night for that 🙂


i know it's not from a movie or anything but HOTDAMN ! she's hot! and unexpected 😀


HBO have officially given a series order to Damon Lindelof’s new take on “Watchmen”, to premiere next year (that might be optimistic). There was of course decent nudity in his previous series with them.


I would prefer if Damon Lindelof wasn't the showrunner. This is a guy who apologized for showing Alice Eve in her underwear in Star Trek when people complained about "objectification". Leftovers was his only other show with HBO and I can only recall 2 decent female nude scenes- the girls running naked in the season 2 premiere and Carrie Coon frontal with a merkin in the finale. Emily Meade was in the show and I know she signed on for nudity but he never wrote her a nude scene.


"I would prefer if the guy running this show wasn't running this show because he doesn't make the actors get naked"

What a petulant child you are.


Where do you think you are hf?


In a site exclusively dedicated to celebrity nudity during a discussion about celebrity nudity someone says he'd prefer a director that is more open to celebrity nudity... and you call him a petulant child... SJW imbeciles don't come often to this place, glad to know they have representation here too.

Aaaaanyway, I would prefer if Damon Lindelof wasn't the showrunner because he's a fucking hack that purposely writes or approves of scripts with a million "mysteries" in them to hook viewers and then either bails out or writes unsatisfying endings that explain almost nothing.


oooh look at me guys...i'm so much better than you guys because I come to celeb nude board and don't care about celeb nudes in movies/tv. GO ME!!!!


youre on a site for celebrity nudity yes? Then why does the idea of people wanting nudity surprise you here?


I'm sorry I can only "+1" this post once.


That Star Trek scene was gratuitous as fuck, though. Gotta admit that.


One of those girls running naked was Violett Beane, who is now likely best known as Jesse Quick on The Flash.


Holy Cow!!!!! This is incredible. Thanks for pointing that out. Love the boobs and nice body


What is the nudity in Skate Kitchen? It was released in theaters today.


Anything from Sophie Turner in Heavy?? She called it her "passion project".


Sad about how this went not that we didn't know but hopefully we will see Emilia Clarke in all her glory in near future


But can she ever do anything that will top or even equal her early stuff in GOT? I mean, that scene of her in the bath was just glorious perfection. Lovely close ups of her face with nips teasing us just above the water leaving us all praying she'd stand and... holy fuck she goes and does just that. You can't really ask for better scenes than that.
Btw the other week watching a few early EPs and the scene where she's being rogered/raped by some big brute actually made me laugh.
The camera is right on Emilia's obviously not too happy face grimacing away as shes being roughly banged. But right at the end of the scene as the camera backs away from Emilia's face the grimace turns to a sly smile. A subtle, funny piece of acting by Emilia.


"But can she ever do anything that will top or even equal her early stuff in GOT?" she sure can the chances of getting real sex scene with jon snow is pretty high in by book seeing as how the showrunners always deliver, look at how our expectations were exceeded with missandei and grey worm scene that was teased for the longest time, i'm thinking it will be the same with daenerys and jon.


I really envy your optimism! I hope we get more stuff from her going forward but it seems unlikely. The Jon Snow sex scene in S07 was just Jon Snow ass and her Above Suspicion stuff shows nothing. I hope you are right though.


The reason she smiles at the end is because she is looking at her dragon eggs. I definitely agree with you though, we probably won't get better nudity from her.


I have a pervier mind than you so I prefer to think she was just enjoying it lol.


Any chance of Anna Torv in Mindhunter? Does anyone know when Mindhunter S2 will be released?


We MIGHT be getting a nude scene from Anna Kendrick or Blake Lively in A Simple Favor.
Parent Previews noted this for the Sexual Content in the film but notes they have not seen the film but was based off industry classification angencies.

Sexual Content:
- Infrequent use of sexual language, references and innuendo.
- Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity, with no nudity and some detail.
- Infrequent portrayals of female frontal and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context.
- Implied sexual activity.
- Embracing and kissing.
- Fondling.


Here is another ratings board that confirms nudity in the movie.

It unlikely to be Blake Lively and even less likely to be Anna Kendrick but the fact that Parent Previews confirms it is female nudity is good news. I believe the frontal nudity is in reference to breasts rather than full frontal.


Id see blake doing something before anna as weve all already seen blake via leaks. Id love for anna to do a nude scene...i just dont think itll happen.


No way "Friend of Feminists" Paul Feig asks any of his lead actresses to do nudity, he'd be crucified.


I'm the first to point out that this feminist trend has negative influence on female nudity in entertainment especially to those who are in denial of that fact but you exaggerate the issue. Maybe he will get some snarky criticism by some critics but that is different then being "crucified". It is also about context and the way it is presented which can lessen or worsen the way such content is perceived. More importantly is the fact the movie is written by a woman so any nudity in the film is there because a woman wrote such a scene.


Being a feminist has nothing to do with it. If the role calls for it and the actress agrees to it, then it could totally happen. Get your head out of your ass.


Funny thing hf is that for all your self righteousness you're probably the most negative person in these comments sections for the shitty way you talk to people


“Friend of feminists” detected.


Oh look! More of the same! Just keep saying it on every post and eventually you’ll get your way. Im sure of it!


The problem with your argument is that a role never actually calls for nudity. At least most reviewers think so. So male directors will always be questioned about it. If they are feminists they don't want to be to be questioned.


The movie is directed by a man but written by a woman so that gives him more freedom. Any supposed "gratuitous" female nudity is there because a woman wrote it that way.


That hack is still making movies?


Pandering sells


Seems like not much was lost, in any event.


I’m still mad at Game Of Thrones for filming and then cutting Sophie Turner’s nude debut


Fake news.


Never happened


That is... not a thing.


Watch the bath scene before her wedding night. There’s a really awkward cut before she gets in the bath where the scene of her disrobing and walking to the tub naked was. The show runners said “it was weird seeing her nude after the audiences have seen her grow up through the years” and so they cut it


You are just wrong. She is taking a bath in that scene. In the nude. That is very clearly what they are talking about.


Just rewatched the scene. It cuts from her being told she's going to have a bath by Myranda to the room's door closing and then to her in the tub. The door closing is pretty clearly the ending of the first scene meant to take us into the second. The second bit is clearly well into her bath. So the time jump isn't something that a short scene of her stripping could cover. It's pretty clearly designed to play as it was shown on the show.

On top of that Sophie was the one who said she'd be willing to shoot a nude scene but she was pretty sure the GoT showrunners would be uncomfortable with that. Regardless the odds are she'll be doing one soon, my guess is in the movie Heavy.


The other day there was some pics of her in a bikini and her body looked freaking awesome!!!!! I'd lose a testicle to see her do some proper nude scenes.
Not to be to picky but I do wish she'd go back to having natural, beautiful red hair rather than the current blonde/light red.


This is directly from an editor on the show btw


Barney- She is a natural blonde. She dyes her hair red for GoT.


lol that never happened