August 19, 2018 Rumors

Rumor around town is relative newcomer Anya Chalotra may have been cast as Yennefer in the Netflix The Witcher series. We’re unsure if the role requires nudity but there will be nudity on the show as other casting notices mention it.

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have to say Im down with seeing any actress nude but just looking at the stills of anya ......... doesnt really fit my image of yennifer ....... hopefully she can pull it off


I was really hoping for a bigger name to play Yennefer to be honest, but if Anya has got the role I can only assume she is good. Good luck to her this may well make her a star, I'm reading the books right now so I hope the show turns out as entertaining.


Anya is also in the cast of Wanderlust, which starts soon on BBC (not sure about the Netflix airdate) and is supposed to have some sex, if not nudity - though no idea from whom.


Never thought such a disappointment from Amy Adams. Shame!


Same. One month ago I was thinking that Amy will be nude in this show, because of that I was really excited. After 7 episode I am sorry, too. It’s really shame that she doesnt like nude scenes. I havent any hope anymore. I dont think we will see her nude in Backseat or The Woman in the Window or The True American. Really shame.


There is a Camille nude scene in the book which should be in the final episode - it's pretty important to the plot though I suppose they could have shot it discreetly.


Papillon is rated R for violence including bloody images, language, nudity, and some sexual material. Any chance of Eve Hewson nude debut?


Since Papillon is about the prisoners on Devil's Island Penal Colony, odds are high any nudity will be male.


Yes some of the nudity is Charlie Hunnam’s butt. There are boobs but not Eve’s.


For us ENF fans (embarrassed nude female) out there, are there any upcoming enf or sexy comedic naked scenes?


What ever happened with the Toni Erdmann remake with Kristin Wig?


Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner dropped out of writing it. Lisa Cholodenko stepped in to write and direct it. But then Jack Nicholson dropped out. Wiig is still attached.


Damn, i hope it still gets made.


The latest rumor is that they're hoping to get Bill Murray involved.


Recapped, any chance Devery Jacobs is nude in American Gods Season 2?


Having failed to deliver any real nudity, Sharp Objects has still clearly taught me one thing: I enjoy seeing hot teenage girls roller skating around town in cut off jeans. If only I'd have been around in the 70's when it might have actually happened.


Best chance for nudity in season 1 of The Witcher is whoever they cast as Iola I would imagine, so keep a look out for that.


lauren cohan almost showed boob in Mile 22


Can you please elaborate?