August 21, 2018 Rumors

The Affair just ended its latest season on Sunday with a longtime castmember leaving the show. Hearing that for the next and final season, there will be a new story told from the viewpoint of a lesbian in her twenties. And no, it doesn’t involve Julia Goldani Telles or Emily Browning‘s characters although they’re supposed to be back next season too.

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@Recapped - can you give us a review for an Indian film called 'Love Sonia'? characters looks amazing in the trailer.


i don't think the movie will contain nudity as it's releasing in India next month n they don't show nudity on-screen..So if it's releasing in any Film festival then that case we can expect nudity...So i don't get my hopes up for this one...


Mara Scherzinger's killer nipples in Night Out (2018)


Any way to watch this movie online yet? Or at least this video with audio?


Can anyone confirm what the nudity is in Papillon?


Hollywood Reporter:

1) A Simple Favor features a fair amount of nudity. Kendrick and Lively had each signed a nudity rider.
2) A young actress with no prior nudity experience came in to negotiate a contract for an upcoming indie film with a substantial amount of nudity.
3) One established female producer : "It was awkward and ?felt completely unbelievable. If you're doing the really sexy sex scene, don't have the no-nudity clause."


Maybe Anna Kendrick cuts her dress right off in the movie?


One entertainment attorney was surprised recently when a young actress with no prior nudity experience came in to negotiate a contract for an upcoming indie film with a substantial amount of nudity. The attorney urged the actress repeatedly to impose strong restrictions on what the movie's director could use. "Usually we negotiate these nudity riders to within an inch of their lives," the lawyer says. "But this time, she pushed back on us ?and said she really trusted the director and said the nudity was integral to the role and that she didn't need ?any of those protections in her contract." (He would not comment on how the shoot turned out.)

So the two male lawyers mentioned in the article are Jamie Feldman and Karl Austen. Looking at their client lists I see the following names that match the criteria of young, never having done nude scenes, with upcoming indie movies: Taylor Russell, Lily-Rose Depp, Maisie Williams, Kiersey Clemons, Grace Victoria Cox. Think it could be Taylor Russell in Waves but who knows. Also, Alexandra Daddario is a client of one of the lawyers but she's already done a nude scene and she's not exactly young.


When reading the article there is no reference saying that one of the 2 lawyers mentioned were the one that made the comment. It could be any of hundreds of other representation that made that comment.


Really hoping it’s Maisie, since everyone else is pretty much a nobody.


Is it possible that words were twisted to conceal the fact that it's actually Daddario? 😉

Besides, Daddario still looks young.


Yes she still looks young but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she's got prior nudity experience. I've studied this particular subject extensively 😀


I was suggesting that words were twisted from actress with only one nude appearance to actress with no nudity experience to hide the fact that it’s her. 😉


You guys are doing gods work. This is the juicy, interesting stuff that makes this board great. The detective work and intrigue is riveting. Keep up the good work!


Exactly! This is when the comments are good and useful. How it should always be.


Isn't Waves a musical? I guess it's possible but it's pretty rare for a musical to have substantial nudity.


It's a musical in the way that Baby Driver was a musical.


Nudity rider?


The amendment that goes into an actor's contract if the role requires simulated sex scenes and/or nudity. It's all very technical and written in lawyer speak. Butt crack is referred to as "gluteal cleft" etc. Basically what they will or won't do on screen, what they will or won't show etc. The article mentions that certain stars (Elisabeth Moss and Emilia Clarke) can veto any nude scenes they don't like or have final approval on said scenes once they're shot.


But who gets to keep the merkin when shooting is over?


So that suggests that either Kendricks was negotiation the rumoured sex scene or she might be showing something?


It means that she set stipulations on what could be shown. There is no way to know or guess what the stipulations are unless you read the rider.
Past movie roles for her would suggest not showing much.


Here's a quote from the SAG page:

"If your performance in a film will include nudity, partial nudity or simulated sex acts, be sure that you or your representatives have negotiated a nudity rider with production. The nudity rider should include a detailed description of the scene(s), the type of nudity or physical contact required, limitations on use of the footage and production stills (if any), and any other conditions that you and a producer have agreed upon. Remember, even if you have signed a nudity rider, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time prior to filming of the scene. As always, contractual minimums may not be waived by a performer."

It certainly sounds like Kendrick and Lively signed on to do something sexual and/or revealing.


No. It means both of them said no to nudity. Which is par for the course for both.


Clothed sex scenes are ridiculous, unless there's a good character reason for it. However, you can have naked sex scenes, but still not show the goods through clever camera tricks and editing.


Hmm. How can I get that "established female producer" nominated for Film Executive Of The Year?


Someone was asking about A Simple Favour with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

"Paul Feig, director of A Simple Favor, an upcoming Lionsgate thriller that stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively and features a fair amount of nudity, says, "Here's the thing with any kind of sex scene — everybody has to be completely up for it and in sync." Kendrick and Lively had each signed a nudity rider but Feig says he would ?never enforce a contractual obligation if anyone was uncomfortable. "Occasionally, over the years, the people in charge are like, 'Wait! We thought we were going to get this,' and they're not happy. But I want nothing to do with that.""

From this article


Any thing interesting in Greta with Chloë Moretz that's coming to this years tiff?



Chloe is too hung-up to show nudity


when it was still called The Widow, it was rated R by the MPAA and they didn’t mention any sexuality or nudity.


speaking of Chloe (with Dakota J)


Some films you just don't remake. I don't mind 8 different versions of the same Spider Man, but leave the classics alone. I wish Tilda Swinton wasn't involved in this so I could like it less.


@ tubofwheat. Can't reply to your post. Either way, that's good to know. I might even come around to watching it eventually. If there weren't so many needless remakes, I probably wouldn't mind the ones that actually trying to honor the originals.


I'm personally fine with this one. I've read interviews with the director and this is really a passion project of his. He wanted to make a new thing inspired by one of his favorite movies, it isn't just a shameless cash grab.


Suspiria? Recapped reviewed this movie long time ago. I wonder how the final cut looks, is it fully uncensored or maybe they deleted some (nude) scenes.


As Recapped has already mentioned earlier this year, I can confirm that Suspiria is disappointing when it comes to nudity.
Dakota shows ass and wears a see through dress where you can see breasts and maybe a hint of bush.
Mia Goth is topless but the scene is unpleasant and Chloe is nude in a full body prosthetic meaning she isn't nude.
There are some random naked dancers too.


I want to see that see-through dress scene.


More basic cable tits on "Yellowstone" during a strip club scene in tonights episode.


That'd make a great band name......"Basic Cable Tits."


No nudity in The Predator rating.
This shot really have me hope Munn would show something.


Why can’t it be next year already?


Is she rumored to be nude in the show?


Question is -- has Recapped seen footage? Has Vanderham managed to dodge the nudity?


Have faith. One of the pilot scenes is in the bath - there’s no way Jo could do that buck naked and not show anything, right?

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This is from The Boy with the Topknot (TV Movie 2017)

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Joanna Vanderham was in a play called "The Dazzle" with Andrew Scott in a pop up Theatre in London in 2015. If you search for Images she's wearing a white dress with cross over straps. She untied the straps and pull down the front of her dress to reveal her breasts to Andrew Scott. It was dimly lit but lasted about 1 minute. So keep your hopes up. She just needs the right part.


That's really the case for most actresses, I think. Most would do nudity, but the project and role need to be just so.


It’s going to happen again, isn’t it?

It doesn’t really matter - I like Jo and the show’s premise, so I’ll be watching whether she’s nude or not.


Funny how we're all getting down on this when there's been nothing leaked yet lol.


After getting my hopes up and waiting so long it would be almost cruel if she has!!!!!!!!!!!
If she doesn't do it this time she probably never will.


Kate Mara To Topline ‘A Teacher’ Limited Series In Works At FX Based On Hannah Fidell’s Film


I may in the minority but Kate Mara doesn't do much for me. Wish they got a sexier actress for a series like this.


Anything on Courtney Eaton?


Any info on a show called Home


Sorry web short


Sohvi rodriguez is nude in two sex scenes n also Dichen Lachman is nude In 13th episode of Animal Kingdom..


Barely anything is shown as usually with that show. Full man ass almost every episode, female nudity is always hidden or extremely brief with a few rare exceptions.


Was that last night or next week?


From the clip I saw Dichen was nude but didn't show anything..


no Altered Carbon to see her properly nude...hehe..


Few weeks back think i remember seeing JLo was casted in a stripper show on hbo. Haven't heard anything else about it, anyone confirm, or did i misread


Not a show. a film called “Hustlers” about ex-strippers. Her role doesn’t have nudity.


Has Brec Bassinger got any future projects to look out for?


Speaking of Daddario, have you read the script for Can You Keep a Secret to see if her character’s nude scene was in it, even though it feels likely she’ll shoot it strategically covered?


I saw a recent photo shoot of hers and have to say it looked like she's lost a fair bit of weight and didn't look as hot as she used to.


I agree. I think "Baywatch" marked the end of her peak beauty. She's still more stunning than 99.8% of all the women in the world.


She's only in her early 30's and many women only reach the peak if their beauty at that age.
Of course, as time goes by those truly magnificent big breasts of hers will start to sag a bit and lose some of their fullness, but she can still be very hot for years to come. To me, it looks like she's just dieting and doing a bit too much gym work. I'm sure she could quickly look sensational again if she sorted that out.


Here’s Daddario out with some friends. I say her boobs are fine.


How do you post an image? I can show you they're just fine right now.


She was out with friends recently and her bust looked just fine.


There's a camera icon over the reply box that you click to add a photo.


There's an upcoming director's cut of "Bereavement," I'm hoping for even more braless action from Daddario.


Where do you read this with the Director's Cut?


It's what the official trailer put out by the director to announce it says.


Sorry, ignore that post. I've just realised I misunderstood your post.


There almost has to be, as seeing her nipples through thin, skin tight tops seemed to be the only reason to make that movie. I can't think of another reason for a directors cut release either. I own the blu ray and will own this one too. Any idea when it will be available?


She's shown off a lot, but there was something especially gratuitous and sneaky about it in "Bereavement."


it's for October.


Definitely one of the sexiest non nude performances ever. She was at her peak hotness in that movie.


Very good news! I'm hope also for more braless scene with AD.


For us ENF fans (embarrassed nude female) out there, are there any upcoming enf or sexy comedic naked scenes?


Shame its not going to be Emily Browning doing some lesbo stuff. We've seen every bit of her petite but beautiful bod, so some girlie action is my next wish scene from her.

One for the future is Natalie Alyn Lind.
Rihanna has showed everything in pictures many times over, so I'm a bit surprised she hasn't shown anything on screen so far.
And come on Selena Gomez. Dying to see the goods!


Rihanna's showed her boobs in a bunch of her own filmclips


Are you talking about her music videos with the brief seethru scenes like in the Needed Me video? I've never seen her fully topless in any of those vids.


I tried a couple of times to post a screencap from this but it failed. skip to about 6:15, Rihanna's completely naked for the latest 30 seconds, except for a note covering her pussy:

[Bitch Better Have My Money (Explicit)]


too be fair she's still covered in some kind of blood/paint. seems to be here way of never quite showing everything so she can keep teasing.


Natalie's mom sure never had a problem with nudity, and the kids don't seem to be particularly shy, but I'm not sure any of them will actually get naked. Natalie probably isn't likely to do it while she's got a network television series going, so you should probably hope The Gifted goes down in flames (possibly getting shafted by Disney in the merger, with Marvel likely wanting to integrate X-Men into the MCU).


it's safe, if they integrate, no major character is shown or mentioned in more then a passing remark.


I don't want her show to flop but I do agree she won't do nudity while on a show like that but hopefully one day in the not too distant future in some other role.


Nice, thanks for info! 🙂