August 23, 2018 Rumors

Due to demand, we skimmed through the script of A Simple Favor to see what the nudity could be. Anna Kendrick has two sex scenes in the script. There is also a nude painting of Blake Lively that seems to be pretty prominent in the film. Eventually they flash back to when Blake was posing for the painting.

A Simple Favor is rated R for sexual content and language throughout, some graphic nude images, drug use and violence and will be in theaters September 14.

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Possible Amy Adams nudity on the series finale of Sharp Objects tonight? Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS (the complete ending) in the following article...


Wow. That's a GREAT body. Other than the red light that's how you do it. Shot head on, her on top. And again, damn those are great tits. Well done Sarah.


Find someone who knows what they're doing to color correct this, like with Jessica Biel in Powder Blue, and it'll be even more awesome


This is pretty much how they should film every sex scene in Hollywood


Any nudity from Facebook series Queen America, from Victoria Justice or Belle Shouse?


Two comments on the new streaming service Facebook Watch that are at odds with each other where our specific tastes matter.
"Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service operated by Facebook. ... Facebook Watch's original video content is produced for the company by partners, who earn 55% of advertising revenue while Facebook keeps 45%."
This could mean, like with Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc. there can be a fair amount of nudity and graphic content.
"Watch is the social network's first attempt to showcase videos made specifically for Facebook — and change the way we watch video in the process. ... And, taking a page from traditional television, Facebook Watch will feature shows that will “air” at regular times as live shows, and may have an actual story arc."
This could mean we would have a better chance of seeing our favorite actors in the buff on ABCNBCCBSFOX."Guess we will have to wait and see. But knowing how Puritanical the social media site is, I'm not going to hold out any hope for it.


facebook nudity?!


And nudity from Victoria Justice. A snowball in hell's chance of that happening.


It's not like we haven't seen her naked before. She had pictures of her stolen five years ago.


They picked up a show that was earlier set at Showtime and also have hired True Blood writers for a series, so they are definitely going for adult content, most probably with nudity.


That all might be true, if not for one tiny little thing: Facebook doesn't allow nudity.


They can allow nudity for their own shows and we don't know the proper rules for Facebook Watch.


So what's it like - living without a grip on reality?


Huh, looks like Kidding with Jim Carrey will have some nude scenes. Episode 2 has Nudity and E3 has Brief Nudity. Maybe Judy Greer?


Thanks. I've been waiting for Jim to get naked again.


Let's hope he doesn't speak out of his butt in this show.


The Deuce and Shameless both almost back. Any info recapped? Would be much appreciated.


I hope Sammi Hanratty has some juicy scenes in Shameless


I am excited about Courtney Cox potential as well as Emma Kenney tits now that she is like 20, but tbh I would just be happy with more Emmy rossum. She is the best.


Id imagine emma wont get nude on shameless for the same reason sophie turner and masie williams wont get nude on game of thrones. They grew up on these shows and the writers knew them since they were like 10 years old. But bring on the more emmy!


@Recapped, you have news about any nudity in the deuce season 2 ?


Saw who I thought was Lizzy Caplan in the trailer. After checking IMDB, I think it's actually Danielle Alfredo. Look forward to seeing her get her kit off.


Odds of Katey Sagal having any nudity finally in the next season of Shameless?


I would rather sammi Hannaraty then those 2 dinosaurs


I’m more interested in seeing if Courtney Cox is this season’s Sasha Alexander


Considering what we've seen from her so far in shows like Dirt, I am genuinely excited and hopeful of her


That was my thinking as well.


The power of Bill Macy. Yeah, something tells me Frank will be hittin it.


For a 60 + first time nude I'd go for Sela Ward.


The 64 year old life-long nevernude? Kinda low.


Only took 2 years.

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I know there's been a cam copy floating around for a few months but these are from the official 1080p VOD release.

And yes, this is Parzival posting nudes of Art3mis.


Where is the video dude.Please post the full hd 1080p clips please.I have waited for this since before recapped reviewed it.So, Please.I would highly appreciate it.


Mind posting the clips to a fileshare? Like zippyshare or cloudyfiles?


Where did you find these? Are you in the UK? I can't find it anywhere online in the US.


Rule Britannia


Probably won't lead to anything but reports say Elle Fanning may have a show on Hulu about Catherine The Great. Nothing to do with the HBO/Sky one that is upcoming - this is about the early reign, Helen Mirren is starring in the other about the latter years.


Have they already cast the horse?


One thing in its favour - it's being written and produced by Tony McNamara who, apart from his great work on Aussie shows like "The Secret Life Of Us" and "Puberty Blues", co-wrote the script for "The Favourite".


"Welcome Home" will be released on VOD on November 12 - should have nudity from Emily Ratajkowski - it was definitely filmed, there are pap pictures of the outdoor scenes, but you never know these days what will appear in the final cut.


Correct me if I am wrong but Welcome Home didn't premiere at any festival and they found the distributers independently. So may be, this could be case with I am not a Bird too.


With a bit of luck, perhaps Recapped can give us an update (and some respite). While Bird may not be on this year's festival radars, it could be at some of the markets.


That would be the only update I would want on I Am Not a Bird, where it stands in terms of a possible festival premiere and not whether or not the nudity lives up to what we're hoping for.


The writer of I Am Not a Bird said they were aiming for a festival so it’s a wait and see thing. Let’s not forget that We Have Always Lived in the Castle filmed one year prior to that and is now just getting a festival premiere.

I’d say Nomis is the Alex DD movie likely to get a distributor without a festival premiere.


Really looking forward to seeing Emily naked on film again. I hope nothing gets cut. Recapped said there should be multiple nude scenes.


It'll never happen while she's in the Goldberg's that's for sure, but Haley Orrantia is another I'd love to see do something hot. Lovely, pretty face and great curves.
And its about time the stunning Emily Blunt got her kit off.


definitely +1 on Hayley Orrantia been a huge fan of her since the Goldbergs started. Sadly I don't see her getting nude, she seems pretty religious. Lets hope for anything from her.


She did!




The admin deleted the wrong comment (he deleted the thumbnail link that DID work and left the one where I idiotically posted the HTML link) so, here you go, yet another moment of amazing nudity from Emily Blunt:


It's the same movie (My Summer Of Love) as the second one you posted, but her goods are on fully display, so why not add:" rel="nofollow">

(note: It pans down from her face and then back up, so it's definitely not a body double)


The report from parentspreview says:

- Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity, with no nudity and some detail.
- Infrequent portrayals of female frontal and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context.

So, it makes sense that Kendrick doesn't show anything during her sex scene but Lively does show her breasts and butt during the painting scene.


I'm still holding out hope that Kendrick does show her breasts when she cuts off her dress. It's non-sexual! "Infrequent portrayals" makes it seem like we're not getting anything more than quick flashes, though.


Any news on the content that's actually shown in the lesbian sex scenes with Brittany Allen and Hannah Emily Anderson in "What Keeps You Alive"?


Not much, it seems

(0:10) Pokeys and legs on Hannah Emily Anderson.
(0:12) Brittany Allen stripped to bra.
(0:28) Quick panties flash on Hannah Emily Anderson
(0:34) Can see nipples through white top on Hannah Emily Anderson. Pokeys too.
(0:47) Brittany Allen naked in the bathtub being washed. We see an overhead shot as she is pushed down under the water which is a bit dirty but we see shots of her breasts.
(1:04) Brittany Allen in her sports bra tied to the bed.


There's also a pretty nice (but not very long) make-out scene at the 7 minute mark between the two, and a bit more at 1:31, but nothing nudity wise beyond bras.

Lots of hotness though.



Isn't there a scene with them having sweet, sweet lesbian sex? It's certainly implied in the trailers.

I knew when that Redband trailer came out and there was absolutely no new sex content that I had better not get my hopes up.

Either way, thanks for the re: Parzival. You're good people.


I haven't seen it, that's just the review from mrskin, so it may not be entirely accurate - but you'd think they'd notice some lez-lovin' if it was there


Thanks reccaped! Nice surprise ! Ans it will release pretty son! Crosses fingers


Damn, i was hoping for Linda cardellini


Skimmed 'The Innocents' on Netflix.
Sorcha Groundsell has a sex scene at the end of ep 4 but implied nudity only.


And I'm guessing that this series was her first ever kiss scene? Looked pretty awkward


Alright I guess he doesn’t have access to the script for Can You Keep a Secret.


any word if Lady Gaga will be naked in "A Star is Born"? I know there's nudity mentioned as part of its R rating


Caught an early screening for it back in January/February. Who knows what actually made the final cut but definitely saw some of Blake Lively in the posing scene. Short but good. The sex scenes we're pretty quick cut so it was hard to make anything out. I think we saw a nipple but won't really know for sure till it comes out in Blu Ray or something. Curious to see what makes it in a couple weeks. Good enough movie either way


I'd be interested in hearing about other test screenings you saw, not necessarily the nudity but just in general. I've been curious about them but they don't happen near me. Happy to discuss this elsewhere if that works for you since it's veering off-topic.


If you had seen an early screening why wouldn't you have shared this info before? I'm very skeptical. It is very easy to come here and say something about the posing and sex scenes after Recapped has described them. Not to mention the already implied half-excuses: "who knows what actually made the final cut...", "hard to make anything out", "till it comes in in Blu Ray", "what makes it in a couple of weeks".


Believe it or not was actually there so take it for what it is. We'll see in a couple weeks.

And if you haven't already, sign up for those movie preview sites. WB has one as well and I've caught a ton of screenings all around SoCal and SD.


what about anna Kendrick is there a real nudity from her?


Dude, it's right there!
"I think we saw a nipple but won't really know for sure till it comes out in Blu Ray or something."


wow if theres actually anna kendrick nip thatd be amazing. Also quite a surprise.


Do we get Blake Lively nipple in the posing scene?


Can you describe the Blake scene?