August 26, 2018 Rumors

For those asking about the Netflix The Witcher series, yes, Ciri is in it but she’s supposed to be a tween or in her early teens. They are also looking for someone in their 20s willing to do nudity to play Felicia. There are also a couple of other guest starring roles that also require nudity. Also hearing that Henry Cavill has officially been cast as Geralt so we should get confirmation on Yennefer and other roles when that is announced.

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Anything from Margaret Qualley in Donnybrook?


The closest we got out of Sharp Objects from Amy Adams.


Any chance we could get a preview/rumors story for the LA Film Festival?


And Venice too which starts tomo (the favourite premieres Thursday so we’ll hopefully get official word on Emma’s nude scene)


I thought we already had official word? its one breast while shes laying in bed.


Test screening so could change (but of course hopefully not)


Ah, but which breast?


It's her previously secret third breast.


Compared to the cam footage, this is missing the part where she turns around, bends over, and gets it from behind against the glass. You never saw anything anyway, but still, it sucks that they shortened it.


If was in the cam footage, it is in the release. Clearly what was edited is this gif.


Oh damn, I would love to see that part of it, even if it doesn't show anything. Hot.


Actually that was me, i shortened it. Had to, gfycat has a 60 second limit for the video, and the whole scene is a few minutes long. Basically all the nudity is in, and i had to improvise with the rest. ¯\_(?)_/¯


Has anyone braved The Festival to see if we get a glimpse of Emma Rigby's blue nipples?


For the people that always ask Alexandra Daddario just announced on her Facebook page that we have always lived in the castle will premier at the los Angeles film festival. NO WORD ON I AM NOT A BIRD DON'T ASK


We already knew.


Speaking of the LA Film Festival, I was browsing the film list and saw a movie with potential named Deep Murder. The synopsis indicates it is a satirical thriller set in an "alternate reality in which everyone is a cliché from a tacky soft-core porn film". It stars Jessica Parker Kennedy, Katie Aselton, and Stephanie Drake. Anyone have any details on it?


The promo pic is promising but I think it is leaning more to the satire/comedy side, rather than a thriller, so nudity is less likely.


But did she say anything about I Am Not a Bird?


Thanks for the info. Did she say anything about I am not a bird?


Who cares? What about I Am Not A Bird?


Been keeping an eye out, but not seen anything on 'Newly Single' for a while... is there anything new on the nudity the director spoke of?


I keep hoping for news on that too.


In the previous thread someone mentioned Sasha Alexander's surprising nude scenes n Shameless. That's made me think of Cote De Pablo who took over from Sasha in NCIS. Sasha was hot and good on her role in NCIS but for my money Cote was even better. Small tits but great face and one heck of an ass on her. Never seen her do any naughty stuff though. Grrr.


Glad I’m not the only one who misses seeing her nice Ass every week


seeing as she's kinda vanished from TV (at least from what i can see) i can't see her doing anything like Sasha did


Sadly, you're right.
A small role in a movie titled 33 and a mini series called Dovekeepers. It shows how tough the acting biz is when a star of a very popular show struggles to get roles.
Look at Elisha Cuthbert who was tipped to go onto to be a big star but has been in flop after flop since 24 and rarely talked about these days.


Rarely talked about, but Cuthbert works consistently. She had the sitcom Happy Endings. Now she's on The Ranch. It may not be a buzz worthy show but it's still going apparently.


Recapped, do you know something about "Élite"? It's the new Netflix Spain series and it's supposed to be "raunchy, sexy and uninhibited" specifically would be awesome to know something about Danna Paola and María Pedraza. Thanks in advance and keep the great work going on.


Please give Danna Paola a nude scene. I'm not worried about Maria Pedraza as I think she'll do plenty more nude scenes in the future but Paola seems to love doing telenovas so it might be hard to see her do a nude scene in the future


Update: I saw an interview and it looks she admits to have a nude scene!!!


Any news on My Dinner with Hervé? (TV movie on HBO), no lead actress but a while back I saw a casting announcement looking for women to play strippers (full frontal required)


I just watched Radhika Apte's sex scene from the parched and I realised heck yeah I am into indian girls.So any suggestions?? Any nude or even a decent implied/clothed sex scenes would be amazing.Any help would be appreciated.


watch Rii sen's nude scene from the movie GANDU...As i'm from india, this is the best nude scene till date IMO...


@AE check out the Masala Desi forums, you'll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂


Any news about super cutie Erin Moriarty please? Not sure how far she'll go in The Boys, but someone claimed she goes full frontal in Driven which is showing at TIFF soon


Do you have a link to the interview where she says this?


goddddd I hope so but I'm not actually expecting anything


No surprise here. It's been established that the series is based on the books and Ciri is just a tween in the novels (and even younger in the short stories).


Gonna need some CSI work again for tonight’s Sharper Objects. Amy Adams naked in and out of the bath but not showing anything really.


We have better nudity on Starz, Netflix etc nowadays than HBO so I don't know why people still demand something big from HBO. HBO isn't like in the past.


What a shame. Why even bother putting the series out on HBO then? They could have just as easily cut out the minor nudity, toned down the language and released it on another network. It really seems to betray the shock factor of the novel.


That is not how any of this works. At all.


So the shows pick what network they're going to be on? Never knew. I'm going to write a show with tons of nudity and I'm going to choose HBO to air it. They're going to be so stoked I chose them!


HBO allows for bigger budget and higher production values than basic cable or network tv. Writers/directors don't just go to HBO so they can have nudity. With that said this show and basically everything HBO has been doing lately is very disappointing nudity wise.


Higher production values? FX, AMC and now Paramount have just a high production values and their content is far more shocking than Sharp Objects turned out to be. If another actress had been cast as the lead then maybe the tone of the series could have gone to the depths needed to fully explore a character like Camille. It's not about the nudity, it's about the viscerality of her neurosis. And Adams did not do her justice.


Simplejack living up to his name...your argument is stupid garbage. HBO is not just about nudity. And who wants to watch a gripping drama and then have them cut to a Wendy's commercial every six minutes?


any word if Lady Gaga will get naked in "a star is born"? Movie does contain nudity based on the writing, Gaga is no prude, and it looks like in the trailer there is a hint of a topless/nude scene


You've got no reason to believe me, but the rough cut I saw last year featured a few nude moments from her, some longer than others, including a brief full frontal shot when she stands up in the tub. Although I believe I heard that they were going to cut down on some of the nudity (which makes sense because although there wasn't a ton, the stuff in there didn't really feel that necessary, like the full frontal shot). Again, I've got no proof, but that's what I remember. Also the movie was pretty good in its unfinished state and I think Gaga and Cooper are Oscar contenders if the film campaigns right.


Also the movie was pretty good in its unfinished state and I think Gaga and Cooper are Oscar contenders if the film campaigns right.

The word on the street is the movie is an absolute shit show and will be DOA.
Which makes me doubt your nudity account.


damn, in the full frontal scene, do you see her vagina? was there bush if you can remember?


any actual sex scenes?


Shame it seems to have been cut because the rating does not mention "graphic nudity". It would have been refreshing to see an actress full frontal in a major Hollywood movie but not surprisingly it gets cut. Maybe the DVD will have the cut footage but I doubt it.


Forgot to ask, do you remember details about the other nude scenes and what was the context of the scene when she stands up in the bath? Was she trying to seduce someone?


To answer your above question, JamesO -- reviewer said the movie was 'an instant classic' and heavily praised Cooper and Gaga.


Anything else interesting you've seen early?


Henry Cavill? Let's hope his Geralt beard doesnt cause problems with the next Superman movie...


I upvoted you, because it was a funny pun, but let's remember that Geralt doesn't have a beard in the books.


There was no pun...


Of course it was a pun. He was making fun of all the behind the scenes drama Cavill's moustache from MI: Fallout caused to the production team of the Justice League movie during the re-shots.


That's not a pun. It's a joke.

A pun is a play on words, based on one word having several meanings or two (or more words) sounding similar. Puns can be also visual. Like if someone asked for a picture of Henry Cavill kicking ass and instead of taking a screenshot from Mission: Impossible Fallout they photoshop or draw a picture of Cavill literally kicking a donkey.


I actually haven't read the books yet, but I want to. I've heard they're very good.
The problem is while I can watch movies/tv or play games based in fantasy, I cant keep interest if I'm reading about it


Wondering if Recapped knows whether or not some of the casting calls are requesting full nudity or just breasts/ass?


I wonder, if they cast Cavill ,does that increases the chances of well know females being cast as Yennefer (assuming Anya hasn't definitely got it),Triss etc. Also,I know its not even cast yet but does anyone know when it's expected to air?


Well considering Henry will be quite expensive to cast and the show might cost a shit to make, i would've thought it actually decreases the chances


Apologies for forgetting who but could the person who saw a test screening of A Simple Favor detail the scenes?


couldn't you just look at the previous post?


I love how Recapped gets this all first but then sites like Variety and Hollywood Reporter claim exclusivity on the info.


So does the role for Yennefer requires nudity??


If the first season is indeed based on the first set of short stories, Yennefer would have a bath scene and a sex scene, both of which are plot relevant and non-gratuitous.


Any news on In a Relationship release date? Haven’t heard anything in forever