August 28, 2018 Rumors

The Venice Film Festival starts tomorrow so here’s a brief recap of films we’ve already discussed.

We mentioned before that Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth were topless in Suspiria. Chloë Grace Moretz is also naked but it’s a full body suit or makeup. Also, Aisling Franciosi should have some nude scenes in The Nightingale as her lactating breasts seem to figure into the plot quite a bit. We also mentioned before that we don’t think there is any nudity in Vox Lux.

We’ve now also seen the Emma Stone nude scene in The Favourite. Emma is lying down on the bed on her right side so that her head is on the left side of the screen. Olivia is spooning Emma with her arm around Emma’s waist. And we see Emma’s left breast is exposed just above the blanket and Olivia’s arm. Emma’s right breast is unfortunately covered by her right arm. Should also note that we see Emma’s entire left breast and not just a nipple peek. The scene is brief and pretty dark as the only lighting is from Rachel Weisz’s flickering candle light as she spies on Emma and Olivia.

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Anything in Bayou Caviar?
Katharine McPhee looks promising...


anything from an upcoming Insecure episode? I like chocolate titties and I cannot lie...they're slim pickings.


Ratings say there is sex and nudity in Amazon's Jack Ryan series which premieres tomorrow - no details who from though - fwiw Abbie Cornish plays the girlfriend/future wife.


It looks like episodes of The Romanoffs will be released once per week instead of being dumped all at once. Maybe we won't even know if there's nudity until a little way in?


Shantel "Ass Out Of This World" VanSanten was just cast in new Ron Moore's Apple Space Drama - do you maybe know if her role requires nudity?


Looks like this will be the last season of awesome Emmy on Shameless. Hope she goes out with a bang.


She very rarely gets naked anymore so no great loss


I hope this doesn't mean the end of the show. I hope they go on without her, in the end, her nudes and sex scenes have been decreasing since last seasons. And to be fair, I preffer other actresses on the show like Sasha lexander so her left it isn't a loss to me.


Anybody know what the nudity in "We The Animals" is?


“Pretty dark” worries me. I hope this doesn’t turn into another Under The Skin situation where you can hardly see anything.


You could see plenty in Under the Skin. You got cataracts?


We live in a digital age of 4-8K picture quality. Just turn up the brightness!


Still don't get the Under the Skin complaints. The film literally got Scarlett, who had a no-nudity clause in her contract, to go full-frontal multiple times.


I think the complaints were mainly that the scenes were dark (which was true) and that she was past her peak hotness (which was also true). Of course, it was still full-frontal nudity from one of the most desired actresses in the world, so the complaining can't get too carried away.

Pour one out for the lost nude sex scene of "The Island."


Those are arguments made by idiot man children.


Tell me more of this lost nude scene.


Michael Bay doesn't do nudity. He's like a stunted 13 year old, he loves explosions but afraid of sex.


Ah that old misreported story. Scarlett said "Women don’t normally sleep in a bra. I can’t wake up in this scene wearing a bra, it’s ridiculous! Why don't they just put a sheet over me?"


Long story short, she was willing to go nude, but Michael Bay said no, because the movie was supposed to be PG-13.


If this turned into another Under the Skin it would be the nude scene of the year.


Dylan Gelula (Body Double?) @ "Support the Girls"


unfortunately i can confirm this. SO MUCH For Dylan's supposed nude debut 🙁
We cant just get hot young actresses naked anymore...
the body double is in fact CREDITED it was Bobbie something i forgot her last name.


Most likely a double by the looks of it


Yea, zoom ins tend to be body doubles


News on Gemma Arterton, Vita and Virginia?