August 5, 2018 Rumors


Anything from Shay Mitchell or Elizabeth Lail in You?

We skimmed through You a while back but didn’t take notes so can’t recall much. Believe Elizabeth Lail shows sideboob in the first episode as she’s getting dressed after sex. Then in a later episode, possibly ep 5, Elizabeth shows her butt briefly through a window. Possibly another episode where we spy Elizabeth changing her top from outside but nothing is shown. There is nothing interesting from Shay Mitchell.

Is there likely any nudity from Zoey Deutch or Lucy Boynton in Ryan Murphy’s The Politician?

Possibly. Lucy Boynton has a sex scene right at the beginning of the first episode of The Politician but believe it’s only implied nudity. BTW, hearing January Jones will be playing Lucy’s mom on this show.

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Thanks for answering my question about You!


Elizabeth Lail is pretty cute. Would love to see "You"


Anyone know when Katie Says Goodbye comes out in hd?


It’s available on iTunes in the UK right now but we all know these Brits are too tight-fisted to buy & clip it


Amy Adams has had a strange nudity career. She's been naked in a number of movies but it doesn't feel like we've ever really seen her.


Doubt she's getting nude in Sharp Objects and after last nights episode, I don't know that I want her too.

Naked Amy Adams = Great.
Naked Amy Adams with the entire text from War and Peace carved into her flesh = Gross.


Do you think there's a small chance she's going to do nudity specifically for that?


Perhaps. But they pretty much showed what they needed to in the changing room scene. If they were going to show more, the sex scene when she was at her most vulnerable, was the time to do it and they didn't. But who knows, maybe.


that's a pretty apt summary. If I look up her nude roles there are a bunch of them, but if I want to see her nude, none that are REALLY nude.


Anything from Debby Ryan in Insatiable? Or, any of the other cast for that matter?


I'm betting that bra never comes off on film. And if it does, I'm betting many will be disappointing. Not trying to bash the poor girl but even dressed you can tell her tits have the sag of a 45 year old mother of 6.


From the sideboob candid shot her tits look pretty fine to me


A name I've never seen mentioned on here is Ariel Winter. Anyone else like to see her do a nude scene once her time on Modern Family is over?
She does get a fair bit of stick for the way she dresses and posting pics of her ass etc, but I think she's hot. Pretty face with a fantastic, naturally curvy body.


We all want to see it but I believe she is simply an Instagram tease maybe 15 years from now


Ophelie Bau from "Mektoub, My Love" was curvy.
Ashley Benson was curvy.
Ariel Winter is straight up obese. One of those people who sweat from half their bodies when walking because the excess of flesh from one part of the body is always in contact with the excess of flesh from another part of their body. If she's happy like that, that's fine, and if you are into that, that's fine too. Go for it. Me, I wouldn't if I were offered the chance, though.


If she's goddamn obese, then damnit I wanna fuck an obese bitch. It seems a lot of you really are from the old school where women were bulimic. Look, if thats what you like, fine, but don't knock the fans who like something to grab onto or actually want to see meat jiggle when you're fucking. I'd encourage you all to find someone a lil more figured, you might like it.


Sorry, but saying a woman built like Ariel is "obese" is part of why so many women have body issues.
She has natural big boobs and big ass. With her height, she'd look ridiculous if the rest of her body was slim. Her body is in good proportion. She goes to the gym and looks like a healthy young woman my eyes.
Women across the world are paying thousands to have tits and ass like hers.


She's not fat now, but she will be. Very few people remain her size for long. She'll either have to waif out or end up looking like Lucy Collett is my guess.


That can be said for probably 80% of the people you know.


I feel like she's always going to be one of those "tease but never show" sort of celebs.


I'm not so sure she'll be a tease.
She's already posed for some very raunchy close up, bent pver pics of her ass in thong style bikini bottoms. I dont see why she wouldn't show her boobs and ass in a movie when getting paid for it.


Kevin Williamson has a new series, “Tell Me A Story”, premiering on CBS All Access at Halloween. Might be worth keeping an eye on - cast includes Danielle Campbell.


Trailer looks promising


Anne Hathaway in "Serenity?"


Any word on True Detective season 3? It finishes filming this week and is supppsed to premier in January. Maybe Carmen Ejogo or Jodi Balfour?


I wouldn't count on Carmen Ejogo - she was a chicken shit in The Girlfriend Experience!
A major contrast to the Louisa Krause, who was bold and fearless!


Any lesbian scenes between Shay Mitchell and Elizabeth Lail? The trailer showed a kiss


Amy Adams may have been bottomless on tonight's Sharp Objects.
Scene was so dark don't think anything was shown.
Closeup of side butt aka upper thigh with the scars but could be anybody.


She definitely wasn't. The whole point of that scene was that she was fucking him while taking off as little clothing as possible.


You had me at Lucy Boynton - she's cute as fuck - but you lost me at "implied nudity"!


Do you happen to know anything about a Hulu pilot named Search and Destroy? It's supposed to feature Katie Findlay, Aubrey Peeples, and Taylor Dearden (Bryan Cranston's daughter) among others. Just wondering if any of the roles call for nudity and whether it has a chance of going forward as a series.