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Recapped, odds on nudity from Eiza Gonzalez or Talulah Riley in Bloodshot? (For those who dismiss it as a comic book film, it's said to be R-rated).


Very low on Talulah. She didn't even show in WestWorld.


I would love me some Eiza. Soo insanely hot.


Joanna Kulig in new movie called "Kler". Pic from the trailer. Premiere soon.


Lord, let her be on top. Full profile. See them titties bounce!


Sweet. Kulig has some amazing tits.


has the mektoub bluray come out or posted anywhere?


Looks like Emma Rigby has a sex scene in a new British film called “The Festival”. She might technically be topless but not sure if anything will be seen - she’s dressed as Smurfette and covered in blue paint, so there probably are pasties involved.


That’ll be a weird fap.


Anyone have a link to watch Mektoub my love? Possibly with English subtitles.


Only french BDrip, I don't think it let me post the link, Tried earlier.
Remove the space from htm. htm


Should we expect nudity? The fact that it is in a public area makes me think it will probably be clothed.


Nice! I hope it be a long scene. Thanks for the update, recapped!!!


Gal Gadot to Star in Hedy Lamarr Series From ‘The Affair’ Creator at Showtime


Thats HedLey!


Don't get your hopes up. It will probably focus on the scientific stuff in the recent documentary about her.


You never know. Sarah Treem got Ruth Wilson to get naked kinda even though she said she would never do a nude scene. Or at least hopefully the names attract some actresses that will get naked like Phoebe Tonkin.


Gal Gadot is a much more famous star, with a successful superhero franchise based on her, than Ruth Wilson was when she got cast in The Affair. They don't have to use her tits to sell the show, her name is enough.
Besides, it will be a limited series, so they don't have to worry about being renewed. Apart from Benedict Cumberbatch (and the scenes were quite integral to the story), there was for instance zero nudity on Patrick Melrose, a limited series that aired on Showtime a few months ago.


Plus i cant imagine after all the backlash she got about her boobs during wonderwoman that shes especially excited to show them.