August 8, 2018 Rumors


Anything from Debby Ryan in Insatiable? Or, any of the other cast for that matter?

The first episode script has Debby’s character lose her virginity to a homeless guy in a hotel room. Debby is then supposed to check out her ‘naked’ body in a mirror after. Doubt there’s nudity but we’ll find out in less than two days.

Kevin Williamson has a new series, “Tell Me A Story”, premiering on CBS All Access at Halloween. Might be worth keeping an eye on – cast includes Danielle Campbell.

Again, the script has Danielle Campbell’s character having a hookup in a hotel room in the first episode.

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Recapped LIIIIIIIIIVES!!!!!!


Killer Joe - Now with Sophie Cookson's Bush


The carpet doesn't match the drapes


Now we just need the video


This is a screen grab from a video, which begs the question: where is the video?


I just dont understand the appeal, its not the 70s anymore, that just looks gross. Great boobs though.


That is a woman, not a girl.


Full frontal full shaved lacks sex appeal unless it is explicit pornographic imagery. There is not much to see if all pubic is removed and completely dulls the image.


Have you ever considered what the time period and location the play takes place in or that perhaps public hair is a conscious decision to provide modesty if she didn't want the audience have a front row seat to her vulva?


She isn't 10 anymore


I’ll let every woman on earth know that they should stick to a very strict waxing regimen because you find it gross


Personally, I prefer it smooth. But a lot of people disagree, which is cool. We don't all have to like the same things.


Sure earl, to each their own for sure i just feel like the picture without the bush was just as sexy. Yak: thanks id appreciate that. Dan: i went to college recently and they were all clean shaven and im pretty sure all of them 'werent 10 anymore' so your comments not really valid. Von: youre absolutely right i didnt even consider those points, and they make sense, i was just expressing my opinion thats all.


In the short film Pleader avaliable free on vimeo
A brief nipslip of Sophie and a sideboob in a sexscene


Amara Zaragoza @ "Strange Angel" s01e09


still no Miseducation of Cameron Post screencaps?


FYI, the Sophie Cookson photo's original filename is "Screenshot_20180808-031820. jpg", meaning it's part of a video which hasn't surfaced yet


Hi Celebrititties
The photo can't be opened...
Thanks for your previous pic!!!


Soz this wasn't meant to be a picture, just the actual name of the original file to show that it's taken from a video. However, given that the final name ended with "jpg", a blank picture appeared in my comment


Thanks for the news Recapped, hope Debby will deliver.
Do you know if Emma Stone gets naked in her new show Maniac?


Any info about Where Hands Touch starring Amandla Stenberg? I havent any hope about it but after I saw Amandla’s new photoshoot I really want to see her nude. Needless to say, she’s amazing. Hope she’ll make a nude scene very soon.


keep an eye on a CBS show...


I'll keep the CBS eye on it.


What do you mean with this comment?


Probably referring to “Tell Me A Story” - but not understanding that it is an All Access exclusive like Strange Angel, not a regular network show. The usual rules do not apply, and the creator has already spoken about how being on that service lets them do the show in a more uncensored way.


AMC aired The Godfather unedited the other night, complete with Simonetta Stefanelli's topless scene. First FX does the same with Straight Outta Compton, Paramount with Yellowstone, now this. Could be a good sign on basic cable's willingness to show nudity.


Interesting, AMC was notorious for its censorship for many years until their original television shows started to test cable boundaries. The odd thing was that they still aired the sterilized versions of R-rated movies on their network while their television shows were showing more graphic content. Hopefully this is a sign of some course-correction at work with AMC and perhaps it will finally become a decent outlet for watching movies uncut.


I thought when they advertised it's showing as "uncut and uncensored" that they would show it but pixelated, which of course isn't really uncut or uncensored. Glad to see the meant it.


Absolutely a good sign, buy CBS will never go as far as AMC and FX.
This show is however on CBS All Access which already had nudity more than once in 'The Good Fight' so the hope is alive! 🙂


Nice, they did that many years ago too but that was pre Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction American TV when America TV including broadcast television was more liberal about showing nudity. Strange how AMC still has yet to air even a bare ass female nude scene on one of their dramas but would air bare breasts in a movie.


Actually it makes sense...showing a movie is more passive, they're showing a big feature film and proudly uncut, but they didn't make it. Putting boobs in a show they're actually producing means they're more on the hook for the content. It's a nice passive way to stretch things to where they're trying to get.


This logic makes sense in regard to showing bare breasts on a basic cable channel. It is smart to test the waters with a movie, especially an iconic movie like The Godfather, than to put bare breasts in an AMC show. But bare ass isn't something controversial on basic cable so I'm surprised they will show breasts in a movie uncut before they have shown a rear female nude scene in a show.


Exactly...they're not going to show breasts in some Tanya Roberts sex movie from the 90s or some junky beach movie where women get naked. Nope, soften the waters with The Godfather, who can begrudge showing a classic film, one of the best ever, uncut? Then you expand from there. That's how I'd do it if I had an endgoal.

Can't say about AMC, but FX sure has had a lot of nudity in their shows. It's pretty crazy what Syfy will do now, in that horrible grindhouse rip off show they did, they had super extreme gore, some butt nudity, and lots of uncut swearing. And that Happy show, which is BRILLIANT by the way, had a scene where some guy has a giant black dildo and raping the hero with it. Boobs are only a matter of time, especially with dwindling viewership.


I remember ER was going to show breasts but the Janet Jackson thing happened and everyone lost their minds so it was blurred out. Probably only a matter of time.


They actually had quite a few nude scenes....T and A in The Night Manager.


That was a co-production with a British channel and shown in the UK uncensored but censored on AMC.


No sex scene in Yellowstone, so either a script change or it is in a different episode.


Any idea about Josephine Langford in After? They just finished filming it. The book has a lot of sex scenes, like multiple 50 Shades of Grey level sex scenes.


Any idea if there's nudity from Zoe Levin in the upcoming Blackpills series Bonding?


Insatiable was developed for The CW, so unless they redid the pilot, then there's not going to be any nudity in at least the first episode. It would lead me to believe there won't be nudity, at least not from Debby, since her initial contract likely wouldn't have had any kind of stipulation demanding it (because broadcast network) and Netflix (or the producers) might not have wanted to play hardball to get it put in after the fact. The switch to Netflix might open it up for stuff that The CW wouldn't have allowed, but if there's any nudity, I'm guessing it will be done by extras or guest stars.


You’re probably right, and I’m certainly not expecting anything. But a guy can dream!


I feel like this is too good to be getting lost in one of the previous posts comments, but Mothlight (bless you!) posted a link to some delicious Kerry Bishe nudes, posted on her husband's (who is a photographer) website. So, you should go & check, probably.


I think this is her too.


Another one


Kerry Bishe nude!




blessed day. Today is a great day.


cheer lads, luv Kerry!!


He's also an actor. Got to bang Conor Leslie in Graves and watch Betty Gilpin shower in GLOW.


Is the brief nudity in Never Goin' Back man butt? And does Mid90s have any nudity?


Thanks for the response about Danielle. I shall keep fingers crossed.