August 9, 2018 Rumors


Odds on nudity from Eiza Gonzalez or Talulah Riley in Bloodshot?

Talulah Riley‘s character is supposed to have a sex scene in a hotel room early on in Bloodshot. They flash back to that scene later in the movie. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything with Eiza Gonzalez.

Is the brief nudity in Never Goin’ Back man butt? And does Mid90s have any nudity?

Don’t remember any nudity in Never Goin’ Back unless there was some in the penis in a hot dog bun gag. Doubt there is any nudity in Mid90s. Think there is a scene with Alexa Demie in her underwear though.

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Lela Loren & Naturi Naughton @ "Power" s05e07


wanted some more....


Lily collins?


Has anyone seen the Crypto script? They just finished filming it. Alexis Bledel is in it. Still hoping for a nude scene from this nudity dodger.


Any word on who is naked in We the Animals and Skate Kitchen?


Chloe Grace Moretz making out with Quinn Shephard in The Miseducation of Cameron Post


Where did you get this???


where did you find this??full movie out??
and please post clip with sound if possible
thx for this btwXD


Does Chloe suck on a titty in this movie? Seem to remember that being said here


I think the most we'll ever see from Chloe is an ass shot. Her best feature by far is her face!


Maybe you were thinking of My Days of Mercy?


Nah, although I'm definitely looking forward to that film's release.

The review posted here just mentions Chloe kissing between the other's breasts. I think someone then elsewhere mentioned actual nipple sucking and I was just going off of that. Pity but the disappointment is my own fault for not rereading the review from January.


Not really, but Quinn Shephard does show her breast during one scene. It's a really hot scene.


I'm sure but I've been looking forward a while now to some nipple sucking from Chloe so it's kind of a disappointment if I've been fed porky pies about that.


Think I maybe said that, though clarified that I wasn't sure and maybe her mouth just brushes it. Sometimes quite hard when you see a dark scene in a theater to accurately recount what happens, but apologies if was misleading. That said: I reckon you'll find the Quinn Shepherd topless make-out session quite fun anyway, even if she doesn't suck the tit.


If you’re going off the Mr Skin description he never said anything like that, so expecting something you’re not getting would be entirely your fault in this case


Can anyone plz upload video of amrita acharia in welcome to curiosity or just provide the link plz


FYI.. anyone else see the caps from Elizabeth Harvest? There was a scene removed.. the scene where Carla walks in the room naked and puts on a slip. 🙁


Maybe the guy who capped it missed that scene. Those scenes have terrible lighting by the way.


What was the full nudity review of the movie? Was it ever posted on recapped? I know it is on Mr. Skin but you need an account to read all the details.


(0:03) Close-up of legs and stockings as Abbey Lee’s underwear is being cut off.
(0:06) Abbey Lee naked in bed sitting squatted over her legs. We see her left breast from the side.
(0:07) Close-up of Abbey Lee putting on bikini bottoms. Then she goes swimming in her bikini.
(0:11) Abbey Lee dancing around in a see-through dress that displays her panties and a bit of her breasts too.
(0:15) Breasts on WOMEN in some kind of a morgue chamber.
(0:39) Abbey Lee emerges from a pool in a bathing suit.
(0:41) Abbey Lee wakes up in the tank and sits up showing her left breast from the side. She then turns towards the camera and shows her breasts before curling up. She gets out of the tank and we see her buns as she walks down the hall. Then a dark view but still visible bush as she walks up the stairs. Her hair is kind of in the way of her chest.
(0:50) Abbey Lee sits in the shower curled up. We see some right right boob but then she moves just enough to see her right breast.
(1:06) Breasts on WOMAN #2 in the sleeping tank.
(1:16) Left breast and maybe some partial bush visible on Abbey Lee as she is naked in a grave. She is then joined by a naked Carla Gugino who spoons up with her but only shows some pressed left side boob.
(1:19) Carla Gugino jumps into the pool. We only see her bare shoulders. When she comes out the other side naked we see some dark buns. Then she is lying on the bed naked on her stomach and we see her buns.
(1:25) Buns on Carla Gugino as she enters a room and puts on a slip.
(1:30) Abbey Lee strips to her panties and spreads her legs sitting on the bed inviting a guy to finally touch her.


Thanks, I just watched the movie and the scene JayD is referring to is still in the movie at 1:25.


The brief nudity in Never Goin' Back is the blackmail sext they find on the guys phone. It is a picture of breasts, but its so fast and meaningless for the most part that it's easily missed and forgettable.


"Miseducation of Cameron Post" caps should be out tonight or early tomorrow for those of you waiting


How do you know?


Any news on this week's Sharp Objects? Looks like from the trailer for this week's episode that there are some lesbian scenes between Amy Adams & Eliza Scanlen.


I seriously doubt it's going to be anything more than a kiss. Eliza Scanlen's character is in middle school.


and they are sisters


Nothing from Eiza ?!? *sigh* ?


Elizabeth Harvest with a bunch of nudity with Abbey Lee Kershaw and some butt with Carla Gugino is out


Skimmed Insatiable and no nudity.
PS show looks really bad and low budget.


The show's quite funny. It is getting bad reviews by butthurt reviewers because it makes fun of fatties.


It will be tremendous if Talulah delivers. Waiting until Feb 2020 will draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag though.


2020? They're still on time to rewrite the script ¬_¬)