April 18, 2019 Rumors

The trailer for season 2 of Strange Angel was released today. Hearing that this season will have a lot more varied nudity with orgies and sex rituals. Bella Heathcote should have more nudity and we might also get the nude debuts of Veronica Osorio and Laine Neil. And of course Amara Zaragoza is back so she’ll probably be getting naked again.

April 16, 2019 Rumors


When will Driven with Erin Moriarty’s first nude scene be released?

Unconfirmed but hearing Driven will be released August 23. If so, The Boys will likely be available earlier if there is any nudity from Erin Moriarity.

I’m trying to decide between seeing Clementine or Buffaloed at Tribeca. Any info on either?

Not sure about Buffaloed, but don’t watch Clementine if you’re expecting any nudity from Sydney Sweeney. We’ll have some Tribeca reviews up next week.

April 11, 2019 Rumors

With all the recent news about delays, here’s some good news if it turns out to be true. There is a rumor that the series premiere episode of Euphoria will be available to stream a month earlier than the scheduled date of June 16 on HBO NOW and HBO GO. This will only be the first episode and will only be available for a limited time — likely the third weekend of May. A reminder that this episode contains the nude debuts of Sydney Sweeney and Alexa Demie.

April 8, 2019 Rumors

Friday’s episode of Warrior opens with a Dianne Doan sex scene. Dianne shows her breasts and butt in the scene. We then get another shot of Dianne’s butt as she’s getting dressed.

So that’s all three main actresses getting naked in the first two episodes. Unfortunately, the rumor is those are the only nude scenes from them this season. On the bright side, season 2 is in production and should air next year.