Your Honor and The L Word Rumors

Any chance of nudity from Sofia Black-D’Elia in Your Honor?

Your Honor just started filming recently. The script for the pilot episode has Sofia Black-D’Elia naked in bed with her boyfriend at the very beginning. Sofia then she gets out of bed and gets dressed.

Any update on L Word: Generation Q?

They’re starting a writer’s room for season 2 of The L Word: Generation Q soon so it may already be renewed ahead of its December premiere.

Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough Rumors

We saw Earthquake Bird a while back but didn’t take any notes. Alicia Vikander was topless at least once during a dark sex scene. Riley Keough was topless a couple of times — once at a beach. The full nudity nudity warning from the MPAA is from a couple of Japanese extras when Alicia and Riley visit a hot spring. Don’t think Alicia or Riley showed anything during that scene.

Also hearing that Riley is topless in The Devil All the Time and that Alicia doesn’t show anything in Green Knight.

Domina Rumors

The production company that made Fortitude is casting now for a drama set in ancient Rome named Domina. The show will chart the rise of Livia Drusilla, who was played by Alice Henley in the HBO Rome series. The first two episodes of this 10 part series will feature younger actresses playing teenage Livia and Antigone. There will be no nudity from them but the actresses playing the older versions might have nudity.

Ana de Armas Rumors

Anything from Ana De Armas in her upcoming projects?

It has already been mentioned several times in the comments that Ana de Armas is topless in Wasp Network. Ana is also topless briefly in The Night Clerk as she is exiting a swimming pool. The casting call for Blonde also mentioned nudity for the lead role.