Autumn Reeser in The Big Bang Extended Nude Scene

Here is a longer version of Autumn Reeser nude in The Big Bang. This is over a minute longer than the the sex scene in the film which you may have seen before. Hopefully more blu-rays will include extended sex scenes as a special feature.

You can either stream the lower quality video or download the 1080p HD with 5.1 audio version using the link below. There is also a link to the lower quality video for those that are having trouble with the HD version.

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Download Low Quality Video
Download HD 1080p Video

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Great video quality for the 1080p. Great thanks for sharing this extended scene featuring the beautiful and talented Autumn Reeser! Amazing work once again!


I wonder if Antonio Banderas went home and rubbed one out to this too?? its perfect material! its one thing to be watching it.. but just imagine being an actor, "faking" these "acting" scenes... and then you can go home and just "imagine" it all over again... hahaha

3 all you Star Trek fans out there, she starred as the curious Ventu girl in Star Trek Voyager, Season 7 Episode 21, entitled Natural Law. She is not nude, of course, but her breasts are so irresistibly sexy thru the animal hide, that I was curious as to her earlier or later credits. She has the most perfectly small breasts and shape I have seen. Definitely

this extended version from the movie highlights my opinion.



Yeah, I was attracted to her instantly as "the curious Ventu girl". It was a distinct pleasure to see her so deliciously sexy now.


Thats one way to get a science lesson she has amazing tits


We maybe horny. But we sure in hell aren't fags!


^ nothing. I rubbed one out too.


Wtf is wrong with you horny ass fags


i had a crush on her since no ordinary family and this makes me so happy, i masturbated to this 17 times on this whole day. 🙂


How Antonio Banderas was able to keep it down for that long thrusting against a naked Autumn Reeser is beyond me. Acting or not, sometimes the body has a mind of its own.


I can't understand why they cut the scene down sooo much! While seeing Ms Reeder this way is awesome the facts are that everything she said in this longer version makes the points she's giving much more understandable!side tats are what cause the conversation to take place!without the extra dialog is it's like she's just saying half the stuff as if she's a nut. I've been smitten with her since No Ordinary Family.:-)


Unless one really hates or is freaked out by one's scene partner, or really hates how their body looks, or really can't stand having the necessary techs around and watching the work, I can't imagine, even with the kind of tattoo makeup Mag envies the application of, that this isn't great fun. Particularly when given that kind of relatively witty geek monologue to give. Of course, the male actor has the easier and perhaps more enviable part (at least his body makeup was probably quicker)....unless his legs started to go to sleep after take 15. Ms. Reeser might well help keep my circulation going through however long it took (and given her charm in such work as the Thrilling Adventure Hour: , I suspect the setup chat and such was pleasant as well. Hope so.


Oh man I had a crush on her since OC and this is amazing! Wish I was the makeup guy on this film. Imagine staring at (and touching) those breasts for an hour or two!


fantastic work.


Many thanks.