Band Aid Nudity Review

Zoe Lister-Jones wrote, directed, produced, and stars in Band Aid. After teasing the audience through most of the film with various non nude sex scenes, Zoe is finally topless during a sex scene a little over an hour into the movie. As an added bonus, Zoe also shows her ass as she is getting dressed about 10 minutes later.

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who is nude in the first episode of Girls (besides Lena Dunham>)


Quick nude scene in the Black Sails Season 4 premeire by Zethu Dlomo and Luke Arnold.


Ivana Baquero's film 'Demonios tus ojos' has been shown in Rotterdam. Reviews sound promising, but no confirmation of any nudity yet.


Anymore news about Ivana and this movie?


Novitiate nudity review is up on mrskin. anyone got access to the full review? Just wanna know how Margaret Qualleys nude scene is described but it's cut off for non members. Hope she shows bush (not merkin)


From Mr. Skin:

(0:03) Margaret Qualley putting on her nuns habit holds her right boob in her hand.

(0:53) Full frontal breasts and bush on Marshall Chapman wearing just her habit going crazy in the dining room.

(1:21) Full bare back on Margaret Qualley as she flagellates herself.

(1:43) Margaret Qualley and Rebecca Dayan begin kissing.

(1:53) As Margaret Qualley disrobes a cross falls off the wall. When she goes to pick it up we see a dose up of her kneeling down to get it. As the camera pans up we see her breasts and then her bush as she stands up.


Any news on who gets nude on Big Little Lies?


Nicole Kidman has a shower scene (sex scene?) and Shailene Woodley has a rape scene in episode 3 (at least her character does in the book). I wouldn't be surprised to see all four female leads get nude at some point (Reese, Zoe, Nicole and Shailene) but the least likley I think would be Reese. Will probably have some extra as well.


Reese did a few nude sex scenes in Wild, which was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (who is Big Little Lies's director). So I hope that Reese at least repeat one sex scene.


Not quite sure what this means, but I'm posting it here anyway.

Q: Do you want to go back to nudity?

A: I think I already am. In my experience on G.L.O.W., we would streak a lot on set—and when I say we, I mean me, and sometimes Betty Gilpin, my costar. We would have funny, funny streaking challenges. I do think that this job was really freeing and reminded me of who I was in college when I wanted to take risks, because as soon as the industry starts to put you in a box, you kind of do, as well. I think you get bogged down by what other people are thinking of you, and thinking about how you’re looking, and thinking about trying to be this perfect thing that everyone wants you to be. I’m just being myself, and having fun, and making other people laugh doing this.


I think G.L.O.W. would be the perfect project for Alison to finally to get naked in. It's about 80s female wrestlers and has some talented women filmmakers behind it.


She's teased one too many times for me to read into or get excited based on anything she says.


Her answer just before that one: “Yes, I say it in every interview. I’m always reminding journalists that they have not yet seen me nude. I always end up turning the conversation onto nudity, I don’t know why.”
I like the use of the word “yet”. But, there is also the careful wording, meaning she might just again be talking about offscreen antics. Excited for G.L.O.W. either way.


Could just be more teasing on her part. She's teased so much to the point where she's the girl who cried wolf.


Definitely just sounds like her typical teasing


sounds like she could just be talking about hanging out on set, but I'll be hopeful


any news on the upcoming episodes of The Path


Based on the second episode that *should* have had nudity, don't get your hopes up.


Any caps or news of Rooney Mara in Una? It was said that it had nudity and I've heard that it is already in some theaters.


Has there been anything of note from Ruth Wilson or Catalina Sandino on The Affair this season?