Bayou Caviar Review

Around 50 minutes into Bayou Caviar, Lia Marie Johnson gets out of bed topless with her left arm across her breasts so they’re not showing. A little later, Lia leaves the bedroom and sits down atop a staircase still with either one or two hands covering her breasts. Lia has another scene in her bra a few minutes later and a couple of other revealing outfits throughout the movie.

Katherine McPhee has a scene in lingerie where she poses for photos. Katherine also has some lesbian kissing scenes with Famke Janssen.

Bayou Caviar fka Louisiana Caviar is available on demand on October 5.

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(0:17) Camila Mendes in pool in a bathing suit.
(0:26) Jessica Barden strips to her bra and begins to have sex with a guy in bed. A wider shot shows her in her panties as well.
(0:33) Camila Mendes in pool in bathing suit. Just see top half.
(0:48) Nice cleavage on Jessica Barden in a dress.
(0:55) Cleavage on WHORE
(0:55) Left breast on Jessica Barden in a quick shot of her on top of a guy in bed. There may be a quick shade of bush too but its very quick.
(0:56) Hayley Law in a bra.

May only be brief nudity but I'm still looking forward to this one


Ah Camila Mendes said recently that she is totally open to going nude. Let's hope the right role comes along soon.


Ditto. And I'm holding out more hope for Scarborough, another indie Jessica shot around the same time that starts making the European film festival rounds next week.


Bad news from The Girl in the Spider's Web :/ "Foy was adamant about not showing Lisbeth’s sexuality in an exploitative way and wanted to make sure the character would avoid labels. She reveals that the film removed a sex scene because 'it didn’t serve the character.'" Daamn!


Foy did show her butt in the latest trailer so she's not completely against nudity.


Yep. She's done nudity a couple of times before. She'll probably do it again. Just needs to be the right role/project.


Ah, what a shame, she went down the “female sexuality is exploitative” instead of the “female sexuality is empowering” route. I love it when actresses get the latter in their head: it results in some great nudity.


Nothng much, but I was just doing a bit of channel hopping while eating a sanie and came across some rum looking tv movie starring Lindsey Price. Gorgeous looking woman with hot body. Unfortunately, one of those TV actresses who never showed anything. Would loved to have seen her do a good nude scene.


The Perfection (lesbian thriller starring Allison Williams and Logan Browning) premieres tonight at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. Recapped predicted nudity for Logan's role when it was being cast last year.


It doesn't mention any nudity on Fantastic Fest's site listing though, only 'strong sexual content'. And their descriptions usually include that (just check Donnybrook, for which they have details like 'pubic hair', 'full frontal' & 'nudity').


While not what you'd call glamorous, Mr. Mercedes featured some nudity from Breeda Wool in S2E5. Topless ranting! LOL


what ever happened to Charlotte Vega's Provenance film?


An Indian series named "XXX Uncensored is coming out on 27th September. It's gonna be heavy on nudity. Link to the trailer


Indians LOVE blueballs. They love sexuality, wet women coming out of pools topless...but they never show the goods. Won't happen, they're way too conservative and religious.


couldn't agree more.


I've been following this project for the longest time and now its finally materialized. So I am delighted. But from what I've seen in the trailer, I've a feeling that while the actors would "technically" be nude, I don't think we'll get to see anything. Hands, arms and sheets covering and the like IYKWIM. I hope I am wrong though.


EKTA Kapoor's original plan of action was to do with nudity clause in contracts of actors.This was in works long back but now we don't know what are we gonna see.
It could be nothing as usual but may have nudity.
Let's see could be Just tease and nothing


you bet. This is just going to be a tease. Make a trailer that promises nudity, but the only nudity that you'll see in the show is that's shown in the teaser, that's it.


Yes, back in 2015 she made few actors sign the nudity clause & and kyra dutt for the first one to do that. Ekta kapoor is known for this kind of stuff ( B, C grade kind of series with below average acting filled with all perverted stuff but no nudity). Also read an article that Ekta's mother do not want her name to be associated with this series so her name will not be shown in credits.
Having said that, will be happy if there is nudity.


On point what you said.
Nudity is possible if the original concept is still the idea . However for me this Looks like another version of Lust Stories and Urban Version of Gandii BAAT from Alt Balaji


In terms of nudity, we are not getting another Sacred Games here. I would love to be wrong though


Octavio Is Dead has been released on Canada Itunes. Anyone here got an account?


What is the nudity in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn? Crossing my fingers for Aubrey Plaza.


I assumed recapped dropped clips of my days of mercy or im not a bird and so their servers exploded last night


nudity in Lore season 2?




Yeah. What happened?


Someone forgot to pay the internet


Any word on what kind of nudity to expect in Widows? I'm also surprised there hasn't been more discussion about Lizzie. It's out now! I'll have to see it soon.


Via MrSkin: "More Elizabeth Debicki nudity in this latest from director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) as she strips to her bra in bed with Lukas Haas, an hour and nineteen minutes into the movie. We then see her breasts as the two get busy!"


Elizabeth Debicki is becoming quite generous.


Anybody know if the role of "Skade" in "The Last Kingdom" season 3 requires nudity? She apparently has a love affair with one of the main characters in the books. She's played by one of my favorite Norwegian actresses, Thea Sofie Loch Næss.


Been a few years since I read books 5 and 6 (the source for season 3), but whilst Uhtred (the lead) has several lovers across the series, the sex scenes in the books are never detailed. More implied. So who knows whether the show will indulge. If it does happen, it'll be in the first 4 eps of the season and I'd guess either ep 3 or 4 (they do 4 eps for each book).

There maybe something from Millie Brady in these first 4 eps too (in the story there's a plot to seduce her) but personally think it's unlikely this season.


OK thank you. Apparently her character is a wild savage, so hopefully that'll reflect on whatever sex scenes she has.


Why'd they ever call Loch Næss a monster? She's beautiful.


Thea's a babe, but i'm holding out for the rumoured Millie Brady sex scenes...


Millie might have a topless scene in “Intrigo: Samaria”, but that’s not out until February next year


Nice, I'll look out for it!


*furiously googles* Upon further in-depth research, i second that motion. Seriously, do look her up. Also curious if she already did anything worth mentioning.


She's young and up and coming, so she hasn't been in that much. Nudity wise there's this music video, but she hides the goods.


One to maybe add to the calendar - “Welcome Home” with Emily Ratajkowski - out Nov 12 on VOD.


oh wow. Emily Ratajkowski? The person who is literally famous for being nude is doing another nudity? ground breaking. can't wait.


I'm looking forward to the sex scenes.


Any news on "My Days of Mercy" release?


It's being screened at the 8th Filmfest in Cologne (October 16-21) and Dortmund (October 24-28) Germany.


Anybody in the area, we'll do a fundraiser for you to go and make a quick video^^


About "We Summon the Darkness"

Nudity is probably too much to ask, but I do hope they incorporate lesbian kissing between Alexandra Daddario and Maddie Hasson during that party scene. Similar to how they added in that epic party kiss between Samara Weaving and Bella Thorne that was not in the original script for "The Babysitter."


What party scene? Could you tell us what you know or is there any video?


Its a "night of debauchery."
That should be - lots of drunken truth or dare = girl on girl French kissing, strip poker and an orgy. We'll probably end up lots of drinking and one of the girls getting down to her bra.


Not even that, barney. The character Val (Maddie Hasson) does a dance. Here's how it was written in the script from 2015: "She moves to the music. Banging her head, gyrating her hips and whipping her hair in wild abandon. Oozing sensuality." Then they cut away to Alex Daddario's character making drinks in the kitchen. It returns to "Val ends her sultry dance by performing a flawless split." You don't even get lots of drinking.


It's such a wasted opportunity - that's why I hope they threw in some lesbian kissing in later drafts.


Without spoiling too much, the debauchery part never really begins - it is interrupted


He’s basing it off the script which is available for a full read as it made the Bloodlist in 2015 (which is like the Blacklist for horror scripts). It’s still currently filming.


What script? Link pls


Shower scene followed by naked pillow fight please!!!


Y'all setting yourselves up for disappointment.


Yeah. If it ain’t in the script, I ain’t counting on it. Nudity, I mean. Lesbian kissing could still be possible.


Fair enough.

Still just gotta wait for Alex DD to hopefully showcase some sexual fluidity in I Am Not a Bird.


Without spoiling stuff -- lesbian kissing would not fit with these particular characters.


I want to those Katherine/Famke lesbian kissing scenes.


We all do, trust me.

Famke is an old pro, and and incredible one, and Katharine hasn't done much with the ladies on-screen yet (a lil bit here and there in social media and the American Idol kiss, but that's about it). Great to see her finally getting into things.


Nothing insteresting. Waiting for the next update.


Any news for Rachel Brosnahan in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


She won an Emmy award.


naked but not naked sigh


HBO president was at a conference and confirmed Euphoria (the Zendaya show) is premiering in 2019. No specific date but looking at their schedule I'd guess sometime in September or October.


Also the distributer for All About Nina lists a VOD release date of December 18th, not Sept. 28th.


What's up with Emma Stone in Maniac? Seems like it might have potential...