Beach Rats Nudity Review

Madeline Weinstein is topless briefly around 12 minutes into Beach Rats. The scene is really dark so it’s possible she’s wearing pasties but it didn’t look like it.

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A second wave of leaked photos and videos has emerged! Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Dianna Agron, Laura Ramsey are amongst them! But my personal favorite is Rosario Dawson!


@Basher hey man can u give me a good link to the movie Second origin starring RHW. i have waited ages for this movie and i still am waiting after almost 2 years. have u seen a dvdrip or bluray any chance i can get online


Can't help you with the full movie, but if you look her up on johnnymoronic's site he has HD clips.


rumor on sophie turner leaked photos! There is a chance!!!


rumored being the key word....its a very low chance, if they exist, i doubt anyone who has them would trade them unless they get something really good in return.


Any chance of nudity from Amanda Peet in Brockmire?


Other than side butt, no.


So......... is Alison Brie naked?


Ridiculous. The director was waffling on about 'normalising male nudity', and can't even bring herself to show a topless woman (if nipples aren't visible it doesn't really count). And according to reports this films is full of frontal male nudity. I don't know why I expected any different.


Whilst I'm here I don't suppose anybody has heard any phi about the series of Versailles?


Anything about the news series of Versailles ....


Sex/nudity from Anna Brewster. First half of the season, her character is pregnant, so she's got the fake belly and tits. 2nd half of the season, she's showing her actual body. Full frontal with what I assume is a merkin. Hannah Arterton has a topless scene later in the season.


Thanks Basher! I was disappointed with Hannah's scene in 'Hide and Seek', which was unnecessarily dark - hoping for better lighting & a clear view with this scene. Pleased to see some English actresses disrobe ... not many do these days!


Hannah's nudity isn't great. It's well lit but she's hunched over straddling a guy and so her arms kinda get in the way, blocking a proper good view. It's decent, but I'd say her scenes in Hide and Seek were better.


nude scenes are in which episode or episodes?


Thanks for the news, recapped. Have you seen the movie Gozo with Ophelia Lovibond? Shot back in 2011, but started doing the festival circuit last year.


Ophelia is blurrily topless lying on a bed in the most recent trailer


Yep and the latest reviews say it's full of softcore sex and nudity. But I'm curious to know if that's a prude critic talking shit, or perhaps the hype can be real. Did you ever see Beautiful Devils in the end, Kryten? I guess RHW didn't go nude but does she have some sexy scenes?


No. I was real sick and didn't think it was worth it after Recapped's post (I believe in Recapped!). It might be out on VOD soon anyway.


I've given up on Rachel anyway. Her latest "dodge" in Clique on BBC:

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Perhaps Beautiful Devils will have a blink and you'll miss it slip during a sex scene like Second Origin had.