Big Little Lies 102 Nudity Review

The next Big Little Lies will be available early on Friday. Nicole Kidman shows her butt during an extremely rough clothed sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard. It’s borderline rape, so it’s not the most pleasant scene. However, Nicole’s face is never in the same shot, so it’s likely a butt double. We do see Alexander’s butt though.

Nicole has a real nude scene when she flashes her right breast to Alexander while Skyping with him.

Then at the end of the episode there’s a very hot scene where Nicole’s Skyping with Alexander again in lingerie. Nicole’s butt and breasts are seen in closeup and again at a distance, but it’s almost certainly a body double in both cases.

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Nothing from Black Sails Season 4 Episode 5.


Quite certain it's NOT a body double. I don't think this assessment of Kidman in these scenes was from actually watching them closely. She is not using a BD in any of these scenes, IMO. This is her. I'm quite confident. Incase you're wondering why I might know, I worked for MrSkin for 6 years. I got used to determining body doubles on scenes, so I am supporting this with some experience. 🙂 But the way the scenes are shot, true you don't see nudity with face, but they actually are not shot like double scenes. Plus her breasts look identical in both no-face scene and face scenes.


Off topic, as someone who worked at Mr. Skin looking at this sort of thing, Mr. Skin continues to treat Allison Williams analingus scene as a nude scene. Would you treat it as a nude scene?


That's interesting because I just watched that scene again. It actually violates MrSkin's "original" rules for nudity, which is, crack, pubes or nipples must be seen or it's non-nude. However, I think they recently changed this as I have seen women in thongs get a 2-star rating, meaning brief nude. Not sure why the change. It's been a couple of years since I worked there. In-case you're wondering what constitutes a 3 or 4 star, rating, it's duration. If female nudity exists on screen for more than 15 seconds, it's a 3 Star movie. 4 Star movies are reserved only for the great classics and movies that have multiple 3 star nude scenes in them.


He had the gall to label it as his number 3 scene of 2015 and exclude other 2015 actual nude scenes like debuts from Dianna Agron and Sasha Alexander. He said he excluded Dianna because it was "too dark" even though she actually showed something. I wish he would actually explain why he treats it as a real nude scene when it isn't. Because when I asked in the comments why he included it, his response is "Because it's Allison Frickin' Williams getting her ass eaten out" to which I respond "But she shows no nudity" to which he doesn't respond.

Some 2-star scenes are not labeled as nude, though.

Another one that boggles is Alexandra Daddario in American Horror Story where she gave the quickest flash of top crack but unlike Allison actually showed some crack, yet Mr. Skin labeled it as non-nude 1 star.

He gave 4 stars to her True Detective scene, which he named his personal number 2 of all time behind Phoebe Cates.


Mr Skin says Samantha Barks makes her nude debut in Bitter Harvest.. can anyone confirm? Or better yet, pictures?


oh my I hope so!!!!!


has there been any news about tuulip fever?


Only that it's been pushed back to an August 25th release. It was originally supposed to be out today. It's still listed for a German release in March.


Screencaps. Not sure what is a body double.


I don't even understand what I'm supposed to be seeing in any of these. Is any of this even Michelle Rodriguez?


It's Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies


One week till Michelle Rodriguez's nude debut. Can't wait 🙂


it's on VOD or theater release ?




On the blu ray commentary for Vice Principals it's revealed that a full sex scene was filmed between Danny McBride and Georgia King that was later cut. Can you imagine all the amazing unaired footage that could be found by someone with access to the HBO or Showtime archives???


Just watched the season 4 trailer of Rogue and absolutely no indication of a sex scene, let alone nudity. 2017 is off to a piss poor start. I miss 2016 already


Ashley Greene's character has a lesbian arc coming up.

How much sex and nudity was teased for Ashley last season in the trailer?


Yes I know. With eve Harlow's character I believe. Believe me I was excited about it too. And last season's trailer had a brief glimpse of a sex scene in it. Tease enough. This season's trailer - nothing


We don't see Eve Harlow anywhere in the trailer, though.


Yes. But Ashley had posted an On-Set pic on Instagram with Harlow in it


That just means we wait and see. We know there's interaction between Greene and Harlow. The fact that the trailer doesn't show that doesn't mean there's not going to be anything. You know Harlow is going to be there. You don't need to fret about a trailer absence. Maybe they want us to be surprised with potential nude lesbian action involving Greene.


You may be right man. It's just that I had been waiting for the longest time for the trailer and it was a lil disheartening to see nothing of interest in it you know


Erica Rodrigues:


More info pls


Not sure how explicit it's going to be. To my knowledge, there's only that black & white promo pic out.
But, judging by Episode 1, we can expect some pretty intense stuff.
Personally speaking, I can't wait:


was there any nudity in first ep??


I had heard about Spanish actress Luisa Torregrosa's nude scenes in the series and a fellow recapped user was kind enough to share a leaked sex scene here (can't remember which thread, though). I have since seen the first episode and, boy, there's full nudity and a variety of sex scenes involving Torregrosa and a beauty named Helena Salazar. Both give explicit blowjobs in different scenes.
Full episode hasn't been leaked anywhere, as far as I know. Only available on


can someone please post the helena salazar clips or pics? thans so much


Oh, please... As soon as I saw a mention of "Antlers of Reason", I knew where this "conversation" was headed.
This is another pathetic attempt, presumably by the "filmmaker" himself, to boost interest for his own works. He's done that repeatedly, on various boards he spammed. He creates different identities, to give the illusion people are interested and want more details about his films. He produces "exclusives" caps or leaked nudes by the actresses, which he got in some rather creepy way. And he sheepishly directs them to his own commercial site.
The guy is really sick, and people here should be warned.


Nicole using a body double nowadays makes sense. There was always something odd about her full frontal scene in Strangerland to me.


It was CGI. She was actually wearing flesh colored underwear. Check out these paparazzi photos from the set:


Those photos are from a different part of that scene. In fact the position of the cameras behind her would indicate they are two different shots later put together.
Do you have any real proof that this is CGI?


Real proof? ROFL....there are plenty of photos from the shooting of the scene. Use Google. She wasn't naked.


That strangerland scene was filmed very badly, but goes on to prove that NK can appear nude if the role requires. Just because her face is not in same shot in BLL does not automatically mean it is work of body double. Could be but could be not. I wonder why she would be needing a body double as the scene is not a public nude scene and if she shows her right breast another scene in the episode. So chances are it is NK. However, if they used a body double, it is shameful to not mention this to viewers especially in reviews. But i don't think NK would have lied in her interview in Elle of being nude in BLL.


Can we also get a little bit of mores description of the scenes in detail? Did the person who viewed the clips able to compare nicole's breasts in these scenes? Much appreciated.


Will Jodie Comer be nude in The White Princess?


Any nudity from Reese on the series?


Read my previous post.


Any info on Keri Russell in the new season of The Americans or any other actress in it.


Here is a screencap of Michelle Monaghan's scene from The Path. This is the only shot with visible nipple and it's on screen very briefly:


What the hell is this picture? I have no idea what this is showing.


Am I the only one that's not seeing a nipple here?


Are you sure? NK showed her ass in cold mountain and her face was not in same shot. But she has used body double in previous movies. She was even nude in 'Fur' and also used a body double. Maybe she does not want to do nudity anymore. From the promos it seems Reese has a doggystyle sex scene and another one in car; nudity is involved in both so i am wondering if she also used a BD. Plus if NK used a body double, most of her nude scenes wud be by BD no doubt. Is the skpe distant scene full body?


Can you post a link to the promo implying a Reese doggystyle scene? Are you sure it's not Nicole?


It was shown in the promo at the end of episode 1 on HBO.


Any news on Handmaid's Tale?


I really want to see The Layover. I'm hoping that guy from 4chan wasn't BSing. Even if there's no nudity, it's still Alexandra and Kate in an R-rated sex comedy. Hot scenes and dialogue are very likely..


An R-rated sex comedy with Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton with no nudity from either of them would be like a slap in the face. FFS you know exactly what we want, give it to us! Surely the producers and William H. Macy must know that AD nudity alone will bring a massive chunk of revenue. FINGERS CROSSED.


It's going to air on HBO plus have a limited theatrical release. It's not getting box office revenue.

The upside of it airing on HBO is that that's where she first went nude so fingers crossed for a repeat.


Thanks for saving 6 hrs of my life!


Wow and some posters were saying Nicole is nude a lot and there are explicit sex scenes. SKIP.


This is only the 2nd of 7 episodes. Just wait... Nicole will also have a shower scene in another episode and Alex joins her. So there are more chances.


I don't think so. All the talk of sex was just a major tease ploy. Plus chances are more that there will be use of body doubles than not.


An erotic thriller that uses body doubles for its lead actresses' nude sides!


Not only that but these actresses have gotten nude repeatedly over the years.


Why would they use a BD is beyond me. Why do they need to show a pair of boobs and butt if the lead is not willing to do it? Use of BD is mostly for titilation and serves no purpose. If someone wants to see boobs and butts, it can be easily googled. Use of BD is total BS.


Nicole using a double? :O Are you sure?

Btw, I know, me again. 😀 But according to Lena Dunham there is male frontal nudity on Girls on Sunday, is that true? Is it Matthew Rhys?


Well.. This just keeps getting worse and worse. You know what.. I want Reese. Nicole is just playing with our feelings and I am absolutely not interested in Woodley.


So I get a downvote for giving my opinion?!?!? Seriously?!?!? Unf'nbelievable


It's not like downvotes go into your permanent record. Relax.


Yeaa I know man. But you know I am a lil touchy right now coz of the lack of nudity this yr


youre crazy, woodley is hotter than both of them. Thats the only one im looking forward to in episode 3.


Woodley isn't *that* hot. There are so many that are way hotter than her.

She's a Goddess !!! Check her nude scenes.


but im not comparing to every actress out there, my comparison was among 3 people.


Can't stand her, don't care about her. Overrated AF IMO

She's a Goddess !!! Check her nude scenes.