Big Little Lies 103 Nudity Review

On Sunday’s Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman briefly shows her breasts in the shower. Nicole or possibly a body double’s butt is seen in a long shot as Skarsgard performs oral sex on her.

Shailene Woodley shows her butt in a flashback as she’s lying face down on a bed after being sexually assaulted. In another flashback, Shailene’s right breast nearly falls out of her dress as she runs down the beach in slow motion. Shailene shows her butt again after stripping naked and running into the ocean at the end of the episode.

Laura Dern also has an extremely loud and rough but clothed sex scene.

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if there was ever a chance (no matter how little) of emma watson ever getting naked - it has been wiped out by this drama over her recent photo.
another thing these extremist faux-feminists have ruined for the world.


That's not what the controversy is about. It all started when Beyonce said she was a feminist. Emma then said in an interview that Beyonce can't be a feminist because she shows her boobs in her music videos. Now Emma is showing her boobs to promote a Disney movie and she is rightfully being called a hypocrite.


Except that's not true. In a print interview she said the Lemonade videos depicted Beyonce in a 'male voyeuristic experience', but in the very same interview she came to the conlusion that this decision came from Beyonce, not from a record label, and so it was her choice and thus she was in total control of her image and portrayal. It was her choice to be shown in a sexual way. That it sent out the message that you can be an intellectual, a feminist and sexual. You don't have to be only one of those things. Watson sums up the album and the videos: "It is so inclusive and puts feminism and femininity and female empowerment on such a broad spectrum." She posted the full print interview with her own comments highlighted on her twitter today. Emma Watson maybe many things, perhaps even a hypocrite, but not on this.


No it hasn't, if anything she might be more likely to do it now to spite these lunatics telling her she "can't". I mean did you see her reaction to it? Jeez pay attention people, and maybe learn something about psychology and peoples motivations for their actions


Emilia Clarke's movie Voice from the Stone, which comes out in April on VOD, will very likely have nudes from her. It's rated R for some nudity/sexuality.

Here's the trailer.

And here are some stills I've made from it from both what should be a nude sex scene and a scene in a very thin robe. It's not yet on youtube so these aren't the best still in the world but they'll do for now, I should think. The first still is from a promotional video they had on their site months ago but have since deleted which looks to be the beginning of the sex scene before she disrobes.

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"Let there be light," and there was light.


Wow, great find, thanks for awesome news!


Looks promising. Good finds!


Any caps of Shailene Woodley from last nights episode?


Disappointing Shailene's butt scene on BLL S01E03.


This is turning out to be total b- sh1t . There is no proper nude or sex scene. This is the biggest tease and tease some more. A quick flash here and a quick cut there. wtf.


I'll ask again, is anyone nude (besides Lena Dunham) on Girls tonight


Hey, any male nudity in tonight's Big Little Lies?


To continue the trend of an amazing final season, nothing nudity wise from Black Sails Episode 6.


Okay, so this is going to sound really weird and I'm positive some of you won't believe this, but Michelle wore silicone pasties with fake nipples molded into them for her role in The Assignment (in addition to the merkin. It's not CGI, either, it's a practical effect. A bit of a concerning development in case this catches on.


sometimes not knowing somthing is better
you ruind it for me now but i could've enjoyed it if i didn't know


I'm going to have to call bs on that. Looks legit to me. In the gif the right This is true jiggles


It's not bs. She bragged about it on her instagram + it's really visible in certain scenes. ( I hope the screenshot attaches properly )


Thanks. That pic pretty much ends the debate.


Well we are living in dark times my friends. What a damn bummer.


Well, a teensy weensy upside is that the reason for that was to make them appear like implants. Another upside is that this movie's premise will probably make this movie fall into obscurity and no one will pay attention to what this movie did.


I know they used that rationalization but it doesn't really hold water. Implants don't look like you have about an inch of different colored skin around your areola, you have scarring along the edge of your areola or under the breast (or in the armpit if you spend the extra money). This just looks like a pastie with a fake nipple in the center.


I meant the right breast jiggles. Plus looks like the same nipple from this see through pic. Seems like a lot of work to avoid nudity to me.


A breast still jiggles when a pastie is on it.


Thats what i read too, she said it was to look more like a guy turned girl and had implants


Apparently The Exception's release date of June 2nd has been pulled from the A24 website. We may have to wait longer for nude Lily James.


Ignore me. Got it wrong.


All pic here..

I don't know how to upload all the pics its just upload one at a time.. so

here's the links..


Why do I feel like I've been waiting for this my entire life? 😀


Yeah those are fake nipples. You can see the marks around them where they are attached to real skin. Damned!


Fake nipples on top of real boobs? I can live with that.


From where to found it ???M Rodriguez ?


Thanks kumarsourav24. Fixed it for you.
You have to enter the actual url to the image.
For imgbox, you have to add an "i" to the front and a ".jpg" to the end.


I hate merkins. She could have worn a sexy thong instead.


Anyone know if Julia Garner has any nude scenes coming up, perhaps in Tomato Red? The trailer looks like it might have a sex scene but nothing to indicate nudity.


Anything on the movie, The Archer, with Bailey Noble and Jeanne Mason? Heard there maybe a lesbian scene between the two?


That would be awesome, baily noble is mad sexy, i couldn't find any details on the movie tho, not even a rating


finally a clear Shailene's butt nudity is happening...i'm so happy....


Oh my, Shailene's butt! Yes yes yes! Fantastic news! Thank you so much for this 🙂


I'm pretty sure Shailene Woodley's breast was in the beginning of the second episode when she's waking up from a dream/flashback. It was just a quick shot but I think it's a snippet of a larger sequence to be revealed over the course of the season. Regardless I'm quite certain by the end we'll have seen a solid glimpse of it.

The biggest open question is will Reese whip 'em out again.


Not really a nudity question per se, but is the assaulter's face shown in Shailene's scene? If the answer is no, then it's safe to say the assaulter will be the same as in the book.


Thank you for the update, recapped.

Internet Asshole



so i guess the "topless" shailene woodley reported a while back is actually just "boob almost popping out," thats disappointing.