Big Little Lies 104 Nudity Review

On the next Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman briefly shows most of her butt during a sex scene. However, as with many of Nicole’s other nude scenes on the show it is likely a double.

The only new nudity from Shailene Woodley is a slightly different and ultra brief shot of her butt as she’s laying face down. A lot of the same flashbacks of Shailene from episode 3 are also shown again.

And Zoe Kravitz show some pokies after a sweaty yoga session.

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Considering what happened this episode, it's obvious why we didn't get one for episode 5.


As i said before, no nudity for next episode/s as well. HBO has put nudity in next episodes ratings to garner more viewers and to make it up, blurry nudity is shown ultra briefly in opening and closing credits. LOL. I cannot understand why Kidman does not have a full nude proper sex scene.


No update this week,Recapped?


Lily James


Holy crap, is the movie out? Do you have Jai Courtney? šŸ˜€


Lily James' nude debut - finally!


Is this from The Exception or something new?


The Exception


This would be the scene Recapped described where she strips for Jai Courtney. Next shot would be of her butt but I haven't seen any more pics from the scene.


Where did you find the pic?


It was apparently first posted where all the leaks are happening


Man, you deserve a trophy. Best post of 2017 so far, I believe.


The original capper deserves the trophy - I'm just reposting it here


"And the Oscar goes to La La Land.... oh no.... it goes to Moonlight". Plz forward the trophy to him, good sir. You still deserve a "thank you very much", though.


Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting!


Any news on Handmaid's Tale?


Lily Simmons and Trieste Kelly Dunn fresh leaks are out. Not hard to find.

Trieste getting fucked and sucking dick like a real pro šŸ˜®

also from what I see on various boards, the consensus is that the Emma Watson bathtub video is real.


yeah it was proven pretty conclusively


Trieste Kelly Dunn' (Banshee and Blindspot) leaks are The Shit. The best there are from this whole new series.


Jillian Murray's stuff is pretty great too. Katie Cassidy had some nice stuff too, but not much.


Rachel Brosnahan is topless in the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel pilot.

Leave a good review so it gets picked up to series.


I just heard that Clint's daughter Francesca Eastwood will be making her nude debut in a movie called M.F.A. This news
(ā€¢_ā€¢) / ( ā€¢_ā€¢)>??-? / (??_?)
makes my day


In next episode of BLL, Nicole Kidman has a sex scene in Kitchen. There were previews shown in earlier promos. It is most likely another boring clothed scene, where they pretend to have sex. I cannot understand why they are not showing the characters full nude having proper coupling. The reviews had made me think there were explicit sex scenes where we will see proper fuck1ng action in the nude. I cannot believe Kidman has not gone full nude with good breasts and butt shots!

Btw, the sex scenes montage in preview for next episode has three shots of sex. The last two at 18 sec appear to be in the nude and maybe we will get a proper look at a pair of tits, it is long overdue. Also the woman riding the man visible in rear view mirror at 18 sec, looks like it is Kidman and the woman in last 3rd shot at 18 sec, appears to be Reese. Anyone know wats in store for next episode?


Maybe the Recappeds know something about another film on the festival circuit - "Gozo" with Ophelia Lovibond


My god please......


Keri Russell showed off her very nice butt again on The Americans last night


her ass is getting better day by day,that too in her 40's..her ass is just amazing to look at..


There's also Emma Watson nude vid in bathtub - bot no one would be interested in that


Are people really this gullible? It's a couple of selfie videos of a chick in a bathtub and you don't see her face, and people are getting excited. Even if it were her this is the same forum where people go nuts if there's a nude scene where you don't see a face and tits in the same shot.

It blows my mind that people are actually getting excited over this.


why do that with us?


Prove it


Your lack of faith is disturbing. Go check any celeb board or Reddit (try p h u n )


Can u send a link, can't find it




Analeigh Tipton as well, whoever she is


this is the best


Where can I find Analeigh Tipton photos?


Not nude scene but if you want some celeb nudity, Amanda Seyfried explicit pics leaked


Is it pic or pics? I only found one. Got a link?


Show us the one, cant seem to find any


Search her name on Reddit and sort by new


Can u post the link cannot find it


Nvm, found them and it is just a picture of her topless and blowing a guy


Not expecting any nudity obviously, but any sexy scenes from Jessica Henwick or Rosario Dawson in Iron Fist?


So Mr. Skin confirms Sofia Boutella nude in Atomic Blonde.
Also looking forward to Noel Wells in Mr. Roosevelt.


Could not be more excited about Noel Wells!!!!


Pity Sofia is the only real nudity in the lesbian scene, even though Charlize has nudity in the movie.


Trust me guys. There is no solid nudity or full on nude sex scene in this series. The clever producers oversold the sex content and the director has no idea how to film a good sex scene. I did not watch e04 and have no plan to watch it further. Kidman scenes are sh1t. No real or solid nudity/sex. SAD.


Beautiful Devils with Rachel Hurd Wood is out in the UK at the end of the month. Apparently was shown last year at Cannes. Anyone have any news? The trailer hints at possible sex/nudity. I know Wood's dodged it in the past, but you never know.

Atomic Blonde also was at SXSW -- hopefully news on Charlize and Sofia soon.


Been a while since we've seen this but remember there being no nudity from Rachel Hurd Wood in Beautiful Devils.


Hello recapped, I just wanted to ask if you could delete my account please. thanks.


do you remember any nudity at all - maybe from Dominique Provost-Chalkley - or is the BBFC rating a bit misleading?


Thanks for confirmation - expected but still a little disappointing


Check Mr. Skin for Atomic Blonde. Confirmed nudity from both Charlize and Sofia


I just checked. There's no update on nudity in the movie, just what was already featured in the trailer.


I'm seeing Beautiful Devils next week


Please report back!


Rated 15 by BBFC - moderate sex scenes with limited nudity detail - so that's either brief tit or man ass


Alison Brie rumored to show her tits in The Disaster Artist. Premiered at SXSW last night.


I feel like you're just saying that because you *want* her to show them.


I saw that rumour as well - on 4chan so probably BS


The only one I would *believe* would be topless is Ari Graynor who plays the chick who actually did get topless in The Room. Even then I feel like it's a long shot.


I don't want to get my hopes too high, but there is also one on Reddit : "Well when the screen caps of "the scene" with Allison brie gets posted, I'm sure reddit will go wild"


My sources say there is no nudity from Brie or Graynor.


To follow that up, no nudity from anyone?


The only nudity mentioned was James Franco's ass. No details.


MK with the painful truth. Thank you for the clarity. I guess now we wait until June and whether GLOW will deliver or not.


She's already said in an interview, we're not getting anything from her in GLOW


Link to the interview where she said that? Would like to put any anticipation for this show to rest ASAP.


The Disaster Artist will probably be released after GLOW anyway.


Didn't seem like a double to me


if you guys have watched the trailer for big little lies episode 5, it seems like Reese Witherspoon has a sex scene in it in which it looks like she will be nude


It looks that way, but will we see anything?


I really doubt it. I wish I was wrong, but I don't think it will happen.


Any word on Lily James having some sexy scenes in Baby Driver? I'm not expecting nudity as I imagine the movie will be PG-13, but still... a man dreams and hopes.


The Exception will be out soon for all your Lily James needs


well, soon-ish, June 2nd


Aside from Scott Pilgrim, Edgar Wright films are usually rated R.


Then you have given me hope and I shall await inevitable disappointment.


Edgar Wright films have never had nudity if I recall correctly.


I know it's too early yet, but The Disaster Artist premieres at SXSW Sunday, and I'm wondering if Ari Graynor recreates Lisa/Juliette Danielle's nude scenes from The Room.


What about Stefanie Scott in Small Town Crime? It premieres at the SXSW film festival today.

Internet Asshole



Anything in Hand Of God s02 ??


Any news on Song to Song? It premiered at SXSW last night. Heard there is a lesbian scene between Rooney Mara & Berenice Marlohe.


Thank you for the update, recapped. Do we know who goes nude in Harlots?


"Ultra brief shot".
"Ultra brief shot".
"Ultra brief".

HBO has reached a new low. What nudity have they delivered in the past months? Lena Dunham. LOL. Total crap.
Westworld was pretty much extras + Thandie Newton every episode, and she had been naked multiple times before. Plus her scenes didn't even have an arousing setting, mostly lab shit.

How much time until we stop pretending we are gonna get anything every time we hear about a HBO show?


Skimmed through the book of Big Little Lies.Could have missed somethings.Very short book.Not much descriptions.All the nude scenes till now were not described in the book.The sex scenes are like one liners "They had sex". Thats it.No nudity, no descriptions.All the nude scenes were added by the directors it seems.
As a heads up there is absolutely no chance of nudity from Reese Witherspoon. Her character has no sex scenes either.Only Shailene Woodley and Nicole Kidmans have sex in the book.


So youre saying all the sex scenes up until now aren't in the book but there's no chance of a Reese sex scene because it's not in the book?


not the exact sex scenes but there are sex scenes for the characters.There is none for reese's character


But previews for future episodes from the first one teased a sex scene or two from Reese.


There are places in the book where they would start kissing and then get into fights.Maybe thats what it was in the teaser.


Well now the teaser for episode 5 is teasing some sex scenes from Reese.


The guy in the teaser does not have a beard so it is not her husband. I was talking about sex between her character and her husband. Maybe she is cheating and I missed the part (as I said I have just skimmed through the book) but more likely it was added by the director to add depth to her character.The TV show is a lot racier than the book.


OK I think Reese's character is having sex with the character Joseph,who is in the theater/play.Joseph is not present in the book and the guy in the teaser looks like him.


There are three shots of sex in the episode 05 preview. The first shot is Reese and Joseph, as their faces can be seen. In the 2nd shot, a woman is riding a man facing him, seen in rear view mirror. They appear to be nude and to me it looks like it is Kidman and her husband. In the third shot, a woman is riding theman facing away from him. The woman is definitely Reese as the guy beneath her is wearing the same shirt worn by Joseph in the first shot. Reese is nude and it looks like the guy is squeezing her breasts.


Any update on Samantha Barks???


if Kathryn Newton will do her nude debut on BLL,then that'll be the biggest surprise this year..hope it'll be true very soon....


Shailene Woodley definitely used BD last episode. Same is likely this time.


People seem to keep assuming when face isn't shown it's a body double, despite these actresses showing nudity before. Yeah if they haven't shown before, then it's safe to assume BD when face isn't shown, but in these cases it makes zero sense.


Is this a substantiated fact or an opinion?