Brimstone Nudity Review

Dakota Fanning doesn’t really show any skin in Brimstone which will play at the Venice and Toronto film festivals this month.

A little less than an hour into the film, Dakota is shown having sex fully clothed doggy-style. The camera is focused on Dakota’s face and down her blouse but nothing is really shown.

A few minutes later, Dakota is lounging outside and is wearing a white top that is somewhat see through.

At 66 minutes, Dakota’s fellow working girls are paraded around in various states of undress. One is full frontal, a couple of them are topless, one shows her ass. Carla Juri wears a top that opens from the front with nothing underneath but doesn’t show anything. Dakota then enters wearing the same white top as earlier. Dakota gets chosen to go to another room and there is a long scene where her top seems more see through because of better lighting but not by much.

Finally, around 86 minutes in, Carice van Houten is topless briefly but you can’t see anything really because it is dark and blurry.

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So when is Ivana going to get naked in Power?


Well she's listed as cast for the next two episodes so hopefully we get something. She's gorgeous.


Lela Loren nude again in sex scene...Power 3x08


Narcos review- Only episode 3 has nudity in the entire season from some random.


Is this clip the entirity of Carice's nudity or does it go on for a little bit longer?


Obscuring Carice's perfect breasts... what sacrilege is this...


It could be we see more after the clip ends. But sadly this seems to match what's described above.


Anything on Morgan Saylor in White Girl, which was released today?


Not released today. Limited release that's traveling by city. No general release or streaming scheduled at this time.


If it's showing in a theatre 2 miles from your house, why not go and see it then report back to those of us that are a lot further from a theatre that is showing it?


I know what a limited release is. It has been released. Not sure why you think limited release doesn't mean released. Its in a theater 2 miles from where I live. Just because its not everywhere doesn't mean it hasn't been released.


So, yeah, if anyone has any info on White Girl, WHICH WAS RELEASED TODAY, I'd love to know. Thanks.


darkstar, he explained what he meant.

I can get petty fighting in pretty much every forum on the internet, I come here for celeb news. Let's chill.


If by any info you mean description of her naked scenes then it is on net from a very long time aka January.


In the last thread you erroneaously said the Tatiana Maslany movie would be released at least a year and a half from now when actually its in 1 month, now you say limited release means not released. Please stop trolling/putting wrong info out there.


Yes, it was technically released in a few theaters in NYC today. Unless you can make it out there, it's not available. That's the point.


Whatever happened to Viena and the Fantomes? The trailers made it look like Dakota got naked in that one.


By the way White Girl is supposed to be released today.


Not exactly. Today is the beginning of a limited release. This weekend, it's in NYC; next weekend, LA, and so on. There doesn't seem to be a general release scheduled, nor has Netflix announced any plans to start streaming. It'll probably only be available to the general public by wintertime - about a year after it was first shown.


Ah, thanks for the info, I was wondering why it's nowhere to be seen.


Don't pay attention to this. He seems to think limited release means you need some sort of secret password to get in. It has been released to the general public, just in a few cities. If you want to see it, you can.


It's not available online, which was what he was asking. You can only see it in a few artsy theaters in a few select cities.


hey recapped,news on Narcos season 2 ?


Any nudity by Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Armie Hammer in Nocturnal Animals?


Who gets naked in Nocturnal Animals which just premiered at the Venice Film Festival?


It has an R rating for "graphic nudity". Hopefully we see something from one of the female cast Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Laura Linney or Andrea Riseborough. Fingers crossed.


Masters of Sex: season 4 premiere for free


Some nudity in s2e3 of Narcos. Not sure who the actress is though.


Can u update the entire season 2 nudity news after season 'll be over?


Is Kit Harington naked in Brimstone?


I myself often have doggystyle sex fully-clothed. Practical and comfortable.