Bryce Dallas Howard in Manderlay

I wrote earlier that I skipped Manderlay at the TIFF because the DVD was scheduled to released in October. I also did not want to sit through it since Dogville was so boring. So, a little over a month later, here is the first part of the sex scene with Bryce Dallas Howard. The narration is rather annoying but the scene is well lit and also includes a possible gyno shot.

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Personality-wise, Bryce seems like one of the most bland and wholesome actresses in Hollywood. So it's very surprising that she take on a role this edgy.


Actually, in the interview on the Today show, she never said the sex was unsimulated/real. She says doing the scene fully nude with a fully nude man was difficult at first, then she imagined herself doing a funny sketch on SNL. There have been many sex scenes in movies. Very few have been real, no matter how much thrusting we see. Of course that's changing, no doubt to compete with the porn industry. European cinema has been leading the way for a long time, and Tier these days has arrived there, incorporating porn into wannabe mainstream movies.


That sex scene is pretty intense. he puts a cloth over her face, climbs on top over her and fucks the shit of her and she lays there not moving.


I've just shocked to watch it___


Bryce original did not want to do this scene at all, but was talked into. They told it would be fake and just acting.

But she said in an interview later, that "After the first take I went into a fetal position in my changing room, i was so shaken by it."

"Well at least in the first take they got the fear and shock they were looking for down"

Later she tries to joke about it.

The first take was real! And thats why you see that look on her face. She frozen in shock at first, then some pleasure, then pain and pleasure as he really slams her with out mercy or care.


Actual you are kinda right, but you are a little bit wrong on what she said in the interview.

AP press 2005

"In terror over her sex scene, Howard said she went through it in a hypnotic state. After the first take, “I was kind of curled up in a fetal position, and Lars said, ‘Well, I got Grace’s pain in that take,”’ Howard said

"pain" yah from the hard fucking that was going back and forth from pain to pleasure. You can tell from her face and breathing it was painful and pleasure able.

I have experienced the same thing just not as extreme.

You are right she was in a "hypnotic state"/to scared to move /frozen from moving.

The look on her face is like"oh my god, this is happening"


And yes it was real sex/rape, all the way threw the first take.

They said as much in so many words.

Fetal position? That because she thought it would be fake and it turned into real forced sex.

It amazes me how many female actresses get used by producers in this way or another.


Sarah, absolute nonsense. It was acting. Real sex rarely happens in actual movies, and never happens anymore post Screen actors guild.


Very HOT!!! I give her a lot of credit for doing this scene. Takes some balls to get naked and do this stuff on film, however I doubt she has this much fun in real life.



@Cache : Julia Roberts is one of the very few actresses who never did any nudity. Pretty Woman used a body double.


I was fascinated with Bryce Howard when I first saw her in a Shyamalan film, and after seeing this I remembered seeing Julia Roberts play a hooker in pretty woman... the reality is an actor/actress has to become the character they play, even for a short while. Needless to say... I have no use for either of them. My fantasy has just been sold.


It's a big cock! what can i say, it happens with a big cock like that...


I never cease to be amazed at how actors get away with things we other mortals would be hanged for. What would happend to a politician who did this sort of thing? He would be hounded from office. If we employees should download this on our boss's computer we'd lose our jobs. A hooker does it in private and she is shunned by society and considederd its lowest member. Yet these people do these things in front of anybody who wants to watch, literally millions of people, and they receive public acclaim and honours. There's something wrong somewhere.


Nemo, this is acting, kid. It's a performance. It's not real. Many amazing actors/actresses have done sex scenes. It's art. It's not real. Calm down and go outside and talk to some actual people.


When I was her age I was interested in good clean fun, coca cola and dances. Hasn't she got any pride?


So taboo... I orgasmed watching this ruddy, pale, white young woman(Bryce Dallas Howard) allow this to happen to her, by this powerful black man!! The contrast of the nude bodies and the hard sex... orgasmic!!

WHEW!! INTENSE scene!!


If there is no acting there is no show!


Looks alot like ron (boyish) but still hot and cute for the woman she does have in her.Very possible for small tit lovers to get off on!


Actually i used to respect Bryce Dallas howard as a good actress but after seeing this Bullshit* i think of her like a piece of SH*T that better have gottne paid alot of money to do this part and if you bother to read this thanks and send your opinion back adn did this movie suck? Because it sure looked like it.... Thanks Again




Was anyone else disturbed?


So hot. Yes, I jacked off.


wonderful. More videos