Call Me By Your Name Nudity Review

The trailer for Call Me By Your Name was released last week and despite being a gay movie, there is some female nudity. Around 76 minutes in, Esther Garrel gets some assistance removing her bikini top and reveals her breasts. Esther then moves to a mattress on the floor where her bikini bottoms are removed and you see some bush briefly.

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Great news about Call Me By Your Name, but is there any actual male nudity in it?


Bad news guys - Gypsy just got cancelled by Netflix. Any potential nudity from Naomi Watts or anyone else done for.


Anything on Under the Silver Lake (2017)?


Anything in Episodes?


Ep 2&3 have brief nudity.


I don't expect nudity from next episode of episodes episodes.


No nudity in episodes 5 and 6 of GoT according to HBO.


Recapped proven to be correct yet again.


Well so much for a naked Sophie Turner.


Why do so many people think Sophie would be getting naked in the first place? Sophie may do nudity in the future but she will never have a nude scene on GoT.


Wait so nothing from Gemma Arterton?


Well you can see a bit of side-boob and very brief nipple in the bottom gif. Not much but it's something.


What he's saying is that there's no gif of Gemma Arterton.


The bath scene with Sansa has disappear ???? I hope to see Sansa or Arya nude in the last season , it would be great !


The bath scene was from fake/fanmade trailer for S7.


its actually ridiculous how many people bought that fake trailer that had lines and scenes from all sorts of other movies. and some previous scenes from game of thrones that they should have already seen.


Disappeared? It was bullshit man


too bad , i'm really sad !!!


Jennifer Lawrence in mother!?


Trailer shows at least one likely hot scene with Jennifer and Javier. The IMDB credits have an entry for "Sex Slave" though so any nudity might just be that.


Stop hoping, Jlaw is to much of a "star" to get naked ... best you can hope is someone con's her into doing some artsy indie crap .... (the example of January Jones comes to mind off hand)


Read the book Red Sparrow , Nudity is in the book impossible for Jennifer to escape nudity in the Red Sparrow movie , too bad for you !


Like we haven't heard this before... If an actress doesn't want to do nudity, there are many ways to avoid doing it unfortunately.


It's entirely possible to escape nudity if she wants to


Anything from Jessica Biel in The Sinner on Wednesday?


Sophie Turner in GOT ???


Yeah it's not gonna happen in GOT.
At best, maybe like 5 years down the road when she's struggling for parts because she can't act - she'll take a lead in an indie "I can't get my life together so I move back in with my parents and learn about myself and also there's a boy" movie and she'll give up the goods.
Or maybe we'll get some sideboob this Sunday. Fuck if I know.


Im pretty sure thats not gonna happen this season. Its always possible for the final season but it most likely will happen on another show or movie. Despite her being a somewhat major player right now the storyline isnt there for her to show anything.