Celebrity Nudity Rumors 2017

Happy New Year! Here are some some possible nude scenes to look forward to in 2017 based mostly on speculation and rumor. Films that have already been reviewed aren’t listed and neither are returning shows that will likely have nudity like Game of Thrones.

We already know Lily James will be nude in the upcoming The Exception. Michelle Dockery should be joining her former Downton Abbey cast mate and have a couple of nude scenes in the upcoming Netflix limited series Godless. The show should also have some nude scenes from Christiane Seidel and others.

Lucy Hale should have her first nude scene in the upcoming Dude.

Imogen Poots should have her second nude scene in Mobile Homes.

Ksenia Solo should be topless in In Search of Fellini.

Zoey Deutch should have a sex scene in Before I Fall but she will likely be wearing pasties.

Margaret Qualley is supposed to have some sex scenes with Rebecca Dayan in Novitiate. There is also supposed to be a scene where Margaret strips and self-flagellates and a scene where she studies her naked body. Dianna Agron is also supposed to have a masturbation scene.

Lily Collins might only have a couple of see through scenes in To The Bone but she may have some nude scenes in The Clown.

Riki Lindhome, Chelcie May and Wendy Vanden Heuvel are likely naked in Under the Silver Lake. While Callie Hernandez and Riley Keough might also have nude scenes. Riley might also be naked in It Comes at Night.

On the upcoming HBO show The Deuce, almost all of the main female cast members including Maggie Gyllenhall, Margarita Levieva, Dominique Fishback, Emily Meade, Olivia Luccardi, Amber Skye Noyes, Kayla Foster, and Jamie Neumann will be getting naked in the first season.

Lauren Lapkus should be nude in HBO’s Crashing.

Apparently all of the female wrestlers on the upcoming Netflix show G.L.O.W., had to agree to nudity when casting. That doesn’t mean Allison Brie will get naked however.

Another super long shot but the character Nicola Peltz plays in the Hulu show When the Street Lights Go On is supposed to have a nude scene or two.

In the older actresses category, Annette Bening should be topless in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool and Debra Winger might have some brief nudity in The Lovers.

And sadly, Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton likely aren’t naked in The Layover.

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Luisa Torregrosa:


And in a new promo pic from Morning Interim: https://altcinevault.blogspot.co.uk


Woah!!! What an aesthetic upgrade, recapped!!! You're amazing, dude, you're the best!!!


Indeed! What an upgrade from the previous comment system. Thanks recapped!


The Little Hours premieres tonight at Sundance. Think we'll have a report by tomorrow? Anyone here have plans to attend the screening?


Possible nudity on Vikings tonight from Ida Nielsen and Josefin Asplund.


Hi, Any news about Eliza Taylor in upcoming "Thumper" movie or in others project?


Can we please expect some teasers any time soon?


Do we know if there will be any nudity in Legion?


It's FX so probably not


FX can show rear nudity, and often does (AHS, Americans, Youre the Worst)


Also, Rachel Keller, who is the lead of Legion, showed her ass on S2 of Fargo on FX, so it's not completely outside the realm of possibility.

That being said, I don't expect anything.


Hopefully a Canadian has some inside info for me. I had recently seen Kat Barrell, who plays Officer Haught on Wynonna Earp, was also part of a show called Workin' Moms that just premiered on CBC. I hadn't really thought much of it till I saw that the first episode had nudity from the leads.

So does anyone know if this was just a one off for the first episode or is there anything showing that future eps will have nudity? Also if anyone has any info if Kat will be nude?


dakota fanning mentioned there is a lot of sex in her upcoming 'the beguiled', starring nicole kidman and kirsten dunst as well. hope it is not disappointing! all 3 of them are supposed to get nude for some hot sex with the male lead, collin farrell.


Limited release June 23rd wide release June 30th


Elle Fanning is in The beguiled, NOT Dakota.


Elle Fanning not Dakota


Uhmm... supposed according to whom?


Any updates on Christina Hendricks in Tin Star? Shooting of first season wrapped last month.


i am dying to see those jugs. she needs to do a full nude slow sex scene. those mams are made to be sucked.


Rachael Taylor in Gold? Or only Matthew's ass?


Virginie Efira ( in Victoria)


Can anyone confirm Lauren Lapkus?


Can confirm. Expect details soon.


How soon? Episode/nudity specifics?




Can anyone confirm Nicola Peltz?


"Nicola Peltz plays in the Hulu show When the Street Lights Go On is supposed to have a nude scene or two."

I hope this is an actual nude scene and not implied nudity.

Do you guys think she would be keen on showing full frontal nudity without merkin? Well... I know the odds are very low... But... Who knows!^^


It sounds like a good project on paper. Maybe she'll just go for it, thinking it will boost her career.


It is on Hulu so I do not think there is any chance, buddy. Unfortunately.


Hulu has had nudity. The show Casual was filled with it.


He asked about "full frontal nudity without merkin".


I hope so, but Nicola being topless for would be enough for me.


Movie called El Elegido (aka The Chosen) with possible nudity from Hannah Murray (based on trailer) - film was released last year in Spain, now has VOD release.


If it was released last year and is out now on VOD, we wouldnve heard something by now, I would assume.


Now I'm curious. Apparently it was only released in Spain back in September. And the VOD release seems to be in Spain.


I think the Spanish cinema release may have even been earlier than that, from memory. However, I haven't found any details on VOD yet... there's a screener here: http://www.filmaxinternational.com/film/the-chosen but it's password-protected.

There seems to be a reasonable chance of nudity, given certain scenes from the trailer. Don't assume that we would have heard about it, most Central Europeans are more accustomed to nudity and Hannah may not be that well-known over there.

So... Anyone got any Spanish friends or family to hit up??! Would be great to get a torrent, but screencaps would suffice if there's anything worth seeing!


In Spain VOD release date is April 14



It was available there and I rented it, but the date changed to April 14 today and it's inaccessible.

I didn't get to watch it, but I did do a skim and it's unlikely I missed anything. Didn't see any nudity, all the sex happened off screen.

The best part I could find was this, with pokies from Hannah Murray:



In last night's episode of The Affair, we got some surprise looks at Maura Tierney's breasts. The shots are from the side and quite quick, and the scene is dimly lit, but you can definitely see her nipples. Here is a slowed down and slightly brightened version of the scene for your enjoyment:


Always loved Tierney. Thanks for this


any news about "Personal Shopper"


Any possible nudity from Elle Fanning in Galveston? Directed by Melanie Laurent (has done nudity) and written by Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective). Anything possible from Stana Katic in Absentia (TV series airing on AXN later this year).


Oh man... only 6 days in and you just made my year. I absolutely love Analeigh Tipton. I know I'll most likely be in the minority, but this could be one of my favorite scenes of the year...


nah not alone, im with you, she looked fantastic in 2 night stand. Pretty decent length scene in a semi sheer shirt with no bra. This scene kinda sucks though, she looks so trashy and such short hair.


When it comes to Analeigh Tipton, the one to look out for is a psycho sexual thriller called Sadie.


Well now 2017 is just off to a lovely start...


Any chance of Diane Guerrero or Jackie Cruz having a nude scene this year?


Thanks for the list. Are there any scenes here with full frontal, full bush, NO MERKIN? Like actual real natural pubic hair. That would be amazing for 2017!


What about Big Little Lies and Girls, upcoming on HBO? Lots of sex, no?


According to HBO no nudity in first 2 episodes. Don't know about the rest 5.


ok got it, from HBO. wat a bore!


Ok, HBO updated their info about BLL and there will be nudity in ep 2 and brief one in ep 1.


Any info on nudity content? Breasts, ass ? Wat exactly could 'brief nudity' and 'nudity' mean.


I don't really care about seeing Kidman or Woodley naked again (unless they're in really hot sex scenes). I do want to see Kathryn Newton naked and Reese again. Technically, Kidman is prettier, but I'm more into Reese.


how do you know? probably no nudity in big little lies then. boring.


i was wondering this too, havnt heard anything but would love more from shailene woodley.


I hope to see a new nude scene with Reese Witherspoon !


Still looking for any update on Handmaids Tale. Hulu series premiering in late April, starring Yvonne Strahovski and Elisabeth Moss.

Based on the source material, nudity from Moss seems VERY likely (her character is literally a sex slave/maid). Yvonne plays the frigid wife, so less likely although still possible.

Any updates?


Don't know if this is the kind of update you are looking for but Alexis Bledel was announced as part of the cast. Her character is a handmaiden like Moss's and is supposed to be a pretty significant role. Don't know the story so can't say anything more on that.

Not sure what the chances of a nude debut for Alexis are but do remember her scenes on Mad Men so maybe there is some hope.


I'd give about 1% chance for Alexis nudity


Yvonne's character had a couple sex scenes in the novel IIRC. That said, they are very unsexy and it would be very easy to do them without much nudity


If the director/writers are faithful to the source material, Yvonne's character will be clothed during her scenes.


any idea about alison brie in 'the little hours'? its apparently about some nuns in a convent that go wild when a hot new groundskeeper comes in. it premieres at sundance on the 17-18th. it sounds like it has potential


Here is a link to the story it's based on: https://www.brown.edu/Departments/Italian_Studies/dweb/texts/DecShowText.php?

To summarize, a bunch of nuns(looks like will be played by Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Kate Micucci) live on a convent where they frequently mistreat the gardener who one day decides to return home to his village far away rather take their abuse anymore. There he tells a young friend(Dave Franco) of his about his miserable experience on the convent saying that the repressed virgin lives the nuns are forced to live turns them into total bitches, especially to men, and therefore he will never return. The young man hearing this sees an opportunity to not only get some work but also maybe get with some babes bursting with repressed sexual energy. He heads out for the convent pretending to be a deaf mute so as not to arouse suspicion as to why a young fit man would want such a demeaning job. He immediately catches the eyes of the nuns who are impressed by his physical prowess when it comes to manual labor. One day, after finding him napping under a tree after a long days work, one of the nuns comments how she would like nothing more to get down and dirty with the new garden boy and since he's a dumb deaf mute there would be no way for him to tell anyone either. The gardener overhears this, and despite doing fist pumps in his mind, knows he's gotta keep cool to avoid being caught. The nuns thinking him to be nothing more than a brainless boy toy begin taking turns using him as their sex puppet, engaging in all kinds of debaucherous acts with him, all the while making sure to keep their sexy hijinks secret from the old abbess(looks like Molly Shannon) in charge of the nuns. However she too becomes horny for him and begins taking him back to her room for some action of her own. Eventually, the gardener becomes so worn out from round the clock boning he is forced to reveal himself to the abbess so he doesn't die from exhaustion. As a cover, he says he had an illness which caused him to be deaf and mute that he just now has miraculously recovered from. He also reveals that he's been humping the other nuns on the convent as well. Upon hearing this, the abbess realizes that as long as they all agree to cooperate and not say anything they can keep their polyamourous lifestyle going on indefinitely. Once the father who runs the convent dies, the nuns appoint him as its steward, a position that allows him to accumulate great wealth and even fathers a couple children with the nuns. As an old man, satisfied with the way his life has played out, he returns back to his hometown where he reflects on his epic good fortune.



So basically it sounds like a rip off of 2007 "Virgin Territory".....?


Yep, a movie that did have nudity but much less than you'd expect given the subject matter


Didn't we have a discussion on this like a week ago?


Brie is never getting naked. Give it up already. This is getting as ridiculous as Emma Watson wherein every new Emma Watson movie leads to people convinced she's going to get naked.


Guarantee you at some point someone said the same EXACT thing about:

Ashley Greene

Yvonne Strahovski

Jessica Biel

Ellen Page

Kristen Dunst

Emmy Rossum

Dianna Agron

Olivia Munn

Don't even get me started on SCARLETT FREAKING JOHANSSON

And this is just the last few years! Go back further and you'll find even more examples of actresses everyone was all but positive would never show skin than did. I'm just saying, we all know Allison Brie is a long shot, but anyone who uses the word "impossible" when it comes to the possibility of nudity in ANY actresses career hasn't been paying enough attention to history. Never underestimate the power of the right role, the absurdly huge paycheck, or the fear of needing a comeback. I'm sure you'll think of plenty actresses who still haven't shown anything, but if they're still working today I don't wanna hear it. No one knows for sure.


I remember all the comments about a year ago that were adamant Emily Kinney wouldn't get naked in Masters of Sex and pulled the same bullshit as GaryG up here. "It'll never happen," "give it up," etc. Then she got naked... twice... and now they're saying the same shit about Brie.

It's not likely - definitely a long shot - but Netflix brought us nudity from Morgan Saylor, Ellen Page and Kate Micucci last year so calling it impossible is just fucking dumb.


Well I'm pretty sure I'll never see Anna Kendrick naked because there is no God =(


Amen. I was just gonna say the same thing. These never-gonna-happen trolls are the worst. They act like they know these woman and the future. They say it about literally every actress until they get nude and then they disappear and find the next never candidate.


I'm not gonna say certain actresses are never getting naked, but some I will say that I don't care if they do. Brie is one of them. Also Allison Williams from Girls. The latter was especially frustrating when Mr. Skin ranked that analingus scene his number 3 nude scene of 2015 when she showed no nudity.


I vote to pass this list by MK or others in the know to check off what they know , seems like if only 60% comes true it's still going to be a good time. Thanks for the effort!


recapped knows what's up.


Hey Recapped, is it possible to have a different comment system? The one we have now is very had to see new comments. Would also be nice to upvote or downvote comments that are useful which will allow to order comments in top, controversial etc. like at reddit. The commenting system in reddit is what made it one of the most popular sites today. It important to have a good commenting system as recapped grows and matures.


If you can find a Wordpress plugin that doesn't require a separate login like Disqus, we're open to suggestions.


Also, it would be nice to edit and delete comments if we want.


Tend to agree. Seem to be scrolling up and down a lot to try and find the latest comment. It's fine if everyone just replies at the bottom of the page, but if you reply to someone else's comment then that thread grows mid thread. I know doing this sort of thing is not easy, so please don't think this is critiscm (your work is greatly appreciated!) but there maybe a really simple tick box like 'always move new replies to top' or something that may improve things.

More importantly though - any more info on Ksenia Solo and / or a release date? Lost Girl was only worth watching for the fact that the women were weird but strangely hot.

Thanks again for the good work 🙂


Anyone know if Kim Director is getting naked in The Deuce? I don't think she's a main cast member but she is listed as appearing in 7 episodes.


Any news about male nudity in any of these upcoming series/movies?


Any news on "The Deuce" release date?


Well 2017 seems like it could be a great year in nudity even with just half of these. Can only keep on praying for Alison Brie in GLOW.

Agreeing with the posters hoping to hear info on Ivana Baquero in Demonios Tus Ojos and Starz's The White Princess.

I am hoping we hear something soon on the movie Pimp with Keke Palme, Vanessa Morgan and Haley Ramm. Also wondering if there is going to be nudity in the Amazon show Z: The Beginning of Everything.


I think there is a a chance of Ricci getting naked in Z: The Beginning of Everything. It was a while ago, but she posted something on Twitter about wearing a merkin.


Thanks for the updates everyone!


I'll just sit hang out here until I see news on Ivana Baquero in Demonios Tus Ojos.


Will be shown at Rotterdam Film Festival end of this month


I really hope all of this pans out.


Potential Alison Brie and Nicola Peltz nudity is very exciting.


I'm hoping for at least some hot scenes and dialogue for Alexandra and Kate in The Layover. It's supposed to be R.


I'm disappointed but not surprised that there will be no nudity from Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton in "The Lay Over." I love the pic of Alex, though! The news about Rikki Lindhome really made my day!

Jessica Henwick, who plays one of the Sand Snakes on "Game of Thrones," is rumored to have a nude scene in the upcoming season of "Game of Thrones." Can't vouch for it but it seems to be based on people have copies of the scripts.


Highly unlikely Jessica Henwick is going to be nude in Game of Thrones. She was adamant about having a no-nudity clause in her contract back in Season 5. Unless things changed, the only Sand Snake that agreed to nudity in her contract was Rosabell Laurenti Sellars.


I wish HBO and other companies refuse to hire actresses who don't agree with it. Its not like there is a shortage of actresses, especially for a show like GoT


I may be wrong, but I'm thought I heard that actresses who are currently under contract with Disney are unable to do nude scenes. Jessica Henwick is co-starring in the new Iron Fist series. Then again, ScarJo made Under the Skin while working for the MouseHouse...

If even 2 or 3 of these rumors turn out to be true I'll be thrilled. I'm particularly excited about Lily Collins, Nicola Peltz and another Imogen Poots scene (best nude scene of 2016 IMHO)


I think Marvel works differently from direct Mouse House. Let's not forget Iron Fist is Netflix Marvel and therefore TV-MA.


There's a guy on the /tv/ board of 4chan who claims to have seen a rough cut of the layover and says there's a scene where Daddario takes her sweater off to reveal that she's not wearing a bra to a surprised William H Macy. Scene is supposed to be comedic in nature


Sadly, there is a chance he's dicking around. He posted this using the picture here, meaning he posted *after* presumably reading this post.


The timing is suspect, but he does sound believable.


Here's something peculiar. A commenter posted this a while back while The Layover was still filming:


"Apparently Daddario is topless while Upton is in a bra in a dressing room scene. The scene is supposedly 15 seconds long and lasts until a male employee walks in."

Commenter from 4Chan:

"Yes, there is a brief comedic topless scene when she takes off a sweater (no bra) in front of a surprised Macy."




I wish I could delete what I wrote so I can go ask the 4Chan guy where it took place. Because if he's faking it, he could look at the comments here and state what I wrote as an answer and tell us nothing.


I just wish a release date finally gets announced so we can see it and find out for ourselves. William H. Macy said back in early October they've sold the movie to a distributor. Granted, considering his schedule between filming Shameless as well as directing another movie (Krystal), I understand why it's taking a while for him to complete the movie, but I don't get what the hold up is on who has it now. I keep tweeting the production company and filmmakers but they aren't responding.


I can't wait for a trailer.


He better not be dicking around.


Do we have release dates for anything (especially The Exception)?


Novitiate, To the Bone, Before I Fall, and When the Street Lights Go On will all be at Sundance later this month. Crashing is coming out in February and The Exception should premiere on Directv one month earlier than the theatrical date.


What about We Have Always Lived in the Castle? That features Alexandra Daddario and Taissa Farmiga and was written and directed by Stacie Passon.


If Nicola Peltz gets naked... (I can't even think of words to complete this statement)


This is awesome, recapped. Thank you!


Any info on Starz 8 episode The White Princess with Jodie Comer and Suki Waterhouse?


Nope, sorry.


Wow! Thanks for the unexpectedly good news. I was already excited about Lily James but her old Downton alumni Michelle Dockery too, as well as Margaret Qualley, Lucy Hale & more of Imogen Poots gives 2017 plenty of reasons to be eagerly anticipated! I know that it's greedy but Nina Dobrev's the one that I want to join the party more than any other!


Well if half of that panned out it would be great.

No word on Liana in Novitiate at all? I was really hoping for her. Not counting on Margaret at all after the Leftovers, even though that still has a S3.


Possibility of Liana Liberato nude in a short called Birds.


where did you get that pic from the layover? cant find it anywhere and that movie has been up in the air for years


Yeah, can we please get the lowdown on where this pic came from?


Will Diane Guerrero be nude in the upcoming season of oitnb?


What exactly do you mean by promo?


Also, can anyone find a production still or pic of Alex in the said sweater?


Maybe this one...


Wow, that could be the sweater.


I'm not quite ready to say that's the sweater, mainly because this scene doesn't look like it coincides with a dressing room scene that's supposed to be where we see them.


There's also a photo with Daddario wearing a gray sweater standing next to Macy, Kate and Matt Barr.


Looking harder, it could be a hoodie, lol.


looks like 2017 is going to be fantastic.


I have to disagree. It sounds like another disappointing year...no nudity from a-listers and, if there is any full frontal nudity, it will probably involve a merkin.