Celebrity Nudity Rumors 2018

Welcome to our 2018 annual preview. Here are some some possible nude scenes based on rumors and speculation to look forward to in the coming year.

First, a correction to our 2017 preview regarding Under the Silver Lake which should finally be released in 2018. Riley Keough only has very brief, mostly implied nudity. Callie Hernandez, Riki Lindhome, and Wendy Vanden Heuvel are topless. Stephanie Moore is full frontal naked. And another uncredited actress does full frontal nudity but she wears a mask the entire time.

Dakota Johnson has two topless scenes in Suspiria. The one during the last dance sequence is likely prosthetics however. Mia Goth is also topless in that scene and again it is likely special effects. Chloë Grace Moretz is also technically naked in that scene but she’s definitely got full body makeup and prosthetics on as her skin is all wrinkled up. There are also lots of other full frontal naked dancers in that scene.

Sasha Pieterse, Meghan Rienks, and Karrueche Tran are all naked from behind in Honored. Of course we don’t see their faces so it is likely a body double or special effects however.

Dora Madison Burge is naked in Night of the Babysitter.

Millie Brady apparently has a brief topless scene in Intrigo: Samaria.

Emily Ratajkowski should have several nude scenes in Welcome Home.

Eleanor Tomlinson and Keira Knightly are topless in Colette.

Aisling Franciosi, best known for portraying Lyanna Stark in Game of Thrones, should be nude in The Nightingale.

Likely to be naked on television this year: Phoebe Tonkin and Emily Browning in The Affair, Joanna Vanderham and Olivia Cheng in Warrior, Sara Serraiocco and Olivia Williams in Counterpart, Jerrika Hinton and Jessica Lu in Here and Now, Evan Rachel Wood and Katja Herbers in Westworld, Tania Raymonde in Goliath, and Betty Gilpin in GLOW.

And lastly Alexandra Daddario has lots of nude scenes in I Am Not a Bird. Unlike her scenes in True Detective, Alex actually has sex scenes in this movie. This is likely the frontrunner for best nude scenes of 2018 so we’ll sign off here. Happy New Year!

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What the hell is happening with Isidora Goreshter this season? No one nude/sex scene. In last one season it was justified due to her pregnancy but now...?


nice body, to bad about all that ink ...


That ink is nothing compared to Ruby Rose.


agreed but still more then necessary


Just got back from seeing The Shape of Water. Sally Hawkins nude scenes are somewhat brief, but we get multiple clear views of her breasts and ass, as well as some quick glimpses of lower frontal nudity. There are at least 3 scenes, with a possible 4th (if there was something there, I missed it). In any case, she has a remarkable body.
Lauren Lee Smith also has a quick scene where she pulls her left breast out of her shirt.
Fantastic movie by the way.


10 days until Britannia, lots of hint of nudity, no preview (the behind the scenes is not for free). Hopefully to have some news this week. Do you have news about this?


there’s nothing regarding possible nudity in any of the previews / BTS vids from Sky.


Not even in the 20 minutes of "Britannia Specials" on SkyGo?


There probably is nudity besides the mostly-confirmed scene from Annabel Scholey, just no mention in those preview vids or any other articles I’ve seen.


Uhm... I read that in Australia it's MA15+... So, we'll see...


I got a screening invite to Hot Summer Nights which costars Maika Monroe. According to the plot description from the invite, it says she has an "illicit affair" with Timothee Chalamet's character as she plays the "seductive sister" of a friend of his. Was anything from Maika Monroe in this movie mentioned before? Apparently it screened at SXSW last year according to a review on IMDb.


Make sure to give us your review. 🙂


Don’t think I’ll be able to make the screening. Sorry. 😐


viena and fantomes (2017) coming out in 2018?


Teaser seems to hint that theres shower fight scene with Jlaw, the full trailer should drop this week.


full trailer with a bit more of the nude shower fight


I really hope she gets naked in this... that being said, Ive never thought she was a great actress. How she won awards is beyond me (oh wait, she was a weinstien girl thats how). Even in the trailer you can hear her slip in and out of that russian accent on a few different occasions....


lol this rating system is so stupid, you give an opinion and these dumbasses give it a negative vote. lol grow up


I'm waiting for some news about the movie.. I hope JLaw will show something but I'm not sure..


The book have a lot of nudity and the movie will be R rated , she show her tits in Mother , So I hope she will be more nude than Passenger and mother , it would be an insult to the book to not have her topless at least or seeing her nude butt !


I totally agree, but I also remember Passenger.. "First time nude, difficult to make that scene", and then... I prefer forget that scene...


I'm hoping there's a shower fight scene where she does a karate kick and we get a full-on beav shot ala Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls.


That would be epic. lol


Any info about the French movie called "Mektoub, my love"? I read that one of the actresses (Hafsia Herzi) has an pantyless upskirt scene.


14 February premiere in France. Soon we will see.


The movie contains lots of nudity, according to the review...


New season of The Affair premieres on June 17.


Anything in "The Female Brain" coming out next month?


Anything about Molly Games?


Sorry, dude. Old news. Nada from dear Jessica, there.


Anything from Analeigh Tipton in Compulsion? It is coming out in a month on iTunes & trailer has some nudity from extras and also hints at a sex scene with her.


Link? I don't find it.


Definitely only available in the UK. Tried to open the link and failed.

However, there are sites in the US that can access overseas releases and post the goodies.


My bad, iTunes link is wrong for some reason. Doesn't open for me either. Here's the correct one.


This day, three years ago, were leaked the preview pics of Alexandra Daddario's nude debut in True Detective.


4 years ago*


You're right. I made a mess with the date.


Well played, sir.


Any news about Lindey Morgan in ”Summertime” movie?


I saw that the release date for the DVD/Bluray of All I See is You is set for February 6th on Amazon


And within the next two weeks on iTunes. January 16th I think i saw


Is there any nudity in The End of the F***ing World? It dropped on Netflix today.


there wasn’t any when the series aired on all4 in the UK back in October - just a couple of underwear scenes from Jessica Barden


Any information on Hannah Marks? Just watched the last season of Dirk Gently and saw that she has 4 upcoming movies in 2018. The plot of "You can't win" and maybe "Taipei" might be promissing.


Ellie Bamber character in the novel "Taipie" has some explicit sex scenes that definitely require nudity.


I just thought of one more thing regarding Alexandra Daddario. Any nudity from her in either We Have Always Lived in the Castle and/or Nomis? It’s probably unlikely. And if there is nudity, more likely in the former than the latter, it’ll probably be brief. The reason I ask is because the upshot is that even if she gives us only brief nudity in one or both of those films, it’ll bode well for the more extreme level of nudity she should clearly have in I Am Not a Bird as it’ll suggest she’ll go for it.


this is such a pathetic comment


Please provide your insight.


Hey Recapped, Has there been any information or rumors of Maisie Williams or Elle Fannong showing any skin or sex scenes in Mary Shelley?


From mrskin:

(0:42) Bulging cleavage on Elle Fanning as she makes love.

(1:02) Bel Powley cleavage as a guy sticks a rolled up note in there.

(1:20) Bel Powley cleavage lying on the couch on her stomach.


Mary Shelley was screened back in September and has been extensively reviewed by critics. If there was anything of note in there, we'd know by now.


This exciting after what I thought was a down year in nude scenes. Ejogo not getting topless in GF Experience was a travesty. Here's to 2018 being a better year.


Apparently both Mobile Homes and My Days of Mercy are playing at the Palm Springs Film Festival, so hopefully somebody somehow gets caps out there. I know it’s unlikely, but a guy can hope.


Does missy peregrym has any nude scenes?


Some more Expectations:-
1.Emily VanCamp in The Resident Rated TV-14.
2.Alexis Bledel in THT Season 2.
3.Betty Gilpin in GLOW S02.
4.Brit Marling in The OA S02.


If it’s rated TV14 why do you have high hopes?


Wish we had info on any of Shelley Hennig upcoming projects, if the is nudity involved


I know with Shelley, both her upcoming projects very likely won't have nudity from her. So it's a matter of whether she signs on this year for any potential nude roles this year, especially after BFF Tonkin drops trou on The Affair.


Lucy Hale in Truth or Dare (2018)?


Blumhouse is rarely one for nudity so I wouldn't count on it despite the sex scene.


Do you think Aisling Franciosi will show actual nudity?


Which will be the releases with rumoured nudity in January 2018 as regards movie and TV Shows?


Hey Recapped, have you heard any news about Cristin Milioti?


I’m cautiously optimistic about Alexandra Daddario’s nude scenes. There’s still a chance that the scenes will either be dimly lit or from a distance, but considering how much she showed in True Detective I’m hopeful. Would love a scene of her riding a guy and him touching/squeezing her tits.

Also great to hear Emily Ratajakowski will be nude in 2018 as well. Hopefully her scenes are sexy scenes and not just nude scenes.


one of Emily R’s scenes is skinny dipping in a pool - there are nude pap pics on set from last year


Any news about Ella Purnell on Sweetbitter?


Great news about I Am Not a Bird, although I assume it's a long way off. Anybody familiar with the novel know if we can expect anything from Carice van Houten?


Here are the sex/nude scenes from the book involving Alex's character:

View post on imgur.com


She has sex with the male lead twice and one other nude scene. The first sex scene is confirmed as part of the movie according to the official twitter:
The second pic has a direct quote from that scene and the bed matches the description from the book


What’s curious is that Recapped says she has *lots* of nude scenes, so it begs the question if anything new is being added in for the movie.


The author wrote the movie so it's no surprise they're sticking close to the source material. Good stuff.


I think she may also be adding in things that weren’t there before. I can’t recall Kate Easton’s character in the book.


If it sticks to the book to a certain extent, there's presumably one from Carice.


One more thing regarding Alexandra Daddario in I Am Not a Bird. I wonder if her nudity will be significant enough to get the movie an NC-17 rating.


It's gonna be R rated, with erect dicks and topless female nudity only. Remember this later. 😉


Erect dicks aren't allowed in R-rated movies.


Yet. They gonna find a way, dont worry. Or NC-17 but still female only topless.


One of the reasons film makers tone down nudity to avoid NC-17 rating to get large audience.
I will be very happy if it gets NC-17.


That it's an indie film would perhaps suggest a willingness to accept an NC-17, provided Daddario's sex/nudity is significant enough for it.


an nc17 rating would be very bad for their profits - a lot of distributors wouldn’t touch it - so why would they risk it?


the best solution would be for the film to be bought by a streaming company, as happened with Below Her Mouth, and then they don’t have any worries about editing it for a specific MPAA rating.


It's an indie film that isn't likely to get large distribution anyway. Very bad for their profits would insinuate a sizable production budget which this does not have. I think they'd be more willing to accept an NC-17 in this case because there's not much risk.


So, looks like we'll get nude debuts from Joanna Vanderham, Phoebe Tonkin, Aisling Franciosi , Eleanor Tomlinson, Millie Brady (we've only seen her butt previously), and Jerrika Hinton. Plus, there's the previously reported Kata Mara debut. Not too shabby! And here's hoping for a few surprises.


Great news about Alex, Phoebe and Eleanor. Anything interesting on Hermione Corfield?


Any news on Heida Reed from "Stella Blomkvist"? Waiting to see that lesbian scene in episode 2 or 3.


Alex news is great .. thanks for that..
But what about these two.. Red sparrow and Submission ( addison timlin ) ??


Red sparrow is in March .. but what about submission... ???


can you clarify something Recapped - in “Colette”, are Keira and Eleanor topless together?


kind of disappointed by Chloe Grace Moretz scene but still excited!


Unfortunately this girl is a never nude.


Fingers crossed for having best nude scenes from Alexandra daddario ( lucky crew ).
Waiting for any news on Red Sparrow (Jennifer Lawrence) and Sweetbitter (Ella Purnell).


Any lesbian scene rumors?


Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger have a lesbian romance film upcoming called “Tell It To The Bees”


Emma Stone is starring in a lesbian period drama about Queen Anne of Great Britain.


Key nude scene desperately waiting for is Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sperrow, Alex in IANAB. Hoping For Hayley Atwell/Nina Dobrev Nude debut. 2018 starts with huge expectations.


In what film Nina Dobrev may get nude?


It's not so much knowing any movie she has coming up in which she'd go nude. It's hoping for a surprise, as to whether one of the movies she has coming up this year has surprise nudity from her, or she takes on a role this year that looks to require nudity a la Alexandra Daddario in I Am Not a Bird.


Anna Kendrick has a thriller coming out (A Simple Favor) based on a book in which her character has an explicit sex scene.
But since it’s AK the chances of seeing her nude are probably 1/100.
Anyway, if you hear anything let us know


It’s directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy, The Heat) - his films don’t generally have nudity or much in the way of sexy scenes.


spoilers....It seems from the descriptions and reviews of the book that her explicit sex scene would be a flashback from her past. She had an incestuous relationship with her brother who died in a car accident.


While I would absolutely want nudity from AK an explicit sex scene is a step in a good direction....ill keep my expectations tempered but finger crossed!!


probably more like 1 in a million......insert jim carreys face here.


Any information on Dakota Fanning in The Alienist? It airs in only three weeks.!


its on tnt. aka a network channel that isnt allowed to show nudity.


They are allowed to show whatever they want.


Perhaps im mistaken then, but i didnt think nudity was allowed below premium channels, at least to my knowledge its never happened (im not referring to partial nudity like butt)


I believe after 9 or 10pm, they're allowed to use any kind of language and have any kind of nudity aside from hardcore porn. But yeah, advertisers don't like it. But it's why they don't get fined if someone says fuck on SNL

On cable, basically it's anything but hardcore porn that's allowed. Doesn't matter if it's basic cable or premium. But regardless of what's allowed, they self censor for fear of advertisers. Some networks have been testing harsher language and some rear and side nudity, so I don't think it will be long before those current assumptions about advertiser guidelines are gone.


For whatever reason, over the air network CEOs (eg Moonves) keeps saying they can show whatever they want, too. Moonves even said.. if they wanted they could do a show like Game Of Thrones in terms of sex and nudity, but JamesO stated, advertisers would, apparently, run. I agree though, why at this point would they do that? Networks needs to finally grow up and stop worrying about catering to Grandma Ginny.


JamesO couldnt have said it better.
And it HAS happened already. Smaller basic cable of course but El Rey showed nudity on From Dusk Till Dawn TV show for example. Also Matador show i think.
there is nothing stopping TNT from doing this except for conservatism and cowardness.
Lots of Basic Cable like FX have been including more and more curse words as well as ass shots. And sex scenes that rival those on premium cable EXCEPT for the fact that no nipple (bad!?) is shown....
Now if TNT was going to break the mold... who better to do it with than an A-lister like Dakota on a high profile show.
Personally i think EmmaB is trolling though. Dakota's character WILL be naked . topless. It will simply be shot in such a way that we see nothing. But i really hope i am wrong.
recapped not giving any info about shows of course does not mean there is NO nudity.


The FCC monitors over-the-air networks in America and sets down the guidelines for language, violence, nudity, etc. That only pertains to NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS, though. Paid networks like TNT can legally show whatever they want but, like JamesO said, offer use advertiser guidelines as an excuse/explanation for keeping their content PG-13. HBO and other premium networks can do whatever they want because they don't have advertisers telling them what to do.

But TNT could do whatever they want. The FCC doesn't monitor their content.


The excuse is that advertisers won't advertise on a show with nudity but there are plenty of advertisers who are willing. If Game of Thrones was on ad supported tv it would be the most sought after and expensive scripted show to advertise on. Channels still choose to censor that content because that is the way It has always been. There were numerous instances of frontal nudity being shown regular American tv including the main broadcast channels prior to Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunction which led to more conservative censorship for nudity on TV. Usually there was always a medical, historical, artistic justification for it and it never became a common.

It is unlikely they will show anything like that on "The Alienist" but people are curious because someone on this site a few months ago posted claiming they would.


Thanks for the great news recapped!

I Am Not a Bird cannot come out quick enough.


Alex DD...those sweet melons bouncing!!!!!
OMFG...hope the movie'll release in 2018...
can't wait to put my hands into my pants.......


Any preview snaps, recapped? It's tradition!


Thanks for all the info!! Any male nude scenes on the horizon? (Not trying to offend anyone, just ignore if not pertinent to you! 🙂 )


Only one I'm aware of is Francois Arnaud allegedly going full frontal in Permission (out Feb 9th)


We need a separate (but equal) site for male nudity for the guys here who are into that.


There are many sites with male nudity. Why we need another one here?


As always, I'll believe all of this if/when I see it.


It's Recapped dude, even if he posts on April 1st (the Brie incident) you should believe him.


Alexandra Daddario: my pants tighten!

Now about that release...


You are evil Recapped. “I am not a bird” only finished filming in Japan in last couple of weeks. Will go mad now waiting for it to be released. Thanks.


Thanks recapped!
Do you know if Alison Brie is expected to be nude again in GLOW season 2?
Happy new year!!!


Thanks for all the news Recapped, we were all looking forward to your post.

I hope that Sasha Pieterse's nude butt scene is not a body double and that Nazanin Boniadi will get naked in Counterpart. I'm looking forward to Kiera and Eleanor both getting naked in Colette and seeing Betty Gilpin naked again will surely be a treat. But the big takeaway here is obviously Alexandra having multiple nude (and sex) scenes in I Am Not a Bird, I hope the movie comes out in 2018.

I noticed you didn't say anything about Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow, hopefully this doesn't mean bad news.


I really wish someone had a pipeline to Latin America so we could get an update on O Negocio


Very excited, I hope Alex just goes for it and it's not tame like Amanda Seyfried in Chloe.


I hope that Tania Raymonde's nude scene in Goliath is a lot better than the brief dark nip slip she gave us in the first season.


Thanks, Rec.
When I saw Chloë Grace Moretz in the tweet I almost died, so is very disappointment that is not real nudity. I'll pray for her other movies this year.


Thanks for doing this each year. This looks to be very promising.

Hopefully there will be more nudity than just Betty in GLOW though her nude will be great.

Have you heard any news about a movie that was premiered a couple of weeks back called Badsville with Tamara Duarte, from Longmire and Wynonna Earp?

Also do you have any info about possible nudity in a movie that was made a couple of year back called Pimp? A trailer just came out a couple of weeks ago. Hoping for good news about Keke Palmer, Haley Ramm, and Vanessa Morgan.

Thank again.


Can u link the pimp trailer.. as i cudnt find it.


Yes wondering about that one too.
Do you happen to HAVE the trailer. I saw it was posted a couple days after but it appears they took it down in a couple days. I missed it and cant find it anywhere?!


So unsurprisingly, Daddario is gonna win this year yet again. The others that I am most looking forward to is the nude debut of Eleanor Tomlinson and Keira Knightley nude after a long time. Also Emily Ratajkowski os a welcome addition. Hopefully those would be sex scenes. Love Callie Hernandez. So that's awesome. Rest are meh!!

The ones that I am looking forward to as well but are not mentioned here are Kristen Stewart in Lizzie, the two Rachels in Disobedience, Mara and Page in My Days of Mercy and Imogen Poots in Mobile Homes. Hopefully there are other surprises that'll catch us off-guard as the year progresses. Thank you Recapped for this detailed preview.


Does Carice van Houten get naked in I Am Not A Bird as well?


The question should be, "Does Carice get clothed?"


She's known for it for sure but my worry is that post-pregnancy that trend may change. If she's still breast-feeding in particular she may be more reluctant to whip 'em out.


Curious about Kate Easton and Elisabeth Larena as well. Kate Easton's character ends up sharing a connection with Daddario's and I'm curious as to what they mean by connection.

The movie also involves a "missing girl" and I'm guessing that Elisabeth Larena is the one playing her.


Any rumors on the female brain with Sofia Vergara and Whitney Cummings?


Anyone know the release date of honored? Also i don't understand why one would assume that just because faces aren't shown it means that it will be a body double? I feel like body doubles have become more rare lately and i doubt that a low budget movie like honored will spend money on nude special effects.


have high hopes for alexandra


Last year you had a preview pic for Layover. ^_^


Thank you for such a detailed preview. Bummed about the lack of Talulah Riley in Westworld


Or angela sarafyan


Is the I Am Not a Bird news based on the script or did you hear scuttlebutt about filming now that they've finished?

If it's the former, it could mean some of those scenes that aren't as demanding of nudity will be toned down, but it seems like there are enough of them in the script that the ones that absolutely demand nudity remain intact for the final product.


Dear god!! With mega-nude scenes from Alexandra Daddario and the nude debut of the astonishing Eleanor Tomlinson the only way 2018 could get any more mind-blowing for celebrity nudity is if we got the nude debuts of my beloved Hayley Atwell and Abigail Breslin as well. This is amazing news, Recapped! Thanks so much for being finally being able to confirm the Alexandra Daddario news! Best wishes to everyone for 2018!


Cool! I wonder if Alex is going to top True Detective. I feel like she is one to only do nudity again if it at least rivals her first 'effort'!
Very disappointing with Chloe and Sasha. I saw those names lit up and then... nothing prosthetics and bodydouble 🙁
Could be the year of the Brits for me. Imogen Poots in Mobile homes is still to come out. Tomlinson is great. Love Franciosi and Millie Brady too. I honestly have to see it to believe it to see Vanderham naked.
Whats missing here is Ella Purnell (+ co stars) in Sweetbitter. That those names are missing is cause it was announced earlier / there are no more details? Following this project closely i would be very surprised if there was nothing of Ella with her instagram comment about liberating herself and doing it for art as well the writer liking all kinds of nudity on Instagram.


Things we need to see from Daddario in addition to the typical breasts and butt nudity to top her True Detective scene:

- A clear cut full frontal scene
- Laying on her back naked to see what those look like from that angle
- A lesbian scene or two

The last one is unlikely based on the book, but I don't recognize Kate Easton's character from the book and her character is supposed to "connect" with Daddario's in the movie.


Riding a guy/girl while boobs bouncing?
Something like Julianna Guill in Friday the 13th would be great.


A reenactment of that Julianna Guill sex scene would be enough for me.


Bro, nothing IMHO will top her True Detective scene from a nudity perspective. Clear cut full frontal? We had that with her open legged, sofa turn and full on pussy, accidental labia reveal, in TD. You won't get that again. You won't get her bending over in clear lighting to reveal her ass, and breasts in all their glory from a doggie bending over angle in TD.


What you’re talking about wasn’t full frontal. Full frontal is breasts and bush in the same shot. We didn’t get that clear cut in True Detective.


Full frontal doesn't mean one is shown without the other. Tedb says that we got full frontal when we saw labia. That wasn't full frontal. That was just bottomless.


Full frontal just means they show boobs and bush. You're being overly specific about how you want that to be shown, but that's not what the term means.


Wow. Downvoted for no justifiable reason.

Clear cut full frontal is face, boobs and bush in the same shot for a fair amount of time. Think Heather Graham in Boogie Nights, Kate Winslet in Jude or Holy Smoke! or a lot of other things she's been in, Ivana Milicevic in Banshee Season 1 Episode 4, etc.

There's a lot you could find on what I'm talking about. And Alexandra Daddario did not give us that in True Detective.


Thanks, some exciting scenes to look forward to; Eleanor Tomlinson, Keira Knightly, Aisling Franciosi, Phoebe Tonkin & especially Alexandra Daddario.
Phoebe’s ex Vampire Diaries co-star, Nina Dobrev, recently said in an interview, whilst promoting Flatliners, that nudity is the main barrier that she’d like to break in her acting life. Please could you keep a close eye on any break through with Nina as I’ve been waiting patiently for years!


I'll add Nina Dobrev to my list of wannasee nudes alongside Shelley Hennig and Leven Rambin. I said on the last post that Phoebe and Shelley were BFFs. They’re also BFFs with Britt Robertson, who herself has had nudity albeit brief (and is also engaged to Shelley’s Teen Wolf costar Dylan O’Brien.


I'd love to see Shelley get nude one day too


Someone mentioned Hayley Atwell and I cannot believe she slipped my mind, but now that it's in my mind, she's at the top of my wannasee list.

Another wannasee ingenue for me is Halston Sage.


The top two beauties on my "wannasee" list are long-shots but who knows. Both ladies seem justifiably proud of their great beauty.


Ah, I thought I could upload to photos at once. The other photos was supposed to be, of course, of Hayley.


No info on Above Suspicion with Emilia Clarke??


Awesome info. Thanks for posting it!
Obviously can’t wait for Daddario's new scenes. Eleanor Tomlinson will also be a treat. It’s gonna be a good year...


Fantastic news! Thank you so much for this preview. 2018 sounds pretty great:)