Celebrity Nudity Rumors 2018

Welcome to our 2018 annual preview. Here are some some possible nude scenes based on rumors and speculation to look forward to in the coming year.

First, a correction to our 2017 preview regarding Under the Silver Lake which should finally be released in 2018. Riley Keough only has very brief, mostly implied nudity. Callie Hernandez, Riki Lindhome, and Wendy Vanden Heuvel are topless. Stephanie Moore is full frontal naked. And another uncredited actress does full frontal nudity but she wears a mask the entire time.

Dakota Johnson has two topless scenes in Suspiria. The one during the last dance sequence is likely prosthetics however. Mia Goth is also topless in that scene and again it is likely special effects. Chloë Grace Moretz is also technically naked in that scene but she’s definitely got full body makeup and prosthetics on as her skin is all wrinkled up. There are also lots of other full frontal naked dancers in that scene.

Sasha Pieterse, Meghan Rienks, and Karrueche Tran are all naked from behind in Honored. Of course we don’t see their faces so it is likely a body double or special effects however.

Dora Madison Burge is naked in Night of the Babysitter.

Millie Brady apparently has a brief topless scene in Intrigo: Samaria.

Emily Ratajkowski should have several nude scenes in Welcome Home.

Eleanor Tomlinson and Keira Knightly are topless in Colette.

Aisling Franciosi, best known for portraying Lyanna Stark in Game of Thrones, should be nude in The Nightingale.

Likely to be naked on television this year: Phoebe Tonkin and Emily Browning in The Affair, Joanna Vanderham and Olivia Cheng in Warrior, Sara Serraiocco and Olivia Williams in Counterpart, Jerrika Hinton and Jessica Lu in Here and Now, Evan Rachel Wood and Katja Herbers in Westworld, Tania Raymonde in Goliath, and Betty Gilpin in GLOW.

And lastly Alexandra Daddario has lots of nude scenes in I Am Not a Bird. Unlike her scenes in True Detective, Alex actually has sex scenes in this movie. This is likely the frontrunner for best nude scenes of 2018 so we’ll sign off here. Happy New Year!

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What the hell is happening with Isidora Goreshter this season? No one nude/sex scene. In last one season it was justified due to her pregnancy but now...?


nice body, to bad about all that ink ...


That ink is nothing compared to Ruby Rose.


agreed but still more then necessary


Just got back from seeing The Shape of Water. Sally Hawkins nude scenes are somewhat brief, but we get multiple clear views of her breasts and ass, as well as some quick glimpses of lower frontal nudity. There are at least 3 scenes, with a possible 4th (if there was something there, I missed it). In any case, she has a remarkable body.
Lauren Lee Smith also has a quick scene where she pulls her left breast out of her shirt.
Fantastic movie by the way.


10 days until Britannia, lots of hint of nudity, no preview (the behind the scenes is not for free). Hopefully to have some news this week. Do you have news about this?


there’s nothing regarding possible nudity in any of the previews / BTS vids from Sky.


Not even in the 20 minutes of "Britannia Specials" on SkyGo?


There probably is nudity besides the mostly-confirmed scene from Annabel Scholey, just no mention in those preview vids or any other articles I’ve seen.


Uhm... I read that in Australia it's MA15+... So, we'll see...


I got a screening invite to Hot Summer Nights which costars Maika Monroe. According to the plot description from the invite, it says she has an "illicit affair" with Timothee Chalamet's character as she plays the "seductive sister" of a friend of his. Was anything from Maika Monroe in this movie mentioned before? Apparently it screened at SXSW last year according to a review on IMDb.


Make sure to give us your review. 🙂


Don’t think I’ll be able to make the screening. Sorry. 😐


viena and fantomes (2017) coming out in 2018?


Teaser seems to hint that theres shower fight scene with Jlaw, the full trailer should drop this week.


full trailer with a bit more of the nude shower fight


I really hope she gets naked in this... that being said, Ive never thought she was a great actress. How she won awards is beyond me (oh wait, she was a weinstien girl thats how). Even in the trailer you can hear her slip in and out of that russian accent on a few different occasions....


lol this rating system is so stupid, you give an opinion and these dumbasses give it a negative vote. lol grow up


I'm waiting for some news about the movie.. I hope JLaw will show something but I'm not sure..


The book have a lot of nudity and the movie will be R rated , she show her tits in Mother , So I hope she will be more nude than Passenger and mother , it would be an insult to the book to not have her topless at least or seeing her nude butt !


I totally agree, but I also remember Passenger.. "First time nude, difficult to make that scene", and then... I prefer forget that scene...


I'm hoping there's a shower fight scene where she does a karate kick and we get a full-on beav shot ala Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls.


That would be epic. lol


Any info about the French movie called "Mektoub, my love"? I read that one of the actresses (Hafsia Herzi) has an pantyless upskirt scene.


14 February premiere in France. Soon we will see.


The movie contains lots of nudity, according to the review...


New season of The Affair premieres on June 17.


Anything in "The Female Brain" coming out next month?


Anything about Molly Games?


Sorry, dude. Old news. Nada from dear Jessica, there.