Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 11, 2018

Last week in our TV preview we left off the show that is likely to have the most nudity. Pussy Valley from Starz takes place in a strip club and stars four women in their early 20s. However this show only has a pilot order so we may never actually see it.

Fernanda Andrade should have a sex scene in the Here and Now finale on Sunday. There’s probably no nudity though since there isn’t a warning on HBO’s site.


Could you please give us at least a hint about Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in Westworld, if you know anything?

Rumors suggest no nudity from Ingrid Bolsø Berdal on the second season of Westworld. Likely also nothing from Shannon Woodward, Tessa Thompson, and Thandie Newton too.

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0-nudity in i feel pretty according to commonsensemedia.


In regards to no nudity in "I Feel Pretty" the MPAA has started this ridiculous thing in recent years where they list "partial nudity" for implied nude scenes that don't show anything. So even just a woman's back is enough to get a "partial nudity" label.


Ok, so you get voted down for bringing info. Good, won't bother in the future.


You get downvoted for anything, don't worry about it.


That's just the way it is on here. Recapped should just get rid of the votes, they're not necessary.


Submission ... Any Update ... hen we will be able to see it... ??


Retarded post but topic of interest.


When .. lol ... ..


You should get to a hospital. I think you might be having a stroke.


Glow season 2 got a June 29 release date. Any word on whether we'll see anything this season?


Hope we get more Alison.


If past show's are an indication nothing , you got nudity in the first season to wet your appetite , and you won't get shit in the rest....


Recapped said a few months ago that Betty Gilpin was 'likely to be naked'.


The untitled Cinemax show starring Carla Gugino has officially been announced and given a straight to series order. It’s called “Jett”. No word yet on the younger sidekick, the role with nudity potential.


Do we have a release date for 'Diminuendo' starring Chloe Dykstra yet? Seems it could be promising


Nobody's interested in her "talent" so save yourself the trouble and just google her nudes from when she was acting out to piss off Daddy.


It is premiering tomorrow at the Sarasota Film Festival


Hereditary rated for graphic nudity. P or V?


the answer to this question is a spoiler to the film, but either way, you won't be happy with the answer.


It's not much but the next 2 episodes of the Americans are rated MA at the moment and might contain a sex scene and or nudity and I for one am always down to see the lovely ass of Keri Russell anytime, fingers crossed for some sexy from Holly Taylor as well.


Fingers crossed.Keri is freaking amazingly sexy in this show.


Every episode of the Americans is rated MA.


Yes I know, but the ones containing nudity usually just stay MA on the FX DirectTV Guide...ones that don't have nudity will change to MA L-V (Just Lanuage and Violence)


Looks like you're wrong because todays episode was rated TVMA-LV.


Mektoub, My Love - anyone know about release dates beyond France or VOD? I can't believe we still haven't even leaked a cam capture it's been out for a month.
It contains a long, revealing and possibly explicit doggie style sex scene with (major hottie) Ophelie Bau and a panty-free upskirt (explicit pussy lips) on Hafsia Herzi. In addition, it drips with male-gaze camera angles, toplessness, light girl-girl action, etc. Sounds amazing. By the director of Blue is the Warmest Color.


Lame. So why all the fuss in reviews? Never trust reviewers 🙁


Bau does have a sex scene during the opening sequence (simulated), but that's basically all of the nudity during three hours. There may be a revealing upskirt shot of Herzi, but in the released version, it's fairly dark, and brief.


Thanks quecho! Can you describe the sex scene with Bau? Even though it's simulated, I've heard it's long and erotic - can you confirm? Do you see her full frontal? Thank you.


The sex scene must be something like 2 minutes long. It's filmed in close shots, almost in a gonzo style, with a lot of groping and licking. It starts with doggy style, then it switches to other positions, while a third character peeps from the window. After the sex is over, various shots of Bau lying nude on the bed on her stomach, showing her ass, then she tries to take a shower, and it was the only full frontal shot of Bau, which is quite brief. She's fully shaven, which isn't consistent with the 1994 era.
Then, she has to dress quickly because somebody has rung the bell at the front door. A few more ass shots, then a few nip slips because her top isn't fully adjusted afterwards.


released version ?? that means the movie already been released online ? if yes then share the movie..


I think he means released in cinemas.


That's right. Before that, it screened at some festivals months ago. It can happen that the director makes a few edits or darken a few shots, or it could be that the projector at the screening I went to was a little dark. In the version I saw yesterday , I couldn't tell whether Herzi went commando, but the shot was definitely short and incidental, so I don't think it was intended to show anything.


Guys, it's just a small French film - I can't remember if there was any film like that to have leaked cam version, it's not like some USA blockbuster or at least a film with big star.


Oh I see change in calendar with Westworld: previously there was ep 1 and 2 with red pin, now there is ep 2 and 5 (the one that takes place in Shogun World) but only with white pin.


Probably a placeholder. Date is wrong. Ep 2 isn’t this Saturday (22nd).


The date mistake might be just a typo. Well, we will know by the end of this week.


** this Sunday (22nd)**


Amazing, thanks Dave for the share. Latvian babes are gorgeous


Actually in this vid not Latvian but Polish.


Thanks. Wiktoria Stachowicz is amazing. Looking forward to more from her in upcoming roles.