Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 12, 2017

Sunday is the series premiere of The White Princess and unfortunately there is no nudity from Jodie Comer, Suki Waterhouse, or any other actress in it.

Sunday is also the series finale of Girls and unfortunately there is nudity from Lena Dunham in it.

The Leftovers nudity review will be posted tomorrow.

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Where's the leftovers update?


"... unfortunately there is nudity from Lena Dunham in it."

Bwahahahaha. Spot on.


No nudity on Rogue tonight, but there was a pretty hot lesbian kiss scene from Ashley Greene, but I'm excited about the leftovers, if they are hyping us about it it must be good


Ashley and Eve teased a scene of the two of them in bed at one point. Were they in bed?


so... anything interesting happen tonight on the perv web?


Legit BBC One Show presenter Alex Jones, Yvonne Strahovski, SAMARA WEAVING FULL FRONTAL, one Lusia Zissman, Jennifer Metcalfe, Suki Waterhouse and Louisa Johnson from the UK X Factor nudes and BJ vid. There's others but I don't know them.


Leftovers getting its own post? Let's hope that means Coon or Qualley.


I like this less impersonal and more acid version of Recapped.
Most series this past couple of years have been too disappointing.
I like how the Leftovers' nudity review is getting its own post tomorrow, but I'm hyped now. Hoping for Qualley.


Thanks and can't wait for tomorrow info about The Leftovers.


No nudity in all of the series or just the first ep?


I'm pretty sure is just for the first episode.


You're right, I read it wrong. First 4 eps have gone out to critics. Fingers crossed there's some good stuff in the following 3 eps.