Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 14

Casey LaBow is topless during a sex scene on tomorrow’s Banshee.

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Anything from Gillian Jacobs soon? She's had a couple new festival movies out lately.


hey anyone have anything regarding nudity news for 12 MONKEYS season 2 air starts from 18th april(especially about amanda schull) as syfy allows only back nudity ?


The 3rd Season of O Negocio premieres on 4/24/. Looks pretty promising for nudity.


Do you happen to know where seasons 1 and 2 can be watched?


Seasons 1 & 2 aired in the US already so you can find them on HBO or HBOGo. If you don't have access a simple google search should produce them. Season 3 will air here a couple of months after airing in Brazil but the episodes should still be posted online.


I know there probably isn't any nudity, but anything sexy from Ellie Kemper in s2 of Kimmy Schmidt?


Oh damn, is that out? Binge watching time.


halfway thru S2 and i haven't seen anything particularly sexy yet


Not much on Outlander this week.

- Caitriona Balfe has a brief sex scene, but nothing is shown.

- Claire Sermonne briefly shows her breasts, and *maybe* some brief frontal, but the scene is over pretty quickly.

- An unknown (didn't check the credits) is wearing a very revealing dress, with her breasts on display.


Anything on Always Shine, starring Mackenzie Davis and Caitling Fitzgerald? It showed for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival last night.



Casey LaBow boobs are awesome!!

next week Eliza dushku will be introduced in BANSHEE!!

so in next two weeks she will be nude(as review by visitorQ)


I'm glad you're giving weekly updates on "Banshee" this season.


an india movie PARCHED will be releasing april 20 in France(premiered on TIFF last year)..

anyone can go and get the nudity review!!!!!


anyone watched the PARCHED movie ?


Yup .. Parched .. Waiting for a long time..

Please update anyone ...