Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 14

Casey LaBow is topless during a sex scene on tomorrow’s Banshee.

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Anything from Gillian Jacobs soon? She's had a couple new festival movies out lately.


hey anyone have anything regarding nudity news for 12 MONKEYS season 2 air starts from 18th april(especially about amanda schull) as syfy allows only back nudity ?


The 3rd Season of O Negocio premieres on 4/24/. Looks pretty promising for nudity.


Do you happen to know where seasons 1 and 2 can be watched?


Seasons 1 & 2 aired in the US already so you can find them on HBO or HBOGo. If you don't have access a simple google search should produce them. Season 3 will air here a couple of months after airing in Brazil but the episodes should still be posted online.


I know there probably isn't any nudity, but anything sexy from Ellie Kemper in s2 of Kimmy Schmidt?


Oh damn, is that out? Binge watching time.


halfway thru S2 and i haven't seen anything particularly sexy yet


Not much on Outlander this week.

- Caitriona Balfe has a brief sex scene, but nothing is shown.

- Claire Sermonne briefly shows her breasts, and *maybe* some brief frontal, but the scene is over pretty quickly.

- An unknown (didn't check the credits) is wearing a very revealing dress, with her breasts on display.


Anything on Always Shine, starring Mackenzie Davis and Caitling Fitzgerald? It showed for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival last night.



Casey LaBow boobs are awesome!!

next week Eliza dushku will be introduced in BANSHEE!!

so in next two weeks she will be nude(as review by visitorQ)


I'm glad you're giving weekly updates on "Banshee" this season.


an india movie PARCHED will be releasing april 20 in France(premiered on TIFF last year)..

anyone can go and get the nudity review!!!!!


anyone watched the PARCHED movie ?


Yup .. Parched .. Waiting for a long time..

Please update anyone ...


Emma Watson – Colonia scenes are out no nudity 🙁


Huh... who knew? Emma Watson not getting naked? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you!

Now I wait to amuse myself once again by watching people asking if she's going to be naked in her next movie.


We will never see nudity from Emma unless it's leaked.


SKY is released online..Diane Kruger showed brief boobs and side butt cheeks..too much disappointed


she has like 5-6 nude scenes. why get disappointed


disappointing as of no clear shot of her ass and boobs,most of the time only side boob!!


1.there is a brief left and right nip slip when she rolling around the bed after sex with Norman Reedus for first time & also right butt cheek(starts at 00.51.20)

2.in the last sex scene they had Diane shows her right breast

(starts at 01.25.30)


This week's edited epidsode of Vikings:

Morgane Polanski gets dressed behind a screen. Probably nothing in the uncut version.

Georgia Hirst has a sex scene. The scene is dark and not very long. Slim chance of anything in the uncut episode.


Don't care about Casey!

When is Eliza Dushku going to be full frontal topless!!??


not sure about eliza dushku topless but yeah she had a nude butt scene that's for sure!!!


i was hoping that this time Casey LaBow will show her ass but that's not happening...waiting for some other day!!!


Elle Fanning in Neon Demon?


It looks like Elle Fanning is topless at the 0:23 second mark in the international teaser:


That's her body double, Cody Renee Cameron. Or another character altogether.


What a pity. But Elle seems to be open for risky stuff. If she's not naked in this movie, she certainly will be in one of those to come.

Speaking of Fannings: Any news about Viena and the Fantomes?


Sounds like you're guessing..


Hm, my link to the picture is apparently in pre-moderation. Basically there is a photo from the set with her with the exact same scar & together with Jena.


Hmm, this Cody Renee Cameron?

I don't see how those breasts match those of the actress lying on the coroner's table.


My bad, i should've phrased it better. I do know it for a fact, that the topless chick is Cody Renee Cameron. What i don't know, is whether she is acting as a body double for Elle, or simply portraying some other characters corpse. ( She is credited as one on imdb ) However considering the similar features & the younger Fanning's age at the time of filming, i think it might be safe to assume that she is indeed the BD for her.


I should clarify as I'm just trying to understand if you're speculating or know this to be fact.


And the two topless chicks in the shower are Abbey Lee & Bella Heathcote.


White Girl has been bought by Filmrise and they plan to release it in cinemas late summer/early fall. Hopefully that means it'll be on Netflix by Christmas.

Morgan Saylor also has at least one sex scene in the upcoming Being Charlie, in cinemas May 6th, I have no idea about any potential nudity.


There's already a post in an early update that has nude scene guide of the movie. Breasts butt and maybe bush from Morgan


I'm aware of wonderful nudity report. I was pondering Bing Charlie, if the sex scene has any potential nudity.


A film like White Girl just might hit Digital same time as theater release.


Also White Girl is being screened at the Dallas International Film Festival on April 19th.


Why do I have this impression they brought her in just to furnish this season of Banshee with regular nudity?


any nudity info from any upcoming film fests recapped?


Thanks for news.

Will Ana Ayora and Cherie Daly be naked as well in upcoming episodes?


What kind of sex scene? Riding scene?


It's mid-April and still no update on Game Of Thrones?


HBO guide says nudity in the first episode of the season. The brief shot in the newest trailer of Emilia Clarke being stripped naked is likely from Episode 3.


I hadn't seen this yet. Went and checked it out and from the trailer it looks like Emilia is wearing pasties... so we might not actually 'see' anything from her in that scene.


They can't show nudity in trailers so they probably just removed her nipples digitally although with Emilia is hard to know


10 days until it air maybe before 2 days or 3 they will have news


no screeners were relased becasue of the leaks last year so no info will come out about nudity