Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 19, 2018

Westworld just had its world premiere and as expected, there is no significant female nudity in the season premiere. The Talulah Riley scene we mentioned before is supposed to be in the second episode and we should have more info on that next week. We will also see the premiere of Genius: Picasso, the first two episodes of Sweetbitter and maybe the odd movie too in the coming days at Tribeca. Stay tuned.

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Just read a post that talked about why there will be less nudity in Westworld Season 2.

Obviously shouldn't be getting our hopes up.


See below. I don't think anyone is.


Promising review about duck butter
“It’s daring – and it really shouldn’t be in 2018 – to see a film so comfortably uncensored in its portrayal of lesbian sex and the female body, and there’s something unglamorous about how it’s shot, never edging into male fantasy territory. But there’s just so much of it, so much sex that it ultimately has a numbing effect, like a lo-fi entry in the Fifty Shades franchise.”



A dude, writer, complaining about too much female nudity and lesbian sex. Jesus.


Anything from Elizabeth Olsen in Kodachrome? Released on Netflix today.


Recapped already said there is no nudity from her in Kodachrome.


I just freaking realized, I can say whatever the Fork I want .. coz the Downvotes have been removed .. lololol


next up...getting the ignore feature implemented


Alexandra Daddario's nude scene in True Detective was awful. Do your worst downvoters 😛


You can still be banned.





I wasn't excepting "Disobedience" to be as hot as it is - reminds me of how surprised I was with Jennifer Lawrence's nudity in Red Sparrow.


Shocking piece of nudity news. Paula Patton actually gets naked in "Traffik". She flaunts plenty of cleavage, but one scene has her laying on top of her man completely naked. We see her very fine ass sticking up in the air and a shot of her boobs as she begins to stand up. Very similar to the pose Anne Hathaway did in "Love and Other Drugs".


So you're here just to misinform people? What is wrong with you?


There is no nudity in film according to MPAA so...


Fake news BTW ... Watched it,,...


Completely naked or not because you are talking about cleavage (lol) and some ass? I do not believe reviews anymore. Mektoub My Love case...


does she really or is it just see through? if she is naked can u share caps?


Does anybody know if Karen Gillan will get naked in her new movie "The Party's Just Beginning"?


Reviews from the premiere at Glasgow Film Festival all mentioned her character having a lot of sex - no specifics about nudity. It’s screening a few times at Tribeca from Sunday onwards, so hopefully Recapped, MrSkin or someone can provide an answer.


Now this is sexy.. and funny. Is it just me or are scenes like this 100 times better than scenes like Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow?


Nice. Hope we get more Ginger Gonzaga this season.


I really need to start watching I’m Dying Up Here - seems like some good nudity. Is it actually a decent show?


Any word on Duck Butter yet? It's coming to Netflix in just a couple weeks.


This clip has been shared for the first time so many times. I’m not complaining!


Negative votes no more? GTFY DOWNVOTERS!!!


Googled That For You downvoters???


On the topic of how things have changed, one thing that is hard not to notice, especially in the conversation about these women claiming their agency, is how the nudity in season two has changed.

Nudity, particularly from the actors who played hosts, was essential to the plot of the first season, as the hosts were manipulated and objectified by the workers who were programming them and the park guests who were exploiting them.

Not only is it the case in the premiere episode, but we learned at the panel that it’s also true of much of the season: there are far fewer nude scenes, particularly among the principal actors. Most interestingly, the only nude scene in the premiere is from an actor—yes, a male actor—who is one of the show’s humans, not a host.


And? That makes perfect sense after the events of last seasons finale.


Not looking good at at all for female nudity in season 2 of Westworld based on that article...


I thought it was your own comment and didn't realize it was from an article.


As expected. HBO has changed a lot since first season like all other producers in USA. Only male nudity in first episode? Nobody should be surprised. Look how Red Sparrow or Altered Carbon were criticized by reviewers because of female nudity.


@Dave1993 This show came out in 2016 and female nudity was already a popular target for criticism by then. GoT was getting tons of such criticism before Westworld premiered. The plot line for season 2 would make a decrease in nudity inevitable considering almost all the nudity in season 1 was non-sexy stuff with the hosts naked in the lab.


@JamesO To sum up: Useless first season. Useless second season.


Exactly. Was there even any park nudity at all last season? Everything I can remember was from the lab and it wouldn't make much sense for them to be in there fixing up robots that are trying to murder them. Unless they are making a big army of new hosts to go fight the current ones. I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that we want more nudity but they are trying to make a compelling tv show first and foremost.


Mobile Homes has been out in Canada for a while hasn't it? Any idea when we can expect to see some screencaps or video?


Dont' think it's out anywhere. If it was, there'd be caps.


Thanks for the update.

Hopefully we get some good news about Sweetbitter but also Handmaiden's Tale is also doing a premiere tonight.

Also funny you mentioned 'odd movie' at Tribeca because apparently a movie that I have been waiting for Pimp with Keke Palmer, Haley Ramm and Vanessa Morgan premiered today a Tribeca. Here's hoping your next updates have good news about this movie.


Well this looks promising...


btw is that snapchat? and vanessa? dont see it on her IG...


It's on her insta story, it'll still be there for another 13hrs.


it's nice but sexy outfits are the most we're gonna get


vanessa morgan is gorgeous, like a 9.5/10. no way she's doing nudity.

keke maybe but on social media she's a big never-nipple tease/bitch. doubt she'd kill her meal ticket like that.

the other girl never heard of here


Yeah Vanessa is insanely hot and I agree chances are low of nudity despite playing a bisexual stripper/hooker.

I first saw Haley on an ABC Family show Chasing Life and was surprised she had been cast in this role as Keke's lesbian lover.

Here is a pic of all three together:

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Women of #PimpMovie

A post shared by Haley Ramm (@haleyramm) on


Here is Haley and Keke:



Thanks for the update recapped


Anything from Julia Jones in Westworld?


Anything coming from Lèa Seydoux?


Yes please Lèa Seydoux