Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 20, 2017

First, the bad news. We mentioned there was no nudity in The White Princess premiere. There is actually no nudity in the first 4 episodes. Jodie Comer shows a bit of right sideboob as she is getting ready for a bath in 103. Jodie then shows a bit more left sideboob as she is getting in the bath.

On the Hulu front, there is no nudity in the next 2 episodes (105 and 106) of Harlots. There is also no nudity in the first 3 episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale which is premiering on April 26.

Also, we finally saw the When the Street Lights Go On pilot, and the only nudity is a bunch of random male and female skinnydippers at the beginning.

Onto the possible good news. Netflix has renewed the anthology series Easy. Apparently half of the stories in season 2 will be a continuation from the first season. The Kate Micucci and Malin Akerman story is rumored to be one of them.

And we’re hearing that Epix’s upcoming Get Shorty TV series will have nudity. Likely from Megan Stevenson who got naked on Californication a while back.

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Zoey Deutch in Flower? Tribeca reviews says she does oral sex to some guys, but nothing about nudity,


Saw it. No nudity in the film. But she likes to draw penises.


Ok, thank you. šŸ™


Any news about sense8 second season?


Is Jessica Chastain nude in The Zookeeper's Wife?


She flashes her nipple a couple of times.


Literally Right Before Aaron screens at Tribeca today, anything from Charlotte Mckinney?


Is there any confirmation that The Handmaidā€™s Tale actually has a female nudity?


Moss references a clothed sex scene in an interview. So it's looking less likely.


I know but she's supposed to have a bath scene.


Any review about Eliza Taylor in "Thumper" premiere?


Judging by Twitter, last night's screening was filled up by her female fan club. Hopefully a proper reviewer or a Skin scout can get in one of the other showings. One possible thing against any nudity - she's playing a high schooler (she's 27 IRL).


She role an undercover cop, but you right, it seems any nudity.


she takes a bath at one point but no mention of nudity, one scene where she sticks a bloke's hand down her pants but that's it I think


any lena headey nudity?


That's a whole Lotta bad news and barely any good news. Hard times.


True. Megan Stevenson is delicious, though.


Please keep your ear out for anything from the upcoming Netflix German language show Dark.
Antje Traue (man of steel) may or may not be in it, hoping she does further nudity, her past scenes are great but both times her breast are a bit out of focus.


Just read the script for Rough Night and according to it Scarlett Johansson's character has a naked scene where she is running around, hiding, fighting naked. Let's just hope they decided to keep it in the movie. Zoe Kravitz character in the script also showed her vagina.
You can download the script from the 2015 blacklist, the script is under the name "Move that body".

I'm praying for this one to be good. However there was a scene in the trailer when Scarlett jumps off a balcony with a robe on, in the script she was supposed to be naked while doing that, so it doesn't look good so far.


Read the script, thanks for the information.
Sadly, with scarlett johansson in that role, there is no chance for those nude scenes.


This never struck me as the kind of movie where someone like ScarJo would get naked.


yeah but neither did the movie she got naked in


The movie she got naked in was an artsy indie film which is the exact type of movie actresses usually get naked in.


Yeah, she's not doing nudity in some comedy. Come on, guys.


Nothing in Girlboss?


Turns out there's no nudity.


Britt gets her boobs squeezed in the shower but the dudes hands cover the good parts (and it looks like she's wearing big pasties as well)


Are there any news on the release of the French movie de Orpheline (Orphan)? In one of the stories the character played by Gemma Arterton seduces Adele Exarchopolous' character.


A lot of the French reviews comment on the amount of sex/nudity for Adele's character -- so hopefully Gemma Arterton will fit into those scenes and not be shy.