Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 20

HBO and Cinemax are both offering free previews this weekend so you can check out Cherie Daly briefly naked on Friday’s Banshee. It’s actually more likely you’ll catch Sunday’s season premiere of Game of Thrones. Apparently there is an interesting nude scene from Carice van Houten in the episode.

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Cinemax says there will nudity in episodes 6 and 7 of Banshee season 4


A Bigger Splash (2015) will be releasing on 4th may in USA .

any news about VOD release ?


Caitriona Balfe got nude in outlander episode 4!!

quite good look at the breasts..


Sex scene with Jamie. Pretty long scene with her on top. She is wearing a pregnancy prosthetic thing, but it's barely noticable. Good shots of her breasts.


I had a dream that Alexandra Daddario was going to get naked on the second season of "Casual".


Mr Skin report for " Papa Hemingway in Cuba" - nudity from Minka Kelly and Joely Richardson


Minka Kelly!!!!!! Niceeeee.. Back with a bang I see. Excited. Hoping the nudity is in a sex scene and not that whole "staring in the mirror" bs.


If you watch the trailer, it looks like it'll be while she's skinny dipping with a guy.


Minka nudity - First scene - butt shot and maybe boobs underwater when skinnydipping at night. Second scene - sex, under covers but quick boob shot afterwards.


anyone having news on season 2 of SDRR on FX starting in june?

I just need Elizabeth gillies nude debut..


Based on some pictures she's tweeted from the set, we know Liz will be in hot outfits again. But I will be absolutely shocked if we see more than that. When the lead actress on a TV series does no nudity in season one, it's unlikely she'll do any in season two. Especially when it's a basic cable sitcom. (FX is good for an ass shot here and there, but almost always on their dramas.)


it's true for FX,but hope for season 2 atleast show some ass from her apart from the sexy outfits..


No nudity this week in got, as per the tvma in hbo web


Recapped tweeted about this 2 days ago. There will be brief nudity in episode 3. So if this will be Emilia I guess it will be only butt?


That's what it's looking at. That is the episode where she'll be stripped by the crones in the Dothraki temple, so we could see a bit of something briefly at least.


Emilia employs a body double now.


There is only another episode in the whole series with "brief nudity" listed. Episode 7, Season 2, where we briefly see a guy's butt being tattoed.

Seems like Emilia is dodging another bullet, meh.


news on ROGUE tonight ?


There was nothing.


Ashley Greene in panties and a button down. Sarah Carter chesty in a bar scene, pretty funny scene actually. Nothing other than that. Plus [spoiler]she gets kidnapped and the guy she had sex with pretty much fucked her over so I doubt we will see anymore skin from her character[/spoiler]. Hoping for something from Sarah before the end of the season.


This was very much expected. I did say that there was gonna be no more and we should just be happy and satisfied with what we've got. Sarah Carter, on the other hand, would be great. That would be totally awesome if it happens. Although at this point, it seems quite unlikely. But you never know.


from the trailer looks like shailene woodley will definitely be nude in "snowden".

can't wait.


Read somewhere that Kerry Bishe is nude in The Ticket. True? Also, is her Halt and Catch Fire co-star Mackenzie Davis nude in Always Shine?


My DVR shows Nudity and Strong Sexual Content for Episode 6 of Banshee. Id look for the Dushku sex scene in that episode. Hoping for both T&A. Air date is May 6. T-Minus 10 days.


Sadly, the "nudity and strong sexual content" description has become unreliable with these shows. I remember the last Banshee episode from last season that had that description didn't have any visible nudity from its one sex scene on a kitchen counter. And Deborah Ann Woll was notorious on True Blood for having the only scenes in some episodes to warrant a description yet she would never show anything.