Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 21, 2018

Good news everyone. Rumor is Charlotte Hope, best known as Myranda from Game of Thrones, has been cast as the lead in The Spanish Princess so it likely will have nudity.

Bad news is there is no nudity in Back Roads from Nicola Peltz or Jennifer Morrison. Both have several sex scenes and Nicola can be seen in her bra a couple times though. Also, nothing from Noomi Rapace in Stockholm. More Tribeca reviews coming soon.

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The new Halloween movie just recently screened - I wonder if there'll be any nudity?


I just want to say thanks to Recapped for removing the downvote button, I'd been hoping for this for a while.
It was annoying to see good comments get downvoted all the time, for no particular reason. People were really abusing it. Now people can express themselves again without fear of getting downvoted.


I don't know why everybody so insecure about the downvotes, this is not reddit your comments don't get hidden, its just a way to let the repetitive posters know they are full of shit.


Many comments would get downvoted for no reason at all.


Ok, time to improvise. Upvote this post if you want to downvote thrillman.


And upvote this post if you want to downvote Amorph AND me but don't want to downvote thrillman. An upvote to this post is also an extra upvote for every reply le_sigh makes in this submission. Why le_sigh? Because I said so.


Poor recapped, all they ever wanted were some comments...


Fear? You know it doesn't actually mean anything, right?


I wasn't referring to myself, but to others here who have said they've stopped posting info because they'd get downvoted.


If their self esteem is that fragile that they can’t handle downvotes and instead leave the site....wow.

The downvotes were useful in showing that certain topics were (are still) getting tiresome.


Janet Montgomery (Salem) has a topless sex scene in “Romans”, which has been doing the festival rounds for a while. Should also mention, in the spirit of full disclosure and equality, that Orlando Bloom’s butt makes an appearance in the scene.


I feel like everything’s been in “festivals” for-fucking-ever. It takes so damn long for things to come out these days. When can we expect this, 2020? I’m still waiting on films I’ve heard about from over a year ago.


God only knows when we'll see caps/clips of "I Am Not a Bird."


It’s just had a dvd release somewhere, clips are online - so you can expect it right now.


Well that’s nice, then.


I know what you mean, I'm still waiting for Katie Says Goodbye, which was first announced 4 years ago.


Will watch it either on Wednesday or next week.
Can't promise anything, but are there any timestamps to look out for?


And Gozo, I know some absolute hero posted a sex scene from the film on here, but I think there may be at least one scene where we get a better look at Ophelia's tits.


Miss that hero.


The trailer for Sharp Objects by HBO just dropped starring Amy Adams. I guess it has some promising nudity...especially a bathtub scene.


I will give you advice mate, if you ever see bath/shower scene in the trailer the chances it will any plots is very minimal almost never happens in big r-rated movies/TV. For example look at the potential shower plot in the trailer for red sparrow it didn't come to anything. I have a feeling Amy might go nude in this show but I will never rely on her.


Hopefully Amy will actually get naked in it.


I would prefer Madison Davenport. 🙂


You mean Ethel.


highly doubt nudity by Madie. think there's a bikini scene guessing by an insta pic she posted a while back.


Being it from the same director of BLL + Amy my expectations are really low.
She'll probably do the classic "Amy Adams Stance" where she covers one of her breasts with her arm while the other nipple might be visible for half a second.


Some people are dissappointed after Westworld premiere 🙂 Something for you, HBO back in 2009. I'm curious what happened to Rebecca Creskof. I have not seen her in a show for a long time.



Back when actresses didn't use merkins. Nice!


Merkins were still used back then.


Why is nobody discussing the important news: Professor Farnsworth is now posting nudity rumours


share the link


No nudity in first 2 episodes of Genius: Picasso. Just implied ones and clothed sex scene. At least in version I just watched.


Like many others here I’m tired of these “debates” on the state of nudity in film and tv. This site is about giving people a heads up on what nude scenes will be coming up. Everything else is unnecessary. But what bothers me more is the anecdotal evidence that people use to claim their position is right. So here is my proposal for people who want to make an argument one way or another: gather raw data on this that can be used to indisputably back up your claim. I can think of no better group to do that than this one (or reddit I guess). Create a Google doc spreadsheet that can track all nudity that comes out. Then you can record all nudity that occurs. Was it male or female? Full frontal, rear, topless? Was it a star, a supporting character or a background extra? Once you’ve collected a significant sample size (the more the better) then you can have numbers to say female nudity is on the decline, male nudity has overtaken it or whatever the data shows. Who knows maybe that research can be turned into a published article that you can throw in the face of a feminist or maybe some producer reads it and uses that when an actress says she doesn’t want to get naked. Think of it as a public service. Or maybe it won’t change anything at all. But at least we will know. I will give you a tip of the cap and go back to jacking off to whatever nude scenes do come out.


Fred already already listed a bunch examples from UK TV in his comment. It is actually all the people who complain about people complaining who make it worse. Someone will comment about the lack of female nudity and then people respond dissenting or criticizing the comment starting the debate all over again. For those who don't like such comments stop responding to them and starting the debate.


No, the complaining is worse. I still don't get the what the fuck the point is. What are you trying to achieve? Do you believe anyone here can magically change it if you just write it enough times? Is it just venting? What is the point?


Naming a examples from UK TV is anecdotal evidence. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Anyone can cherry pick things that stand out to them. If you want to say that Hollywood is changing then give actual data to back that up. Just to be clear I’m not arguing that it isn’t happening it’s just a matter of principle. It would be like saying we got snow in April so obviously climate change isn’t real. Or saying a baseball player sucks because he’s been in a slump for 5 games. Those both choose to ignore all other available data. If you look at all of the baseball player’s stats for the year and he hit .190 and struckout a ton then we can say yeah that guy sucked. But I guess your solution of “I wanted to cry about something I don’t like in the comments of a website but please nobody read it because I don’t want my crying to be disputed” works as well.


Interesting review of Duck Butter:

"For an hour and thirty minute movie, a good forty five minutes follows a rotating pattern that doesn’t let up until the third act kicks in. The way the story is structured is:
Sergio and Naima engaging in enticing conversation which goes in depth with their individual characters.
A comedic moment that’s romantic, cute, and most of all hilarious.
And then a graphic sex scene that you can’t get anywhere else other than Netflix"


Any hope for Karen Gillan in The Party’s Just Beginning?
She's apparently also the director and one review mentions that her character has "addiction to casual, often brutal, sex with strangers"


I read the synopsis on Wikipedia. Sounds like Karen Gillan's version of I Am Not a Bird, i.e. using sex and substances as a means of repression.