Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 25, 2018

On Sunday’s Westworld, Talulah Riley shows a bit of sideboob as she puts on her bra and we also see her ass in a thong. Later, Evan Rachel Wood is partially nude sitting in a chair.

More Tribeca news: there is no nudity from Tessa Thompson or Lily James in Little Woods. And Léa Seydoux has a sex scene about 55 minutes into Zoe. Don’t think anything can be seen but it was pretty dark.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. We just saw a film with the first nude scene of an actress we’ve mentioned before. We’ll have a review up in the next couple of days.

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Emma Roberts in "Billionaire Boys Club?"

That's my last guess for the day.


Don't know if it will be her, but I would be super happy if this would be Sarah Bolger in A Good Woman Is Hard to Find.


Maybe it's Chloe Moretz in that highly anticipated "Suspira" remake?


But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news.

That would qualify as bad news.


I want downvote back!


I'd like to publicly apologize to Ms. Moretz, Frigidaire, Maytag, Kenmore, and William Perry for any offence my hurtful comments have caused. The beauty of ALL refrigerators should be celebrated and not mocked.




That was fast...


Wait, what movie is this from?


Thanks dude! Did you get any other nudes from the movie? Heard she had a few scenes


Honestly, there isn't much more.
MK descriptions are spot on.
This scene lasts for about a minute. The cap is the view you get, basically no movement by Olivia.
The other two scenes are very dark and therefore there's too much image noise to see anything in a cam screencap.
2nd scene is very brief (2-3 seconds), breast should be cleary visible in an HD release
nude sex scene is about 10 seconds, butt and side boob
the topless scene afterwards last for 1-2 minute alternating between Olivia's face and a view of her and her boyfriend, her breast/nipple is in the foreground and was out of focus/blurry.

In addition there are a couple of clothed sex scenes, etc. ,but no other nudity.


If you have the pics I'd say post em anyway. We can always brighten them up or whatever. If ya don't know worries thanks for this pic.


Glad you kept your word. Still wondering who the hell this girl is though haha.


Olivia Cooke


Anything from Tessa Thompson in Sorry To Bother You?


Emma Roberts


How do I include an image?


Sorry...But who is that?


I think you just did. And if you have more of Olivia to share (preferably uncensored) please do!


Don't be upset, I just want to have a little fun (what's 1-3 more days?) 😛
Will post the uncensored pic, when (not if) one of these condition apply:
- the censored pic gets 20 upvotes
- Roman Reigns beats Brock Lesnar
- recapped has published his next post


There you go, 23 so far! Post that shit bro!


For the second tomorrow XD


Billions has a nudity advisory again for episode 7, which is not this Sunday but next (May 6th). My guess is more Asia Kate Dillon because that plot line felt unfinished. Or dick. Could be dick.


Any new information on My Days of Mercy release date?


October. No one knows more yet.


I love guessing games.


If you know now: say now.
You're kill in us here


Goddammit I'm way too drunk to spell right please bear that in mind


Can someone post the link of Lea seydoux sex scene in Zoe??


You do realise it was only played at Tribeca?


Can’t see anything on the Tribeca list that would fit the bill. Maybe Recapped is also at Cinemacon in Vegas and it’s a film shown there, or perhaps they’ve actually seen something mentioned as a rumour in a previous post - Viena and the Fantomes?


I think it could be Dakota Fanning. Recapped said this about Viena and the Fantomes back in January "Apparently the producers finished the movie without the director recently and are shopping it around so it should be out this year." Maybe recapped just saw it?


wish it was Chloe Grace Moretz.


Is it by any chance Mary Elizabeth Winstead in All About Nina, the review for that movie sound promising.

"stress-vomit immediately after leaving the mic (a bartender already has mouthwash ready); and pick up the douchiest-seeming man she sees between the stage and the exit."

"Tonight's routine is interrupted by Joe (Chace Crawford), the married cop who sometimes comes over to slap Nina around and sleep with her"


That would be awesome.


If you count butt as nudity, then her first nude scene would have been on Fargo


Nope doesn't count
Dare to dream people!


The actress you are talking about.I definitely think its ella purnell.It is a dream to watch her naked.I hope it would be a blast like alexandra deddario but I know it can't be.Thats why i just hope that it would be a decent scene.


But they say "film" and Ella's suppose to be naked in tv show.


Someone please post the download link for disobedience leaked sex scene.I am dying to watch that scene.so please if anyone has it post it.I will appreciate it guys please!!


video does not exist.Again!!
it will get deleted everytime.
thats why i am asking to upload it on google drive or zippyshare and then post the link.Please!!


I cropped it, removed some of the build-up outside the hotel room, and hosted it here:



Thank You Very Very... Much!!
I appreciate it.


The video stills online in Vimeo. Try with other browser.


Tried diffrent browser and it worked.


Not even any nipple from Talulah? So much for Westworld's gender-equal nudity. We'll get Felix and Sylvester scissoring before another good female nude scene.

"I'm happy to live in the #MeToo era!", said no one ever.


It's only 2 episodes, last season was pretty good for female nudity except the scenes were all the same context and not very sexy. I'm not expecting much from this show this year though.


Yeah, Westworld hasn’t had enough female nudity. Definitely not. No nudity on that show!


I wonder if it's Ella Purnell?


That would be an incredibly disappointing thing to write a hype post about.


Also they said film not tv
Christina Hendricks!!


Also Nicola Peltz?


"We just saw a film with the first nude scene of an actress we’ve mentioned before."
Daddario in I Am Not A Bird, Daddario in I Am Not A Bird, Daddario in I Am Not A Bird... just say it!


He said "first nude scene", Daddario has been nude before.


Yeah... but I was talking about movies.


Yeah but he wasn't...


Hoping the news is about Pimp since it just premiered a few days ago at Tribeca but I don't think any of the three actresses (Haley, Vanessa or Keke) have been mentioned here. If it isn't this move, is there any news about it?

Trying to think of what it could be but not sure. If you hadn't already reviewed Karen Gillan's movie I would have thought it was that.

Saw the second ep of The Handmaiden's Tale and Elizabeth Moss has a sex scene but with the camera angles you don't really see anything. When it is over she lies next to the guy and the camera angle is on the side of the guy shooting his upper body from the side and you can briefly see Moss' breasts as they rise and fall with her breathing on the other side of the guy. It is technically a nude scene since you can catch a glimpse of breast/nipple but barely.


please be Haley Ramm!


"My name is Talulah in a thong is my bum
But you wont see my boobs cause I'm hiding 'em...."


Onthehunt makes a valiant effort to rhyme, but with a name like "Onthehunt", let's be real, it wasn't gonna happen


I feel it's the message of the song that's important


Let's wildly spitball out of excitement based solely on hotties who had films at TriBeCa today
Christina Hendricks!!


Christina’s character is heavily pregnant in the film, which would make things interesting but also makes it unlikely


As someone with a pregnancy fetish this makes me all the more excited


If it is from Tribeca is would seem to be either her or Mary Elizabeth Winstead


After cross referencing the schedule with the time of recapped's post she would actually seem the most likely candidate...


Stop, I can only get so erect


Recapped, you giant tease.


Anything from Angela Sarafyan recapped?


Handmaids Tale is one of the most acclaimed shows on TV and has already had their first episode premiere.

How is it possible that we've heard nothing about it?


Towards the end of episode 1 Elizabeth Moss has some pokies in a white undershirt.

And about halfway through episode 2, Elizabeth Moss has an extended sex scene—a montage of two scenes really—but nothing much is shown. In the first part you see her leg/hip (arguably her ass) from the side as she's fucked against a wall and from behind. In the next part you mostly see her sweaty back and then a few quick frames of nip when she rolls over at the end.

The nude scenes aren't much but the show itself is every bit as great as last season so far.


Seems like we've gotten a lot of bad news lately. Especially disappointed that Talulah Riley doesn't show anything in ep 2, I guess we can't expect anything from her on this show. Will this season of Westworld even have nudity from its main cast? Thanks anyway Recapped.


So there is a glimmer of light in the darkness.