Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 30, 2018

As expected, there was no nudity from Ella Purnell in the first two episodes of Sweetbitter. Like we mentioned before, there is likely no real nudity this season despite what Ella says in her interviews.

Sunday’s Westworld has a sex scene with Katja Herbers but there apparently no nudity. So we were wrong about Katja being nude on the show unless there is something later this season. It seems we may have also been wrong with one of the names we listed of actresses that wouldn’t be naked this season.

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No release date yet for "I Am Not a Bird"?


2o19 or 2o2o


Aww. Source?


No source. Just a guess. They’re aiming for a film festival later this year. Like I said before, I have all the updates I need right now.

In the meantime, I found a nude appearance from Elisabeth Larena, the one actress Recapped has not confirmed anything from yet. From a Spanish mini-series. Hopefully they cast her because she’d do nudity, but do not confirm anything Recapped.


Thank you!


Never Goin' Back With Maia Mitchell sounds good, wonder if there is any nudity in it


You guys need to use search button more often - there is no nudity in film.


By the way if you google " site:recapped.com" it also catches stuff in the comments.


Alert the authorities. There's been a robbery.


Can you confirm Phoebe Tonkin in The Affair?


Phoebe Tonkin @ "The Affair" Season 4 Trailer



Any news on Gemma Arterton from the movie "The Escape"?


From Mr. Skin

(0:06) Bare back on Gemma Arterton getting dressed. Quick shot of her in bra and panties behind Dominic Cooper.

(0:13) Cleavage on Gemma Arterton as she gets out of bed in her tanktop.

(1:05) Some nice cleavage and then panties on Gemma Arterton getting out of bed then coming back to bed.

(1:25) Gemma Arterton has been covered with a blanket but then she leans forward and we see a quick shot of her right breast from the side as she goes for her purse.




What about "Billionaire Boys Club" with Emma Roberts?



damn thats already way more than shes ever shown.


The Honor List will be released May 11. According to commonsensemedia: "Girls rip off their clothes in front of the whole school and are briefly seen fully nude from behind". Hopefully this will be as sexy as it sounds.


Skimmed through Duck Butter - lots of sex scenes and decent nudity - brief, but much better than people are complaining about...be great to see a capper string the scenes all together...here's a few:





Better views of Laia's ass than in Newness, at least. It's a pity Alia Shawkat's face ruins all 🙁


One of the few movies (or shows) this year with decent nudity, nothing to complain about here.


Completely agree. May not be long scenes but we get great looks at Alia Shawkat topless.


Some lesbian scenes in Duck Butter, but not much nudity-wise from Laia Costa (a few quick nipple flashes). Alia Shawkat isn't my cup of tea, but she has a couple of tit shots.


There's a quick shot of a comedicly large (probably prosthetic) penis is one scene. Male nudity unfortunately.


Graphic nudity in Most Likely to Murder? I skimmed through and couldn't see any, male or female.


Just a quick topless from a chick I don't know.


Shame about Sweetbitter and also possibly about Katja. At least she's done nudity before. Hopefully we get some good news about Westworld soon.

Hoping we get some news about Vida soon since it is premiering this weekend. Also hoping we get news about Summertime and Pimp since they had screenings at Tribeca.


Me too. Expecialy from Lindsey Morgan!


Katja Herbers is gorgeous, would've loved to see her nude again.


Aubrey Plaza naked in Legion.


No body double because the scene starts with her face without cut or else.


How naked?


FX naked. I am loving this recent trend of hers though.


I’ve been coming to this site for years, but I have missed some posts & comments here and there. I have a couple questions I hope can get answered if you don’t mind.

1- I live in Canada, and our options for streaming/watching movies is somewhat limited (ie. we dont have Hulu & our Netflix is missing many shows the US version has). Is there a good online source for watching these foreign films that get brought up in comments?

2- Recapped used to post lots of videos with the option to download them, but I haven’t seen these in quite some time. Are they gone permanently or is there not much worth posting? I do appreciate when people post them in the comments, but more often than not they don’t load for me.

3- How do I post a video and/or pic in the comments without having to host it on another site first? I’ve found some videos online that have a “share” option, but when I put the code in the comments it either doesn’t work or the post never appears.

Thanks in advance if these can be answered


A lot of negativity around here lately. Strange for a site that is just about nudity, but I guess that’s the times we live in. I think the problem is that we have gone too long without that Lucy Hale gif. I’m not sure how to imbed them here, but here you go:



What amazes me is the mods take away down voting and block all the comments that criticize them, yet they allow the same person to post the same wall of text nonsense on every single post. It has completely destroyed this site.


OK, look snowflake, I won't post anything anymore that could harm your "nudity dreams." Gosh, I'm so sorry. I won't. For real. Need a tissue?

I've worked in the industry. I have friends in the industry, my comments do in-fact come from industry insight.. which is what I'm sharing with everyone. And for whatever reason I assume some people who love screen nudity.. would want this insight. I do now realize that this place is like a Donald Trump rally. If you don't say what they want to hear, you're not welcome. OK. got it.


Dude, say whatever the hell you want, I might not agree with you sometimes but unlike *certain* people I'd like to think that the rest of us don't whine endlessly about opinions we don't like. That doesn't mean that I won't disagree or even mock you about them but hell, that's what free speech is for. There's a vast difference though between that and basically asking for censorship every time someone hurts my delicate feelings.


Have you guys tried not responding to him anymore?


The movie has been out for almost a week now. Are there no camrip of nude scenes from disobedience, except that one sex scene?


I would like to know the whole story behind the "Sweetbitter" nudity debacle - very intriguing.


It's Starz and it was sexually themed, which tells me is was probably pretty damn overt ad sexual as Starz likes to do. They probably realized like others have.. the timing is just awful for this. And censored it. I have no clue if this is true but this stuff IS happening right now and it wouldn't surprise me at all. That's why I say, it will be very interesting to see what future shows from Starz and Showtime, for example, look like. How much they dial it down.


This guy is always peddling same shit in all threads. WTF man? Nobody cares for your "oh boohoo SJW are taking away our nudity" bullshit.


Whose peddling? It's all just my own opinion. I'm not trying to state facts. I'm discussing, commenting, raising points. If they are points you don't like because you don't want to hear it, tough beans, chief, this ain't your living room.


I don't troll anything. That's an invalid assessment. I'm not here to piss people off or challenge viewpoints. Not at all. I'm just sharing mine. This is what I replied to:

"I would like to know the whole story behind the "Sweetbitter" nudity debacle - very intriguing."

So I replied.


Fine. That is your opinion. Great. Why do you feel the need to bring it up in every single post? What is it that you think you are accomplishing? You want to start a conversation? You've had it. 100 times. Bring it up once, that is starting a conversation. Bring it up on every post, that is trolling. Stop trolling.


Vida is supposed to have nudity from the interviews I've seen. Although I'm worried that they will cut out any nudity based on the current climate and the way Sweetbitter is looking....


It's a bit female-aimed. One of the actresses was quoted about the nudity. Women do nudity in it.. but she said "The writer changed up the roles where the men also get naked." So I assume this one is safe because it's.. you know.. "PC." 😉


Counterpart and the latest series of GFE began airing on Starz after the start of Metoo/Weinstein. They have nudity, they weren’t censored, but that info doesn’t fit into the conspiracy theories some on here like to peddle.


My last bit. I know I post a lot sometimes. All the negativity about this in our culture won't last forever. But it's just starting. As I said, we're in the beginning where there are fringe attitudes. But the downturn will be real. And male nudity will most likely replace a portion of the previous female nudity. Why? More females writing stuff without male gaze ( a term I hate so hard), misogyny, pointless nude scenes, etc. In general, women will not write and direct as much female nudity. We won't see the full effects of all of this for a while. Male nudity would actually help our cause. More male nudity! Sounds crazy but I'd rather have 50/50 then have nudity pretty much go away altogether.

Fast forward maybe 5-10 years.. my assumption is, both female and male producers/directors will begin to get much more comfortable with sexuality again.


I bring up what I want. And if there are "rules" to follow here then tell me what they are. Basically, I'm pissing people off because you just don't want to hear it? If I said.. hey everyone, nudity in movies and TV won't change.. so much more to come! I'd get like 30 pluses (+) from delusional people. Ok.. sure. Whatev.


This is not your "last bit." You will bring it up again on the next post, and the next, and the next, and on and on. You and your other handle, Dave1993.


Nah... they could not re-edit anything with that show. They had no time. It was slated and locked as is. They had no choice but to air it. Same thing with Red Sparrow. They couldn't do shit. You honestly think Red Sparrow would get produced now? No friggin' chance. They had to release it as is. Same with Altered Carbon. Why do you think the directors/producers of those two went on a campaign to "justify" what it was? Which they did.

I'm not trying to be negative here. I'm trying to be real. We need to expect less. So do yourself a favor and expect it, or jus get angry. Your call. If you honesty think nothing has or will change, in the near term, to a far less "nudity-filled" TV and movie environment, you desperately need to pay attention more. I mean you no offense. But dude.. conspiracy? Someone's not paying attention to what is happening right in front of. Maybe read more?


JayD you are the voice or reason here. Unfortunately its almost all true most likely.
thats the way things are.
With the way things are rc needs to stop with all the 'x and y might naked based on script' 9 times out 10 we are ROBBED out of nudity.
it cant be more painful than that the most important show / girl EVER get edited cause of all those asshole feminists and social justice warriors. THEY got to see Ella topless... WE get NOTHING. I better not be in the same room as these people ever...
Like i said she is my NUMBER 1 GIRL and we GET ROBBED by these assholes. The timing COULDNT be worse. 4-5 months earlier and they likely would have had to air it now it got CUT. I can cry or jump out of the window right now.

there will be no nudity on this show ever as it will be cancelled before S2 since they CHANGED THE TONE. Its a cruel cruel world and i hate it.

Last time my number 1 at the time did nudity (not counting Jennifer Lawrence her private material) was Amber Heard but she had already done nudity by the time i learned who she was so this is completely different.

Ella SAID she did nudity on her instagram (the warhole post, timeframe fits) and in interviews BEFORE she knew it all got cut by those monsters.
Clearly she is not a nudity fan (for herself) so we are VERY unlikely to ever see her naked now and i feel and am well and truly robbed! Heck any nudity of the new generation >95 is very very rare at least if they are established names! It does happen when they are still complete nobodies at the time. like Lili Simmons and Violett Beane.

I cant remember feeling THIS BAD. I am sick from this. All cause of a few PC hypocrit executives at Starz who feel like falling in line with this sickening wave thats going across the world.


You should remove the tin foil hat from your head. You need to talk to someone.


Note the use of prejudicial language here. If you notice that nudity is qualitatively and quantitatively changing in accord with the culture, you’re “peddling” a “conspiracy theory.” Next you’ll probably be “anti-Semitic” if you bring up Weinstein too much.


Me too


Those that read way to much into things end up being disappointed.


Maddison is the only reason I've paid this show any interest,she is blood rushingly beautiful.No prizes for guessing where the blood is rushing to.


that girl is insanely hot


There's better nudity in it, from other actresses.


But those actresses you mention haven't been avoiding nudity for a whole two seasons, so this scene is still very welcomed. The only other actress who had been in the show this long without showing anything is the one playing the queen.


I just saw Duck Butter on iTunes. Very standard nudity these days. Brief tits was all we got.


can we get some videos or caps?


I watched it looking to cap it, but I honestly didn’t see anything worthwhile. I don’t find Alia Shawkat attractive at all.


He's pretty much right. Kind of a whole bunch of nothing much, guys. Another movie way overhyped. There is one scene where Shawkat bury's her face in Costa's butt, however it's nothing much.


A movie about two lesbians shacked up together having sex all the time and there's just brief tits - my sides!


It's a boring as fuck movie, imo. Quite obvious it was NOT at all supposed to be provocative or sexy. The reviews suggested it but with lack of details.


Pics or clips?


It's just obvious they tried, like really hard, to not show much.


It is going to be a very hard movie to get caps from since there are a bunch of short clips of nudity throughout but nothing very long. Most sex scenes are clothed or focused on their faces.


it is currently 3:01 am and duck butter has not been released on Netflix


And it won't be until later in the summer.


If that's what Recapped thinks, I agree. Butt counts from your PoV but the right way is from actress PoV. As long as many never-nudes believe it's OK to show "partial", which includes sideboob & butt (I agree it should *not* include just bare back), if Danielle Panabaker & Alexis Bledel & others can show butt or sideboob & still feel they didn't cross the line, then we too should consider butt to be not across the line. Butt can't be "nude debut" until actors feel they are taking the plunge. My guess is MeW feels like Fargo was just dipping the toes. As for Ella, I'd guess the "no real" qualifier favors your "but possibly partial" interpretation.


Not to get bogged down in semantics, but does "no real nudity" from Ella leave open the possibility of a butt shot? Your recent tweet referring to Mary Elizabeth Winstead doing her "first real nude scene" in All About Nina implies that bare ass doesn't fall under Recapped's definition of "real nudity." Admittedly grasping at straws here, but I wonder if there's anything to be read into the similar wording here.


Days of "Californication" are long GONE.
Under his EYE.


Alexis Bledel in Handmaiden's Tale?


Thanks for the update!
Wondering if you have any word on Vida? It premieres this weekend. Thanks


Hello, Recapped. Thank you for all the recent updates!

I'd like to ask about things.
- Anything from Viva Bianca in Hyde Park?
- Natalie Dormer or Emily Ratajkowski in In
- Have you heard anything about Lauren Cohan in
Mile 22?

Thank you for your time!


Melissa Benoist’s film Billy Boy (aka Juvenile) is out on VOD in June. Rumours are that there are sex scenes in it - it stars her former husband - but never any proper confirmation either way.


Is her former husband the guy playing Hide the Salami in that photo set?


No, that was her previous partner Nick Vorderman.


On the list of actresses Recapped mentioned not getting naked this season, they're probably referring to Thandie Newton. But I wish it was Tessa Thompson or Shannon Woodward instead.


Thanks for ruining MY LIFE dude getting peoples hopes up with your 'calls for nudity ' 'should be naked'.
Thats AWFUL. and there is no way to ignore this EITHER. First you get people all excited and then you go on to CRUSH their hopes. Seriously thats despicable!!
Seriously i feel like jumping out of the window now cause of YOU. Thanks a lot!


Best reaction ever. Firebolt fever!!!


Jesus Christ dude. That's real sad. You gotta learn the difference between rumour and confirmed.
Who the hell is this Ella chick anyway? As an adult she's done 1 movie anyone's ever heard of. How are you this BIG a fan already?


Seriously? Maybe you should do some research because if you dont know her OTHERS might.
Ella has been my number 1 girl for quite a while.
My initial post was 'auto censored' apparently cause of too many curse worse (??) so this is if anything a calmed down post....
I am absolutely heartbroken to put it mildly. EVERYTHING pointed to it.
Recapped says 'calls for nudity'. then we got this 'warhol' instagram post. Then we get interviews where she said she did nudity and now we get this?!
What on EARTH happened? Did she shoot it and did everything get cut? That would be too painful. Or she considers a scene where she is topless on set but we dont get to see ANYTHING 'nudity'....
Either way i cant believe they'd go the prude route with this show NOT AT ALL what you should be doing. But between this, White Princess i dont expect anything from Starz shows ever again! They cater to women and they dont like (female) nudity!! Or so they think...


Or maybe she did film nude scene(s) that for some reason got postponed for season 2...


With those reviews, I wouldn't anticipate a second season.


Just a friendly reminder to say no to drugs kids.




This might be the best comment ever. Thanks!
FYI In their January 8 post they say there is no nudity this season.
Maybe it was filmed and then cut. That would explain why Ella says she did nudity.
Should blame the producers/directors/writers/execs.


Don't doubt at all that there was a nude sex scene.. perhaps even a really explicit one or two, and it got axed. Who knows, but Starz took criticism back in January. My guess, they did some snip-snip before its release. No way the rumors and description would be all about sex, and she defended the sex, then.. no sex. Too early to tell, but here's a quote from one of the articles mentioning the criticism.

"TV critics weren’t necessarily buying that it was about empowerment, some seeming to think it played more like a Harvey Weinstein dream, and said so, in so many words."


Text wall here. Can't help it.

It's going to be very interesting to see what Starz does in the next year or two. They might be seen as test. If Starz just keeps going the way they have been, they would probably just face never-ending, ridiculous criticism. They already have as seen above. But they also know damn well there is a market for what they were doing with Power and Spartacus, for example, sexually explicit, somewhat misogynistic, male-aimed shows. Of-course there is a market for it. A big one. Sadly, I'd bet a paycheck Altered Carbon will look nothing like the first season and they are probably busy writing the excuses right now as to why all the sex and nudity more or less vanished. So regressive and unnecessary. Women are somehow now harmed because there are tits on TV. Good grief. Just read an NBC article.. some of these feminists want to essentially wipe the past 5 decades completely!! Making threats. Articles stating that the sexual revolution was bullshit and has only harmed women. WTF? Complete ignorance. Just totally insane nonsense all over. It's a god damn mob, no doubt.

I'm optimistic in the long run, for sure. But it's years away.


What did the NBC article say?


Just because there is sex doesn't mean there would be nudity.


The whole season covers just the characters first two weeks in New York. If they are following the book closely, which is very likely given the author’s involvement, then the sex scenes in the story would come later on screen, in season 2 or maybe 3.


It seems you forgot Recapped always add "rumors" tag.


Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...


It’s not, sadly, he’s just like this


It would be a great example of Poe's Law. Sadly Kast's post is how far you need to go to mock this pathetic dude. I *honestly* feel sorry for 'im.


What about Alice Eve in "The Con Is On?" It seems like unlikely, but some poster awhile back did say she gets naked in it.


We'll find out Friday. That original post was from 2 years ago and a guest account, and they said they read it as a rumor on a message board. I want it to be so, but as you say, unlikely.


So either Thandie Newton, Shannon Woodward or Ingrid B.B. will be naked during the season. I think those were the ones recapped discarded in a previous post.


I don't care who it is, as long as it's Shannon Woodward 🙂


I hope it's Shannon Woodward.


+ Tessa Thompson.


Originally discarded Talulah Riley too.


Was that actually Talulah Riley or a body double?? The way it was shot could point towards it not being her nude.

I think we can discard Tessa Thompson nudity the way her possible nudity scene was shown in episode 2.