Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 4, 2018

Here are some interesting TV shows that are currently casting that you should keep an eye on:

On HBO, there’s Euphoria which is about a bunch of teens and early twenty-somethings where almost all the roles require nudity. Lovecraft Country is another fantasy show which should have some nudity. Then of course there’s Watchmen. One of the leads is someone who is sexual and into both men and women.

On sister network Cinemax there’s the currently untitled Sebastian Gutierrez show starring his significant other Carla Gugino. Not sure about Carla but the younger sidekick role is supposed to have several nude scenes.

On Starz, there’s The Spanish Princess. The lead role of Catherine of Aragon should have nudity but The White Princess was such a dud, so who knows. There is also Now Apocalypse from Gregg Araki and Karley Sciortino. The lead is a guy who is gay mostly so this will probably have lots of male and female nudity like other Araki films. Since this show is low budget, there will probably be a bunch of newcomers.

Amazon has Wenceslas Square which has a female spy who seduces her way around the job.

Netflix has Sex Education which might have nudity from the younger cast including the female lead. The older mother role probably won’t have any nudity though.

Lastly, FX has Shogun which is based on the book and was previously adapted. Being FX, there probably won’t be a lot of nudity. It seems like most of the cast will be actual Japanese actors.

As these shows are currently in the casting stage, things will likely change by the time we finally see them a year or two from now. The good thing is that almost all of these shows have straight-to-series orders so we will definitely see them.

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Anything from Lucy Hale in Truth or Dare?


PG-13 movie


Now a star in her own right, Purnell takes the lead role in TV series Sweetbitter, based on Stephanie Danler’s novel about a New York waitress.

She said: “It was the first time I had done nudity. I was terrified and it was awkward as hell, but the most important thing for me was that it was real, that it doesn’t look like a porno, there’s no shaved things and no weird uncomfortable sexual positions, and it’s sometimes awkward and gross.” (c) Evening Standard


now that's good news!


Seen some recent photos of Alicia Debnam Carey filming a movie called Earthquake Bird with Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough. Is there any info on this movie? I know it is considered a female driven crime noir based on a book.

In regards to my last post thanks Poop for posting those pics of Haley from that lifetime movie.


Alicia Vikander's character has several sex scenes in the book, the movie will be released on netflix


Any of those scenes G/G?


Handmaiden's Tale nudity?


Boobs on non-premium cable, you say? Finally. Ha.

Also, it will be interesting to see where CBS takes its All Access platform. The skin in The Good Fight was pretty interesting.


Yea, I couldn't see a nipple on the episode I watched online. Sadly, they seem to have censored it for TV. They aired the nudity in Straight Outta Compton uncensored, I don't know why they wont show it in an original show. It's got to happen sooner or later so I don't know why FX wont just show it and get it over with.


So if it was "censored for TV" where did the below cap supposedly come from??? Satellite feed or something??


Mr Skin has the uncensored version. Maybe FX gave it them or it comes from the FXnow streaming app.


Sorry to keep replying but there's no edit function (at least for me). Anyways, I did not see the episode air on FX. So that's my question. Only know the website version is blurred. And shady online streams. But those shady streams could have been recorded from the website, who knows.


now I signed up to slingtv (streaming TV service which offers FX) for a 7 day free trial to check that version. You can watch the episode on demand anytime. Boob still blurred!

Only thing left to check is the re-air of Trust s01e03 tonight at 11:30, which should be the same as the "live" FX version airing on cable?

So with every non-live version seemingly blurred I'm wondering the source of the cap. Since two seperate people posted about it I'm assuming it aired that way live on FX. Which begs, why did they censor the web/on demand version? Was the original airing (if that is indeed the cap source) an error?

Just need the original cap poster to come back and tell the source which I'm sure in time he will.


It comes from MrSKin and other nude celeb sites and probably the FX streaming app. I have a couple theories. FXNow app cost money and they may be start using uncensored nudity to get people to sign up for it. I hope that is not true because I would like the breast taboo to be broken on basic cable and it wont happen until FX does it. If they plan on reserving nudity for streaming then it will be a while before it happens. However if that were true I would think they would use better nude scenes rather than a brief glimpse of breast.

There are 2 brief glimpses in the episode, 1 during the sex scene another while she is being painted. Considering how brief the nudity is i'm thinking that FX may have planned to air it uncensored then got cold feet. Or due to the show being lowly rated with little buzz FX decided to wait to do it in a show that is higher rated and would get more buzz like when they dropped the F word on The People vs OJ Simpson. I think the last option is most likely.


FX broke the boob barrier with Trust.


She also poses nude for a painting. I wonder if there is also an alternate version of that scene with more nudity.


Amazon web-dl is uncensored. and yes she shows more in the painting scene.


In the web stream on FX website of the show (free for 1 hour of viewing time, so anybody can watch) the boob is blurred out, despite heavy TVMA disclaimer etc. Same for web pirate streams of the episode I watched. Why would there be two versions of the scene?

Are we sure the boob was aired on USA FX? Could almost have been a mistake honestly given the presence of a censored version, although I doubt it.

Either way given the airing of straight outta compton it's a matter of time. Netwirks always do this, make a big ballyhoo out of breaking a nudity barrier the first time, just to see how much backlash there is. Once they see it's "safe" they proceed. For you young whippersnappers I remember they did this just before airing NYPD Blue nudity on ABC. Some other legal drama like two weeks before, they heavily disclaimered that there was a nude scene (a girl being painted in the buff). There actually was no nudity! Just a lot of bare back and stuff. But the point is there was no outrage, and viewers didn't KNOW the disclaimered show didn't actually feature nudity before it happened, so ABC knew they were free to proceed with NYPD Blue.


Who got topless? Do you know where it was in the episode?


Laura Bellini. First 10 mins.


The dream would be if we can get some Kate Mara goodies in Ryan Murphy's Pose this summer before My Days of Mercy.


For the next Q & A - any info on “Charlie Says”, Mary Harron’s film about the Manson girls, starring Hannah Murray and Suki Waterhouse. It recently finished initial filming.


Did anyone already watched "Blockers"?, if so, can you confirm if there's nudity from Leslie Manville and frontal from John Cena?


No frontal by Cena but there's actually frontal by other guys. And according to mrskin there is breast nudity in the movie but after watching it I can honestly say that I havent seen any breasts. Maybe it's super brief and I haven't noticed. Movie is very successful in box office. 20 mln domestic after first weekend. This is the answer for us, female nudity lovers. Female driven movies are the future of Hollywood and for business nowadays it's better when female nudity is absent and male nudity is on the rise. Money matters.


There will be a new trend of female-aimed stories and directors. This started before the whole Weinstein thing, btw. This will include some movies like Blockers. It just means they are making room for that in the mix because women, apparently, want it. I think we should get used to it. Producers generally understand that most of the audience leans towards female screen sexuality. Look at Game of Thrones. How many women love that series? Huge numbers. Technically it's a male-aimed show through and through. But now women are moving into writing and directing. So yes, we should get used to seeing more movies/shows like Blockers, but also some stuff like Altered Carbon or Below her Mouth. Big Little Lies is female written and aimed. Kidman, herself, pushed for the series. 4 nude scenes with Kidman and 2 with Woodley, for example. Producers know they can't just ignore male sexuality. Particularly when many women like the male gaze as well. Which is absolutely real and true.


Haha, no. This has everything to do with Hollywood's pseudo-intellectual SJW ideology and nothing to do with money.


I can’t take anyone who unironically says “SJWs” seriously.


And I can't take anyone who's trying to deny that SJWs exist seriously. SJWs have taken over Hollywood and corporate media no matter how much you deny it. I'm a fucking socialist and I'm sick and tired of them and their antics. The latest Simpson "controversy" for example is a classic example of how insane and out of touch with reality they are.


Hollywood is entirely about money. There aren’t 20 Fast and the Furious movies because Hollywood thinks it’s making art.


But did you see Furious 8? If that’s not art I don’t know what is.


I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Are you saying that male nudity sells more than female nudity because then you are delusional. Whatever success "Blockers" has has nothing to do with whatever nudity is featured in it.


Ever heard about Magic Mike?


I've never saw Magic Mike but I've watched Olivia Munn's topless scene many times.


I take it Cover Versions, with Katie Cassidy and Debby Ryan has no nudity. Shame.

Well at least it's Debby Ryan's first R rated movie.


Now Sweetbitter has been screened in full for some critics, might be some news as to whether they have included any nudity in this short first season.


According to Mr Skin, Freya Mavor briefly shows her left breast in Modern Life Is Rubbish.


This reminds me, according to an interview with one of the actors from "Gore" (the Netflix biopic on Gore Vidal that was scrapped because of Kevin Spacey), there's a chance that it could still be released at a later date, once the controversy has passed. Apparently, nudity from Freya Mavor was rumored.


Doubtful - Netflix basically wrote off the cost of canning that film in their accounts, so they can’t really release it now. Plus it was more likely, given the subject of the film, that any nudity would come from
Freya’s boyfriend in the film.


Anything on O Negocio this week?


"Then of course there’s Watchmen. One of the leads is someone who is sexual and into both men and women."

I've heard that HBO's version of Watchmen is more of a reimagining than a straight adaption and it won't really be that similar to the comic. Can you confirm, Recapped?


FYI: 'I Feel Pretty' is rated PG-13, involving a "Scene of nudity, depicting buttocks, in a sexual context"


Hey Recapped, now that Ryan Murphy has moved over to Netflix, is there any chance that he resurrects his HBO project "Open" (which didn't move forward)? It was supposed explore sexual relationships and star Anna Torv, Michelle Monaghan and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


It would probably be with a new cast, obviously.


no need for all new cast... just Jennifer love hewitt instead of jennifer jason Leigh


Great shout, I hope this happens.


Could you please give us at least a hint about Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in Westworld, if you know anything? Thanks.


Sorry if it's already been mentioned here(I missed it if it was), but Dude(w/Lucy Hale) finally hits Netflix on April 20.


after seeing the caps on here and a few other places i was confused as to why i couldnt watch it on netflix, thank you for the info.


anyone hav "kate mara" nude???!!


Anything on Overboard?


Rated PG-13 for suggestive material, partial nudity and some language.


Probably all been reported already from festivals, but I saw On Chesil Beach this week. No nudity from Saoirse Ronan – though probably her best sexual intimacy scenes yet, and some lingerie stuff – but full frontal, from afar, from Anne-Marie Duff and extended, very well-lit topless in a scene or two.


You should never expect any nudity from Saoirse Ronan, she's wants to be the next meryl streep.


She's only 23, I think she's got time!


But Meryl Streep was topless in Silkwood...


Any info on Kate Beckinsale in The Widow?It's filming now.I heard an interview she gave where she said she spent 18hours filming sex scenes for The Only Living Boy in New York that ended up cut from the film.That makes me sad.Very sad.Can you make me happy again Recapped with some good news?


There are many articles which discussed this scene back in Oct. Interesting it was cut. Where did you hear this and any idea why? Sounds similar to Emilia Clarke's scene in Voice of Stone, which apparently was heavily edited down. I think what might be happening is, there are just certain producers who are paranoid of the "climate", as they call it. But again, this isn't logical in most cases given the same audience in on Netflix and HBO and loving it. Unnecessary paranoia by easily swayed producers.


"Sounds similar to Emilia Clarke's scene in Voice of Stone, which apparently was heavily edited down."

Where did you hear this?


I also don't recall where, but the description offered by a reviewer for an original test screening for Voice of a Stone confirmed the scene was cut down in the release. The first cut, apparently, showing her bouncing up and down (breasts bouncing, he said) fairly aggressively during the sex scene. They may have just felt it came out too explicit for this particular film.


Did you manage to finish editing that scene of Scarlett Johansson from Under the Skin?


Actually, looking at it again.. the sex scene in the film is 7 seconds long. lol. I think he was correct.. I think what we see in the final version of the film is the "end" of what was a longer sex scene.


I did in-fact read this. I can't say it was a fact.. more a rumor, I suppose. But one reviewer did see the test screening and described it that exact way. He said the sex scene was longer and described it as "aggressive breasts bouncing" during sex. Sorry I can't provide more details or where the post was made.


Are you sure you are not mistaken? I follow Emilia's nudity news closely and never heard anything of this. There was one critic who confirmed nudity before the movie came out and he said she" got nude and then masturbated". This caused many of us to assume she would have a naked masturbation scene but it was two separate scenes.


What differences were there between the nudity shot for Voice From the Stone and what was included in the cut that came out on VOD? All the scenes that I remember being described after its Cannes showing were in the movie I saw (or at least the pertinent clips from it I deigned to watch).

As for sex scenes being cut, I don't know if that's something exclusive to the current climate. Sex scenes are cut from films all the time for any number of reasons. They could be deemed extraneous or stuffing up the runtime or to get a lighter rating or whatever else. For instance Denzel Washington and Radha Mitchell shot a sex scene for Man on Fire back in 2004. Which was cut. And as much as I like seeing Radha Mitchell naked, in that particular movie I'm pretty sure a sex scene would've felt pretty off character-wise and delayed the revenge-catharsis in the film.

Which isn't to say I wouldn't like to see cut nude scenes or sex scenes. Hell, I'd like to see the fucking b-roll from all of these scenes anywhere all the time. But there are tons of factors that go into things being trimmed down or cut or whatnot.


Yes, true, it could be for a host of reasons. I was just making an assumption and it's odd, though, that they put so much time into it, shot it and it was also highly publicized back in OCT, some writers seem to suggest looking forward to the scene.

Another rumor involves A Star is Born with Lady Gaga. That rumor says the film has now morphed into something far more "fake feminist friendly" than what they originally shot. This is a definite case of paranoia, given that Blockers, which features some pretty controversial stuff, just all male, is being released no problem. Point being, the self-censorship is just not necessary in 2018. It's not what the audience is asking for. That's just paranoia.


darkstar, you're talking about someone else, dude. I've never said any of that. I don't complain about male nudity, ever. I'm the one saying it's a good thing. Wrong person, my man.


A degree of substance? All you did was complain about male nudity yet again, and said that blockers had no female nudity which is wrong.


darkstar: Again with this? I don't think I've posted about A Star is Born before. I'm sharing "information"... So no clue what you mean. At least I try to post something with a degree of substance rather than just wasting a post with complaining, bitching and entirely useless comments.w


Gina Gershon is nude in Blockers, by why let that get in the way of this same comment that you post on every blog.


It was a recorded interview Kate did along with the director of the film at the time The Only Living Boy In New York came out. I'm sorry but I cant remember exactly where.It was audio, not video.Always a shame where Kate is concerned.


They should've kept that shit in, would've made the film better.


Knowing Kate I doubt you'd have seen anything anyway.


Bet the daughter shows before she ever does.


Doubtful considering Kate Beckinsale has already been nude in a movie


... 23 years ago. And no, the "nudity" in the Underworld movies doesn't count.


Someone a while back asked about Elizabeth Debicki in “Breath” and I’m not sure it was ever answered. MrSkin says she is briefly topless in a couple of sex scenes.


It is coming to theaters May 3rd in Australia. Here is the Mr Skin review:

(0:08) Pokeys on Megan Smart in back of a truck.

(0:09) Pokeys on Megan Smart again in th back of a truck.

(1:20) Elizabeth Debicki goes in the other room and begins undressing. She takes off her top revealing her bare back then it cuts to her in bed after sex with a young man. A little right cleavage over the blanket.

(1:22) Brief left breast on Elizabeth Debicki under the young man making love. Maybe just a touch of right nipple too.

(1:25) Nice shot of Elizabeth Debicki lying in bed in her slip.

(1:34) Quick left breast on Elizabeth Debicki under a guy having sex. Then she is in the shower. We see a little left sideboob and bare back down to top of her hips. Then there’s a shot of her painting in an open robe showing some nice inner right sideboob.


It's April. Mobile Homes with Imogen Poots is due out this month in Canada, do we know an exact date?




or yesterday - the sites disagree - but it’s definitely out in cinemas this week


Ah, I thought it was straight to VOD. Still great news though!


The pilot for Euphoria is being directed by Augustine Frizzell, whose film “Never Goin Back” with Maia Mitchell screened at Sundance this year.


Sex Education is a British production if you’re making casting wishlists.


Sounds like some great potential!


Thanks for the info. Hopefully we start getting good news about them soon.

I'm not sure where this show is production wise but is there any word about casting regarding the rebooted L-Word series that Showtime is producing? Hoping that it lives up to the original version nudity-wise.

Really glad you posted about Euphoria as it intrigued me when first announced that HBO was doing this show. Wasn't sure what to expect when saw teen drama and HBO together but as I read more about the series the more I saw this as very promising. In regards to dream casting I wouldn't mind one or both of the King sisters (Joey or Hunter) being cast though very doubtful that would happen. A couple of more obscure picks would be Sydney Sweeney, who was in Netflix's Everything Sucks and will be in S2 of The Handmaiden's Tale , and also Haley Pullos who played Belle Knox in the Lifetime movie about the pornstar.


Haley Pullos in From Straight A's to XXX (TV Movie 2017)


Thanks for the post. It would be extremely exciting to know some of the names of the contenders for each part, though. Often the anticipation ends up being more entertaining than some scenes themselves.
I hope either Nicola Peltz, Ellie Bamber, Katherine McNamara or Angourie Rice are part of Euphoria. I'd be more than euphoric if all of them did.


Just to let you know, the series in Israel is called "Oforia" and its basically a Israeli Larry Clarkesque series, meaning there is sex and nudity in it, so bet on that HBO series showing tits, ass and a lot of fucking.


Sorry, kind of off topic, but a bisexual female lead in Watchmen? Would they make Silk Spectre bi? Maybe they're going to start in the 40s and tell the whole thing chronologically, and it's Silhouette. Though in the comic she's unambiguously gay.


Alexandra Daddario for Silk Spectre.


Wow, this is fantastic post! Really looking forward to these new HBO shows (mostly of course Euphoria). Big thanks for infos Recapped!


Dream casting for euphoria Carly schroeder Caylee Cowan Emily Rainey yes you need to google or ig