Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 6

Tonight is the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones. There are supposed to be two whores naked at the brothel as they are being showcased. Josephine Gillan may be one of them.


Do you have further details on Katie Cassidys nude scene in The Scribbler? How much do we get to see, how is it lit? Thanks!

You see Katie’s breasts from various angles. The scene is dark and blue and there is a lot of stylistic editing — slo-mo, speed up, blurring.

How about Haley Bennett? Anything on her?

Haley shows her left breast from the side in The White City during a sex scene. It actually looks like she’s wearing pasties though.

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In the new MAD MAX does Charlize (Bald) Theron have a nude scene??


I don't think so.


I hope Nina Dobrev doesn't show her breasts in Lets be Cops.

I respect actors/actresses who resist the pressure to go nude.

It seems to be the trend today given the number of R rated movies being released.


any news on Regression?


no nudity by Camilla Belle from trailer, some side boobs and thats all


Yeah man anything on Camilla Belle can you share with us? She's gone silent for a while


Camilla Belle is shown topless from behind in the Amapola trailer released yesterday


where are the clips of under the skin??????!!!!


Lets talk about Salem. What are the nudity chances? Full boob shots? Or ass shots like the disappointing Eastwick show?


supposedly full frontal with merkins judgind by the reviews.


Nope, it's basic cable. There won't be any real nudity.


any news about under the skin screem caps or video?


What about Ashley Rickards in Behaving Badly?


true, but it often is quite dark on the cinema screen. Some even said they saw hints of bush in the mirror scene, so I donot doubt we'll get clear images.

Just look how the recapped images have been brightened up.


people should not get their hopes up for anything other than the HD release. the scenes are dark so i dont see how any cam caps would be any good. i think the scenes will be great in 1080 hd, but until that point you arent going to get a whole lot better than whats out there.

a24 is calling 4/18 as a "nationwide" release. lets hope that means VOD ( it would be on DirectTV). DirecTV struck a distribution deal with a24, and actually has the rights to offer films on-demand 30 days prior to release. we could have been watching this in HD back in march. they evidently have not cashed in on their VOD rights yet (likely to avoid hurting theater sales) but you have to imagine they will at some point.


Any update about Under The Skin?when are wegonna see any video or screen cap?thnx in advance


I know Milana Vayntrub is going to be in an episode of Californication this season. Anything from her?


My heart would stop! 😛


About Let's Be Cops, there's any sex scene at all ?? Or doesn't have any of that ?


Saw Let's Be Cops. No nudity.


I have it on good authority that Emma Watson will show her breasts in the film Regression, coming out next year. It's currently filming so no leaks for awhile... and the nude scene is quite unpleasant (think The Accused)... but her tits will definitely be in the movie.


Been looking forward to an Emma nude scene for couple of years, if your source is right kinda disapointing it's a disturbing scene, but i guess it's a start.


How do you know this? I know Emma plays an abuse victim who is potentially molested by her father but out of interest where did you hear that she will have a nude scene?



Will Nina Dobrev show her breasts in Let's Be Cops ??


So is Under The Skin coming out on Video On Demand anytime soon?


Hi. Do you know if Nina Dobrev shows her boobs in Let's Be Cops?


Yes, please some detail on Britt Robertson in Undiscovered Gyrl, been waiting so long


Felicity Jones?


Does anyone have any info on caity lotz nudity in "the machine" ?

In the trailer her body is blurred , is she going to be blurred in the movie too?

Is there nudity? Is it cgi?



It's online now.


I couldn't see anything noticeable.


What about Alice Englert anytime soon?


Can you give a detailed description of the scenes in Undiscovered Gyrl, please? It premieres this month and still we do not know anything certain 🙁


Any Gillian Jacobs nudity coming up? She has quite a few films coming out this year.


When will you have details on all of GoT season 4? I want more Emilia Clarke.


any information about the upcoming episodes of GOT will be greatly appreciated, particularly about Nathalie Emmanuel.


don't know if that's true but I read about some lesbian action between her and Daenerys, any chance for this to happen this season or to happen at all ?


Just saw a trailer for GOT & Carice Van Houten seems to be naked in the bath, so a bit of good news


Which trailer?


GOT S4 LookAHead on HBO on demand.


Anything on Silicon Valley?


Should we be expecting for you to post videos and photos of Scarlett in "Under the Skin" sometime soon? How long will the wait be? I saw the film a few days ago. The scene of her walking backwards in the dark room is so stunningly beautiful! My jaw dropped when I saw that shot.


@RudeDude How clear is everything? Can you make out her bits and pieces?


Yup! The LQ photos released so far from "Under the Skin" do no justice to the image quality of the nude scenes. Scarlett's nipples can be seen in most of those scenes despite the occasional shadows and dark lighting. The shots of her looking into the mirror are stunning. Nothing pixelated. The full shape of her breasts are fully seen. They are slightly pendulous and her aureolas are fuller than one would think from the LQ caps. Scarlett's body is a lot more "fleshy" than what is hinted at in the LQ caps. Very womanly, slightly plump. The scene of her walking backwards in the dark room is the highlight of the film. As she keeps walking to the right the camera keeps panning. You see her in profile but as she walks far enough you can see her right breast as well as her left in the same shot. All in a long-medium shot. Her hands are always positioned so as to cover her bush, though, in that scene. Her full rump is gorgeous. After AlexDD this is the great nude scene of the year so far, IMO.


hey, rudedude, great review. Do you see her bush in the mirror scene?


Django -- There is even a close-up of her crotch in the mirror scene (the shot was part of the leaked photos) but it is the only part of her body which is very much in the shadows. I am not sure if even the HD caps when they are released will reveal much but it was such a quick shot I really am not sure.


no no ....#rudedude i am not asking you,I asked recapped because he uploaded a good quality screen cap in twitter account


I meant to say I *second* your request. D'oh!


In that case, I send your request. 🙂 At least give us a hint as to when the vid or caps will be released, Recapped!


can you please upload scarlett videos from Under The Skin?



Yes, with my magic powers I am able to do that.