Celebrity Nudity Rumors April 7

Tomorrow’s Banshee starts with a nude scene featuring an unnamed blonde. She is most likely Sarah O’Sullivan who is credited as Skinny Girl.

Juno Temple might be getting naked again on Sunday’s Vinyl.

Also on Sunday, all episodes of The Girlfriend Experience will be available on Starz. We reviewed the premiere episode a while back and noted that Riley Keough has one topless scene. We have since seen more episodes and below is a short summary of the nudity:

Episode 2:
Some topless pictures of Kate Lyn Sheil are shown on a laptop.
Pics of Riley Keough’s T&A are shown on a laptop.
Riley shows her ass during a sex scene.
Kate Lyn Sheil is topless having sex with Riley.

Episode 3:
Riley Keough shows her breasts during sex.
More T&A from Riley during a dark sex scene.
Riley is topless in bed and we later see her ass as she gets up and walks away.
Riley checks out a topless photo of herself.

Episode 4:
Riley Keough is naked lying down on a bed.
Riley shows her breasts during sex.
Riley shows her breasts during sex again.
Riley shows her breasts while getting dressed.
Riley shows her breasts while showering.

Episodes 5-13:
Hmm… we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess there’s more nudity from Riley Keough.

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Is anybody watching "The Path" on Hulu? Just wondering if there's a chance that Sarah Jones will finally do some nudity?


Keri Russell shows brief butt in one of her best sex scenes to date, hard riding really quick then some missionary, in The Americans last night. Final 3 minutes of the episode


thanxs to keri russell for showing something in this lack of nudity week except for the premium cable channels.

she got nice riding butt...but sad FX doesn't show breasts.


Just finished this week's episode of Rogue. Nothing tonight, but it looks like Ashley Greene's sex scene is next week.

I doubt there will be anything, but we must not lose hope!


Thank god for that. I've been waiting for it forever now. I know it's gonna be nothing incredible. Far from it. But still there is anticipation from my side. Will catch up on this week's episode tonight hopefully.


there is a rumor about Zoey Deutch showing her vagina in (good kids) movie


no tits?


thats the weird part. but dont get your hopes up we might see nothing


Anyone know if there's nudity from Katheryn Winnick in the short film Stripped?



well may be!

but i don't hold my breath for that coz when there was nudity required she didn't show her skin...


I really hope the pilot for Open surfaces someday. I would love to see some nudity from Anna Torv.


(Sorry, this was intended as a response to the above comment about abandoned HBO pilots)


Skimmed through every episode of the Girlfriend Experience, lots of good nudity from Keough


Recapped have you seen the abandoned HBO pilots? The Fincher ones, the Alan Ball music drama etc.


Selena Gomez in anything?

Julianna Guill in Lawless Range (2016)?


The only nudity in Lawless Range are from stripper extras. No nudity from the main cast.


Damn, I don't we'll ever get to see Julianna in the same way we first saw her in Friday the 13th. It's a damn shame: those tits are stupendous.


What happened to Rogue? The first season delivered some fantastic sex scenes, but 2 and 3 have had pretty much nothing (that I know of)


There's an Ashley Greene sex scene, most likely non-nude though. Don't know the episode no. I don't think we are gonna get anything better than that.


Thanks for the updates!

Do you have any information about Game Of Thrones?


Latest GoT trailer teases Emilia Clarke nudity this season. She is nude but it may very well be that we don't get to see the goods.


Find it hard to believe after all the nudity she's done that they would edit that scene like a CW show or something. This is fuckin GoT. It's a 90% chance we see the goods. In fact, I predict it will be a pretty long and uncomfortable look at them to symbolize the loss of her power.


I agree. I don't think the lack of nude scenes from her over the last two seasons is because she's all of the sudden against it now, but there were no scenes for her in those two seasons that really called for it. Sure, she had a sex scene, but look at every scene she did on the show where she showed something, they're all actually quite powerful scenes, i.e. Her being groped and inspected by her own brother, being raped by Khal Drogo, rising out of a fire like a badass with three freaking dragons, and unashamedly rising out of the bath in front of Daario to display her power. I think the lesson here is that she is still very willing to do nudity, but only if it makes a statement in some way or adds to the power of the scene itself. And that particular scene in the season 6 trailer certainly looks like it fits the bill. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty optimistic!


TVMA for the first episode says nudity.


Any new info on Daddario and Upton in The Layover (2016)?

Stefanie Scott in I.T. (2016)?



thanks recapped! is it too early to have any info on Penny Dreadful season 3, the trailer hints that Eva Green might be nude again


Just finished Vikings. Some unknowns might be naked, but I doubt there's anything else.


I concur with Urameshi - great to see you guys posting more regularly! Any info on the upcoming season of "Penny Dreadful" or (less likely) "Game of Thrones"?


It's amazing to see you this active, Mr recapped.

Thank you very much so!


thanks recapped


Thanks for the "Banshee" and "Girlfriend Experience" info. Although after that mess of a premiere "Banshee" had, it's hard to muster up much enthusiasm for the rest of the season.


what about eliza dushku nude part ?

is it in 2nd ep or 3rd ep ?


Eliza doesn't show up until later in the season.


but visitorQ mentioned that upto 5th episode,there is nudity..

so i hope sooner the better...


Thanks for all nudity news.

Do you have any informations about nudity in Manhattan Nocturne?


Trailer is out. Yvonne looks very topless in a couple different scenes. If they carefully show nothing, it will be one of the more obviously pathetic nudity removal edits in recent memory.


After what happened in Dexter I'm not holding my breath


No, sorry.


Nice! Thanks for the update!

Outlander Season 2, Episode 1 is out now on the new Starz app. Anybody see it yet? Thanks.


No nudity.