Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 1, 2014

The first season of Power ends with a bang tomorrow as both Lela Loren and Lucy Walters are supposed to have sex scenes.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s True Blood brings the nostalgia as Anna Paquin gets naked. Carrie Preston also has a sex scene but doesn’t really show anything. Bailey Noble can also be seen in her skivvies.

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Caitlin stasey nude reign season 2 ?


No chance. It's network TV.


charlize theron nude?


We'll find out everything in three weeks, "Wild" premieres at the Toronto Film Festival.

Do you think pictures will leak immediately afterward?


Unlikely since it's a festival.


But we'll get all the details about her nude scene.


Down for me as well. Server issues?


Sorry this is off topic but I dont know where else to check. What happen to Celebtops forum? Its not working for me


Any chance to see something from Jenna-Louise Coleman soon?


Will Vinessa Shaw or Paula Malcomson have any more scenes in Ray Donovan?


Nina dobrev nude ?


Carrie coon did get her tits out!


let's see who is nude in episode 9!


Is reese witherspoon actually getting naked in the movie wild? If so, that would definitely make it a contender for nude scene of the year!


supposedly full frontal, but we will know in a few months.


We find out in three weeks, "Wild" premieres at the Toronto Film Festival.

Do you think pictures will immediately leak?


Any news on Erin Cummings masters of sex?


Why's that? she did it a few years ago in wanted as well


She had her breasts surgically removed for health reasons.


Any chance that Angelina jolie will go nude in by the sea. After all, its an intimate drama with brad pitt


She got a double mastectomy. Why would you want to see her naked?


I bet she will never do it again.


Bridget regan nude ?


i heard that zoe kazan would be nude in her next movie. its that true?


Gage Golighty, Red Oaks or Backmask?


Any new nudity from diane kruger?


Alexa Vega possibly nude in Sin City 2?


If the Dexter producers couldn't get her to do a proper nude scene what makes you think a no name first time director can? If there's any scene like it, it will be dimly lit with pasties or similar.


Well, I think Yvonne would never bare it all for a show where she's not a main character and show that can't give her any award or nomination buuut... look at Scarlett Johansson - she is much bigger star than Yvonne and yet went nude for very independent weird movie of director that have done previously only 2 movies. It all depends on how much Yvonne is involved in film - of course we can have here, as you said, Dexter2 aka nudity without nakedness, but I think that movie can break her nudity cherry.


I am sorry dude, but the director of Under the Skin is a highly touted director who's made some incredibly amazing movies people still talk about to this day over his 22 year career. Birth and Sexy Beast are very well regarded. Especially Sexy Beast which many people consider a classic. The director of Manhattan Nocturne only has a few shorts credited, and he's never done anything else at all.


I don't meant they're not good or he's not great director - I meant they are (and he) not very famouse and popular. Truth be told I was super sure ScarJo will never do nude scene even for someone like Scorsese, Von Tiere, Lynch or other high profile directors.

We don't know but maybe Manhattan Nocturne director is as good as Jonathan Glazer and will convince Yvonne to do that. There's no reason to speculate for now.


Yvonne strahovski nude ?


Not likely unfortunately. She only has one movie in production, and it's a low budget flick unlikely to convince her to take it off. Hopefully she gets cast in True Detective season 2 or something.


Yeah, but her character in book have couple of nude/sex scenes so it is possible.


any news on gone girl, read the book it has a lot of sex


Boobs from Emily Ratajkowski and maybe more(if they go by the book only boobs) and sex brief nudity from Rosamund Pike.

This would be an assesement for the book.


If they go by the book there should be shower nudity from pike towards the end.


I know it's way too early to know about game of thrones since they haven't started filming yet but I know young 18-year old (younger than Sophie Turner by a few weeks apparently which is a really really good sign) Rosabel Laurenti Sellers is apparently going to be going topless on the show (but nothing more)

I'm fine with topless.

I ask this question though: you think Rosabel has huge dark nipples? Aren't the sand sharks supposed to have huge dark nipples?


Yeah i noticed too! And there is no uproar yet! 😉

All but guaranteed after that interview... Imagine what would happen if the older Sophie took her clothes off. Hypocrites...

We'll have to wait and see what her nipples look like 😉

Actually i think her character is a blonde in the books... Oberyn had a lot of daughters with a lot of different women.


I think you mean Sand Snakes 😛

I don't recall that specific description from the books, and that's a lot of text to go back through since their wiki page won't have nipple description. That being said, they come from different mothers from lots of different regions so it isn't outside of the realm of possibility for one or two to be darker. The Dornish people are described as looking Spanish/Italian and since the Sand Snakes are all at least 50% Dornish, you can take that into consideration too.


Stana katic nude film ?


Next episode of the Leftovers may feature Margaret Qualley nude. It has strong sexual content, and the description is: Jill attempts to break an endurance record.

She plays Jill. Given the sex game from the pilot perhaps it's a sex record? The other possibility is Carrie Coon. If you watch the preview you can see a naked back, but it's hard to tell which character it is.


From the hair looks like Carrie Coon.

Qualley is definitely getting naked later in the season though.


I hope to see everything of Carrie Coon!!! She's a hot milf.


Yes, that was definitely her first.


Vinessa Shaw had a nude scene in last night's Ray Donovan. Boob and butt are shown. Seemed like it might be a body double. However, you get a shot of her face and breast at the same time toward the end of the scene.


I was surprised to not see any news on that. After all these years that would be her first nude scene, correct (barring that she didn't use a double again)? Man, I've had the hots for her ever since I saw Hocus Pocus as a kid.


The One I Love is available to watch online for a short time before coming out in theaters. Any scenes from Elisabeth Moss in the film?


No nudity in "The One I Love". Two brief and very discreet sex scenes, with only a dimly-lit glimpse of bra. Good movie, though.


Hey recapped, I had one question:

I heard there will be advance screening of the movie "The Boy Next Door" and I'm curious if Jennifer Lopez will be naked in it or is it all male butt? Thanks.


Power had zero nudity. FAIL


Well, recapped said "sex scenes" not "naked sex scenes" and I don't know about Lucy, but Lela had quick one.


August promises to be a promising month for beautiful ladies with likely nude scenes from Eva Green, Laura Ramsey and Anna Paquin. Now, if only someone could confirm anything new from Gretchen Mol in the upcoming final season of "Boardwalk Empire" or present us with more details about Jessica Chastain in "Salome" (*the dance of the seven veils*!!!) that would be super. 🙂

Add Reese Witherspoon in "Wild" into the mix and the second half of 2014 is looking *almost* as stunning as the first half!


a weekend of fapping


Was Curious if you guys have any information on the new Amazon Pilot and Series


Any news on the next Ray Donovan?


Anything on Gillian Jacobs?


I figured this last season of True Blood would go out with a bang, but what a mess it's been. Not even any good nudity to save it. Such a disappointment...


Would appreciate any info on Betsy Brandt on Masters of Sex. Thank you!


Thanx a lot. Ur the best


Thanks for info, but damn, no naked Bailey... that's disappointing. Now only naked Amelia Rose Blair can save the show's nudity.


No naked bailey YET. Don't give up hope! Finale, maybe?


Just checked and there will be no nudity in finale episode of True Blood, and what's the funniest thing is that ep will run for 65 minutes (the longest in TB history). So only chance for some nudity from Bailey, Amelia and Ashley is ep 9 but I highly doubtful they will packed that much girls in one ep. My bet is on Anna one more time and maybe Ashley as she already done nude scene so probably will not have big problem with doing it again. But still fingers crossed for Bailey and primary Amelia.


There is nudity and strong sexual content in ep 9 (nothing in ep 8 and no tvma for ep 10 yet) so yeah there is still hope.