Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 1: Very Good Girls

This weekend, Elena Satine shows her tits and ass while having sex on Magic City and Bailey Noble shows her breasts on True Blood. Anna Paquin also has a shower scene but doesn’t really show anything.


If you’re talking about Very Good Girls, the cut our source saw is different from the Sundance cut Mr. Skin reviewed. The scene where Dakota gets out of bed wearing nothing is gone. As for the skinny-dipping scene, it starts with a wide shot of Dakota (or her body double) running toward the water naked while a bunch of people look on. Then we see a shot of Dakota’s face. And finally a closer shot with no one on the beach of Dakota running and entering the water. This is likely CG as Dakota turns around while in the water and we see her face and some cleavage in the same shot. A variation of this scene is repeated and intercut with a very long scene of Dakota in her bra at the end of the film.

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Any info on how substantial the nudity is on Starz's The White Queen?


Bailey's topless scene was badly lit and all too brief but damn she has a nice pair of itty bitty titties.

So cute and very adorable.

I love Bailey!


Thank god Bailey is actually gonna show some skin!

I bet her tits are as "totes adorbs" as the rest of her

Too bad they didn't get bailey to go full frontal. I bet her cooch is great!


Probably another one of those young actress' who know nudity is required for the part but don't want to show any skin. so they cry on the directors shoulder about how mommy don't want her tits showing and he gives in. too bad.