Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 13, 2015

On the next Masters of Sex, Kristen Hager opens her top and shows her breasts to Lizzy Caplan. Later, Kristen drops her robe and shows her ass. Then Kristen shows her breasts as she masturbates. This is Kristen’s first nude scenes if we don’t include the mostly dark, obscured bits she showed in Leslie, My Name is Evil (aka Manson, My Name is Evil).


Anything from Taissa Farmiga in 6 Years?


Anything in the air concerning the upcoming HBO mini-series “Show Me A Hero,” co-starring Winona Ryder?

Don’t think there’s any nudity in the mini-series.

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I don't know about all y'all, but I need some info if Elle Fanning is actually nude in "About Ray." I honestly feel she'll just be shot from the neck up like in the trailer and we're jumping the shark on nudity but we need some details quick!


If I was a betting man, I'd bet on a shot from the neck up. I just don't see her doing nudity in this movie as it is not prestigious enough.


Anything from, "How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town"? Particularly from Katherine Isabelle.


Gotta love how there's a question about this every time, but I got to say your fixation on Katherine instead of Jewel saddens me.


I don't know man, there's just something about Ms. Isabelle that just does it for me.


Any news about new Netflix show "Narcos"? Especialy regarding Adria Arjona. Thanks.


Just a brief flash of nipple from Natalie Dormer in the bbc feature the scandalous lady w. Could and should have been so much better.


Maisie Williams talks about her sex scene in upcoming film The Falling



Its available on youtube

Sex with clothes


Maisie might have not even shown cleavage, but hey, at least we saw a guy's butt.



Carla Gugino in next week's The Brink?


The is no nudity in next episode of The Brink (according to HBO TVMA).


Is Kristen Stewart naked in "American Ultra"?


There doesn't seem to be any nudity in the film.


Anything in Power?


Lucy Walters - brief left breast and brief butt.


Ye saw that, and with her Treats shoot aswell...all nip slips, as if shes easing herself into a nude role.

Hopefully some proper nudity soon...


Anyone know whats happening with the Melissa Rauch movie The Bronze?


What bugs me is that this was supposed to be out by now, but the release date got moved to mid October


She uses a body double for the nudity in the movie, as far as im aware.


From what I've heard she does some of the nudity (including a shaved full-frontal shot) herself and the body double is just for the acrobatic stunts.


She wont be nude, maybe see her bum, but gymnast will show boobs and muff.


"including a shaved full-frontal shot"

Is it true? Is this her and not her body double?

Where did you read that?