Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 13

Deborah Ann Woll gets the honor of having the final nude scene of the series when the penultimate episode of True Blood airs Sunday. Except Deborah’s not really nude again of course since her nipples are no where to be seen.

On Sunday’s Manhattan, Alexia Fast throws a fit, goes to the window, unfastens her dress, and flashes a soldier her breasts. Unfortunately, the scene is very dark and you can’t really see anything. Apparently this is the only revealing scene Alexia has this season.

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who gets nude in the leftovers tonight???


Any thing from Danielle Panabaker in Time lapse??


Anything on Bette White getting naked soon?


Does anyone know when Ask Me Anything will be available. I'm dying to see Britt Robertson and Gia Montegna and all we got a long time ago was a couple of caps from Britt :(. Thanks in advance!


I heard fall sometime, but nothing official yet.


The company which acquired AMA was later bought by another company called eOne, they are the ones releasing Two Night Stand and Miss Meadows. As these two were just announced to be released in October and November, I would expect it to be released in November at the earliest. We need an announcement first.


any info on melissa rauch for any future potential nude scenes?


Yup! Melanie Ratcliff from "You Are Here"! She is a stunner! One of the great nude debuts of 2014. Which is saying quite a bit!


Any news on roxanne pallett nudity in wrong turn 6?


according to someone on imdb who saw the movie every girl in the movies shows their tits I don't know if that's the full extent of the nudity though.


Has anyone seen clips from Are You Here? It was released today. From a review:

"But. But. There is one very good reason to watch this movie. It comes about 43 minutes in. It involves actress Alana De La Garza, whom you might recognize from her 80-plus episodes as Connie Rubirosa on Law & Order. Here, she plays a news anchor (“Victoria Riolobos”) who has just hooked up with Wilson at his place. After complaining that Wilson doesn’t have any whitening trays in his bathroom (which is code for her character being too shallow for Wilson), she disrobes and shows off the most beautiful body I’ve seen in recent memory. (And I subscribe to Playboy.) Seriously, props to her and her trainer."



Show right boob from the side.


I think you're thinking of the beautiful Laura Ramsey who is reported to show side boob and ass. The report above is about an actress named Alana De La Garza.


Do you have a link to caps or clips?


Check the great Swedish fish rule tumblr


On the tumbler site, what is the name of the amazingly beautiful woman looking straight at the camera while topless? Is she from the same film?


so much for full frontal!!


sweet, let's hope somebody rips it or tells us how it is. With these VOD releases sometimes it's not online that soon. When do you think it'll come? thanks


TIFF 2014 is not only playing Cannes favorite "The Tribe" (Yana Novikova nude) but also Finnish film "They Have Escaped" starring 20-year old sexpot Roosa Söderholm reportedly going naked, perhaps even full frontal 🙂


Jennifer Lawrence needs to make a sex scene someday, i think. Brie Larson needs too. You know something about that?