Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 19

Lizzy Caplan is again topless briefly at the beginning of the next Masters of Sex. HelΓ©ne Yorke volunteers to be a sex surrogate and is also naked in this episode. And there are some other topless test subjects and dancers.

On the Ballers finale, Arielle Kebbel has a quickie sex scene but we only see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ass.

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any one who can give full season 1 nudity review of NARCOS ?


Adria Arjona and Joanne Christie are both nude in Narcos episode 2. Starts are 19 mins in. Both show breasts during sex.


Good one mate


Just watched. Nice!

Adrias was slightly frustrating haha. It's like that Salma Hayek in Desperado where you see nips but the areola is invisible because of the way it's lit.


Adria is clearly wearing pasties πŸ™


Thank you so much for that information! Can't wat to see it.


Some really good nudity in Zipper, but no full frontals.

But Alex scene is nice and pretty long. We get nice views of Lena's boobs and Penelope's scene isn't too shabby either.


Thanks for the info. Something to look forward to.


A quick google search and the movie is available to stream online. Alex's scene where she is getting done doggy is pretty good!


Emma Watson movie Regression premieres today


Premiering in Madrid, so who knows when reviews will come in. Granted Emma Watson nudity would hit internet fast most likely. Pessimist in me though says that screener who claimed nudity was full of it.


Colonia should have something, I feel like this site doesn't post information pertaining to it like they did unless there is something there.


pretty sure they are embargoing reviews till open release for some reason, usually that's a sign of a bad movie, as there are no reviews on rotten tomatoes.


Is the Spanish actress Maria Valverde naked in the movie "Ahora o nunca"?


Taissa Farmiga in 6 years or another movie this year? She's very cute. I like to see her naked.


No nudity in 6 Years. There is a brief scene of her in a bikini top at the beginning of the film that I posted a video clip of on cndb.


Emily Kinney, Masters of Sex any news??


just two days to wait


No she wont be nude, im afraid πŸ™


Ok just on the subject of "if you want nudity watch porno".

On the one basic level yeah it's nice to have a little raunchiness in a series. There's nothing wrong with that or the disappointment in lack of it.

The big problem is that so many shows such as Banshee, or Strike Back are largely built up in that raunchiness. Tgen there's other shows like True Detective, Masters of Sex or Game of Thrones which are of course great in their own respect and don't come off as exploitation.

But the thing is that when all the above shows have a debut season crammed with sex and nudity and then they drop it off in the laters reasons after they've built up a following it does feel like there's something missing.

It's easy to say "well I don't watch for the sex if I want that I'd watch a porno, I watch for the story". But then if a show like True Detective didn't need nudity in a sex scene between the two main romantic characters in season 2 then why did it need that in season 1? If they could have just filmed nude scenes in Masters of Sex from the back or from the shoulders and up then why didn't they do that in early seasons unless it was just to get people interested in the show due to the nudity?

Then there's the actresses who decide after they've gotten famous enough and their role in the series is guaranteed that they don't need to do the nude scenes anymore. if that's the case then they only did the nudity because the price was right and not because it was necessary. I mean if it was necessary in season 1 why are you then using L-shaped sheets in season 2?

So I put it out there that the show runners and actors themselves when the shows have a huge drop off in nudity are really showing how unnecessary it was in the first place and that they are proving they only did it for the sake of exploitation.

In those cases it's not the casual viewer disappointed in lack of nudity who is the shithead, it's the filmmakers and actors themselves for resorting to such a cheap tactic for views or to increase their careers.


As mentioned above, a lot of cable networks insist on such scenes in order to drive up ratings and subscription numbers - I've read multiple interviews with the casts, creators and producers of various cable shows where they mention receiving notes from the network to add more sex and nudity. Some shows are exempt from this (particularly comedies), but generally speaking, it's the cable networks pushing for nude scenes rather than the show runners.

One reason many cable shows have fewer nude scenes as they continue (particularly when it comes to the main stars) is that, the longer they run, the more leeway its cast has to negotiate with such matters - and the more money they can ask for in exchange for doing nudity. That last point is probably the biggest factor, as cable shows tend to have far lower budget than major network shows.

I do understand the desire to see celebrities naked over just "watching porn," though. There's an indescribable thrill that comes from seeing someone you know naked over seeing a complete stranger naked, and when one becomes more familiar with actresses (and the characters they play), it's easy to feel as though you "know" them, at least to a certain extent. Just be aware that there is usually a great deal of negotiating when it comes to any nude scene - it's not uncommon for contracts to be drawn up detailing how much can be shown, how long it can be on screen, what angle it can be filmed from, how well-lit the scene can be, etc. - and there are some rather intricate network/show runner politics on top of that. Sadly, it's just not as simple as saying "You had X amount of nude/sex scenes in season 1, I want that you to keep that up forever!"


it sucks when out of all the episodes - Elizabeth Gillies has no nudity on her show .

its more fun when a 1 timer does nudity like Alexandra Daddario .

HBO basically has to get more nudity on its shows .


Anonymous, PhD. in Celeb Nudity. πŸ˜€ great insight..way to go.


Very insightful. Thanks.


To be honest, I think the people want nudity in the seasons cos they are celebs, and debut celebs. If it was all nobody women walking about topless now and then there wouldn't be a big following.


They want nudity because they want it to have content that the other networks don't have. This is what supposedly makes HBO different from the other networks.


I've read interviews with the actress Blanchard Ryan. Most famous from the movie Open Water. She doesn't have anything against nudity, but admits it's always gratuitous.

I think Helen Mirren has said something similar.


Also, Nic Pizzolatto admitted in an interview during S1 of True Detective that the nude scenes were cable mandate. Even outright stating he would be happy with nudity.


thank god for that though right ?!? or else we would've never got to see michelle monaghan, lili simmons and daddario naked, especially michelle who hadn't done it till then. πŸ˜€


who gives a F*** aboout M.. when there was lilly and Alex D .. Great .....


i know. but that really wasn't much. more like a tease.


I think Michelle was naked before in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


Oops "happy with no nudity".


Other films rated this week

1.The 33 - Rated PG-13 for a disaster sequence and some language.

2.The Armor Of Light - Rated PG-13 for thematic content

and brief strong language.

3.By Way Of Helena - Rated R for strong violence and language.

4.He Never Died - Rated R for bloody violence and language


5.In A Valley Of Violence - Rated R for violence and language.

6.Just Let Go - Rated PG-13 for accident images and

thematic material.

7.Kilo Two Bravo - Rated R for disturbing and graphic

depiction of war injuries, and for pervasive language.

8.The Masked Saint - Rated PG-13 for some violence and

thematic elements.

9.Out Of Inferno - Rated PG-13 for disaster action/peril and

some violence.

10.Pan - Rated PG for fantasy action violence, language and

some thematic material.

11.Unnatural - Rated R for some bloody creature violence.

Awesome, a perfect week!... In Bizarro world 😐


I'm surprised that we haven't seen any nude caps from The Diary of a Teenage Girl yet. Limited release but it's still been out a couple weeks.