Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 19

Lizzy Caplan is again topless briefly at the beginning of the next Masters of Sex. Heléne Yorke volunteers to be a sex surrogate and is also naked in this episode. And there are some other topless test subjects and dancers.

On the Ballers finale, Arielle Kebbel has a quickie sex scene but we only see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ass.

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any one who can give full season 1 nudity review of NARCOS ?


Adria Arjona and Joanne Christie are both nude in Narcos episode 2. Starts are 19 mins in. Both show breasts during sex.


Good one mate


Just watched. Nice!

Adrias was slightly frustrating haha. It's like that Salma Hayek in Desperado where you see nips but the areola is invisible because of the way it's lit.


Adria is clearly wearing pasties 🙁


Thank you so much for that information! Can't wat to see it.


Some really good nudity in Zipper, but no full frontals.

But Alex scene is nice and pretty long. We get nice views of Lena's boobs and Penelope's scene isn't too shabby either.


Thanks for the info. Something to look forward to.


A quick google search and the movie is available to stream online. Alex's scene where she is getting done doggy is pretty good!


Emma Watson movie Regression premieres today


Premiering in Madrid, so who knows when reviews will come in. Granted Emma Watson nudity would hit internet fast most likely. Pessimist in me though says that screener who claimed nudity was full of it.


Colonia should have something, I feel like this site doesn't post information pertaining to it like they did unless there is something there.


pretty sure they are embargoing reviews till open release for some reason, usually that's a sign of a bad movie, as there are no reviews on rotten tomatoes.


Is the Spanish actress Maria Valverde naked in the movie "Ahora o nunca"?


Taissa Farmiga in 6 years or another movie this year? She's very cute. I like to see her naked.


No nudity in 6 Years. There is a brief scene of her in a bikini top at the beginning of the film that I posted a video clip of on cndb.


Emily Kinney, Masters of Sex any news??


just two days to wait


No she wont be nude, im afraid 🙁


Ok just on the subject of "if you want nudity watch porno".

On the one basic level yeah it's nice to have a little raunchiness in a series. There's nothing wrong with that or the disappointment in lack of it.

The big problem is that so many shows such as Banshee, or Strike Back are largely built up in that raunchiness. Tgen there's other shows like True Detective, Masters of Sex or Game of Thrones which are of course great in their own respect and don't come off as exploitation.

But the thing is that when all the above shows have a debut season crammed with sex and nudity and then they drop it off in the laters reasons after they've built up a following it does feel like there's something missing.

It's easy to say "well I don't watch for the sex if I want that I'd watch a porno, I watch for the story". But then if a show like True Detective didn't need nudity in a sex scene between the two main romantic characters in season 2 then why did it need that in season 1? If they could have just filmed nude scenes in Masters of Sex from the back or from the shoulders and up then why didn't they do that in early seasons unless it was just to get people interested in the show due to the nudity?

Then there's the actresses who decide after they've gotten famous enough and their role in the series is guaranteed that they don't need to do the nude scenes anymore. if that's the case then they only did the nudity because the price was right and not because it was necessary. I mean if it was necessary in season 1 why are you then using L-shaped sheets in season 2?

So I put it out there that the show runners and actors themselves when the shows have a huge drop off in nudity are really showing how unnecessary it was in the first place and that they are proving they only did it for the sake of exploitation.

In those cases it's not the casual viewer disappointed in lack of nudity who is the shithead, it's the filmmakers and actors themselves for resorting to such a cheap tactic for views or to increase their careers.


As mentioned above, a lot of cable networks insist on such scenes in order to drive up ratings and subscription numbers - I've read multiple interviews with the casts, creators and producers of various cable shows where they mention receiving notes from the network to add more sex and nudity. Some shows are exempt from this (particularly comedies), but generally speaking, it's the cable networks pushing for nude scenes rather than the show runners.

One reason many cable shows have fewer nude scenes as they continue (particularly when it comes to the main stars) is that, the longer they run, the more leeway its cast has to negotiate with such matters - and the more money they can ask for in exchange for doing nudity. That last point is probably the biggest factor, as cable shows tend to have far lower budget than major network shows.

I do understand the desire to see celebrities naked over just "watching porn," though. There's an indescribable thrill that comes from seeing someone you know naked over seeing a complete stranger naked, and when one becomes more familiar with actresses (and the characters they play), it's easy to feel as though you "know" them, at least to a certain extent. Just be aware that there is usually a great deal of negotiating when it comes to any nude scene - it's not uncommon for contracts to be drawn up detailing how much can be shown, how long it can be on screen, what angle it can be filmed from, how well-lit the scene can be, etc. - and there are some rather intricate network/show runner politics on top of that. Sadly, it's just not as simple as saying "You had X amount of nude/sex scenes in season 1, I want that you to keep that up forever!"


it sucks when out of all the episodes - Elizabeth Gillies has no nudity on her show .

its more fun when a 1 timer does nudity like Alexandra Daddario .

HBO basically has to get more nudity on its shows .


Anonymous, PhD. in Celeb Nudity. 😀 great insight..way to go.


Very insightful. Thanks.


To be honest, I think the people want nudity in the seasons cos they are celebs, and debut celebs. If it was all nobody women walking about topless now and then there wouldn't be a big following.


They want nudity because they want it to have content that the other networks don't have. This is what supposedly makes HBO different from the other networks.


I've read interviews with the actress Blanchard Ryan. Most famous from the movie Open Water. She doesn't have anything against nudity, but admits it's always gratuitous.

I think Helen Mirren has said something similar.


Also, Nic Pizzolatto admitted in an interview during S1 of True Detective that the nude scenes were cable mandate. Even outright stating he would be happy with nudity.


thank god for that though right ?!? or else we would've never got to see michelle monaghan, lili simmons and daddario naked, especially michelle who hadn't done it till then. 😀


who gives a F*** aboout M.. when there was lilly and Alex D .. Great .....


i know. but that really wasn't much. more like a tease.


I think Michelle was naked before in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


Oops "happy with no nudity".


Other films rated this week

1.The 33 - Rated PG-13 for a disaster sequence and some language.

2.The Armor Of Light - Rated PG-13 for thematic content

and brief strong language.

3.By Way Of Helena - Rated R for strong violence and language.

4.He Never Died - Rated R for bloody violence and language


5.In A Valley Of Violence - Rated R for violence and language.

6.Just Let Go - Rated PG-13 for accident images and

thematic material.

7.Kilo Two Bravo - Rated R for disturbing and graphic

depiction of war injuries, and for pervasive language.

8.The Masked Saint - Rated PG-13 for some violence and

thematic elements.

9.Out Of Inferno - Rated PG-13 for disaster action/peril and

some violence.

10.Pan - Rated PG for fantasy action violence, language and

some thematic material.

11.Unnatural - Rated R for some bloody creature violence.

Awesome, a perfect week!... In Bizarro world 😐


I'm surprised that we haven't seen any nude caps from The Diary of a Teenage Girl yet. Limited release but it's still been out a couple weeks.


Uncensored Entourage movie is out there now, nude scene from Sabina Gadecki is near the start


Does anybody have anything on "Goddess of Love" particularly from Alexis Kendra, the trailer made it look like there will be a glorious amount of nudity.


The most recent episode of Masters of Sex made it obvious that Lizzy Caplan is actively avoiding as much nudity as possible this season for some reason. 7 episodes in and she only has 2 brief nude appearances compared to previous seasons where nudity was plentiful. This episode in particular, her breasts were implied expose but nothing was shown as the camera instead choose to show her exposed back and an above the collarbones shot. I heard Emily Kinney will debut in the next episode and has multiple episode appearances afterwards so hopefully she can save this season.


Kinney isnt getting nude, lol


He's pulling it out of his ass


Ok then you will see !!!!


Look like she is following Emilia Clarke's lead and refusing to get naked after the show gets popular. Which is absurd in both cases as the show became popular solely because of her nudity.


"The show became popular solely because of her nudity" If you're talking about Game of Thrones.. No. Just no lmao


Crossing my fingers for Sarah Silverman this season.


Nudity sucked this year on GOT and Penny Dreadful and Banshee and Strikeback. These pay channels should know we expect nudity. Just awful. Why does NOBODY know if Katie Holmes is nude in Ray Donovan yet???? There's been 7 episodes and only 5 left and all have been viewed or else the synopsis trolls are lying.


It's really pathetic if you're watching shows only for the nudity. Go to a strip club to see someone get naked.


Not only "then why are you here at all", since it is a website about nudity. But also, when did anyone say they watch a show ONLY because of nudity. Fuck you. Moderation is needed.

Posts getting hundreds of useless comments from pieces of shit who think they are above us all.


calm down bruh, it's not that serious.


As much as I hate to say this, this place needs some moderation. Surely it can't be that hard to drop by every couple of days and delete comments that are obvious trolls?

Watching the comments gradually change into 4chan is getting really old


then why are you here at all ?!?


Because it's common sense that she won't be. You have a better chance of seeing Emma Watson naked this year than Holmes getting naked on Ray Donovan.


No way dude. I will give Emma getting naked the same chance as Katie in ray Donovan. No chance in hell.


No worries Om, I'm just being a stenographer. I have no idea how accurate any specific report on IMDB is, though I'd say it's quite accurate in general.

For instance, there is a brief bikini scene from Anna Kendrick (amazing but true!) in Digging With Fire that isn't mentioned in the IMDB parent's guide report.


Any news about Netflix "Narcos"? Thanks.


When Jessica Lucas is gona show her Goods...

she is so hot... I love herr... 😉 :p

just wishing she shows us soon....


Jessica signed on as a series regular for season 2 of Gotham, so she'll be busy in the no-nudity world of network television for a while.


hm... sad news.. 🙁 🙁


Carla Quevedo was topless in episode 4 of HBO's Show Me A Hero.


1.Sinister 2

A man and a woman kiss fairly passionately.

A man accuses a man that he is having an affair with his wife. (See Violence & Gore)

A woman asks a man to stay the night.

2.Hitman: Agent 47

A woman's nipples are visible through her shirt in one scene.

3.Digging for Fire (no recent review)

Sex talk looks to be frequent

Some full frontal male nudity

4.She's Funny That Way

During an audition, the man and a woman thrusting each other. The scene lasts about 12-16 seconds.

Not reviewed

1.American Ultra


3.Learning to Drive

4.Some Kind Of Beautiful


American Ultra

In a hazy flashback, Phoebe's (Kristen Stewart) face is seen, rocking up and down on a pillow - implied sex.

Sexual references in the terms of insults.

Trippy end-credits sequence shows more graphic sex occurring, but this is brief.


I just checked IMDb and I take my words back. You're right.


I really find that hard to believe.


So... No actual nudity from her?


Anything nudity from Sarah Dumont in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse?


Lily Collins needs to get naked for her career.


What do we know about Imogen Pootts? I already saw her butt but I need to see her little boobs.


Apparently most of the main female cast gets naked in Knight of Cups, idk if she does tho


According to whom?


Trishna had better sex scenes.... no outright nudity but serious good scenes. Better than Immortals which was nude double. There is a episode where is admitted to that.


I know Immortals was a BD. that's what I was telling the other guy. Trishna was great, especially that dance which was very sensual.


If most of them get naked in that movie.. I would really like to see Freida Pinto naked!


The immortals dude. Check it out.


Hard to tell at this point of time man. I would like to know abt that as well.


But does she or doesn't she(freida) get nude in Knight of Cups?? 🙂


which is exactly what i said. read my previous comment.


The Immortals was a body double and an obvious one.


She has gotten before alrdy but if I had to choose one I'd choose wether Emma Watson or loan chabanol


I guess you don't know that Freida's goods in that scene was a body double. And Emma watson nude ?!? Forget it.


When? and where has she gotten nude before?


Might watch this in September and then report back.


Elizabeth gillies - sex and drugs and rock and roll.. - watched the whole series - no nudity from her .


So, Marcia Gay Harden just got topless in After Words. Gotta love how you spend months and years waiting for a possible nude scene and then just get blindsided by one.


Shay Mitchell nude?


Any news regarding Elizabeth gillies? She iz quite hot in sex and drugs and rock and roll..


Yes, straight guys do have sites that cater for them, and up until yesterday this was one of them....


Yeah, and sadly it has now been taken by those damn gays. Newsflash: it hasn't.


WHAT ^^^HE^^^ SAID!!!!!!!!!!!


Regarding male nudity. How good is The Rock's ass shot? From a far, or too close or pretty good? And could it be a BD?


Just asked a simple question, sry. Plus someone offered information on male nudity.


I have seen the rock bottom for years.


I dont want to show my bumb you jakass


It's THE PEOPLE'S ASS !!!!!!!!!! 😀


Please don't go down this male nudity stuff....bi guys and gay guys have got websites that cater for them.

Lets not spam this site with guys with shirts off and bums...

Thanks !!!


Yeah, don't put your guys' bums news right next to my boobs' news, it might make me QUESTION things about myself.


I don't know of any sites providing info on upcoming male nude scenes though.


How hairy is the Rock's ass? Asking for a friend.

@Please Are you saying that straight guys don't have websites that cater for them? My heart aches for us, for the way we are persecuted and maltreated!


I continue to eagerly await nudity news about Emma Watson, Jewel Staite and Yvonne Strahovski. I fear that in all three cases we will not get nudity from these lovely ladies but I hope I am proven wrong.


the odds of jewel are 50-50 and emma is more like 95-5 imo


Yvonne Strahovski, the MN thing is frustrating and I have given up on the idea of the movie being released in 2015, maybe early 2016. Emma Watson...wait till TIFF next month, but I don't think Colonia will have naked Emma, bra and undies sure but no T&A.


I feel you man. I have been waiting for like forever for some Manhattan Nocturne news. But it all seems in vain. Be it 2015 or 2016, let it be some really steamy stuff from Yvonne.


I hope for some great nudity too and there should be if the makers remain true to the book, but I have this bad feeling that there will be covered nudity a la Dexter.


the jewel staite movie dosnt even come out till 2016


That's unfortunate. For some reason I thought it came out at the end of 2015. I'd just like definitive confirmation one way or the other whether she has nudity in the movie. I've read claims saying she is and others saying she isn't nude in the movie.


I could be wrong, I'm just going off the imdb page that says 2016


can we get more movies nudity for September 2015 films. lots of indie movies coming out .some may actually have nude chicks we should all know about.


August 28th zipper comes out, that has nudity from Alexandria Breckenridge, lena headey


Is Alexandra doing full-frontal?


And much more importantly first timer Penelope Mitchell.

I cant really look at Lena Headey naked ever again honestly after what she did. (or take her or her acting serious)

Alex should be a treat!


Um idiot, this whole site is for people who think they are entitled to see tits. Get lost and never come back here again.

She shouldn't have been nominated for emmy and definitely not for that walk scene. Huge cop out.

I do mind you. It's because of your smell

"haha!! What a bunch of pervs…."

You say it like it's a bad thing. Although, in my opinion, not liking sweet titties is more perverted (i.e. not considered normal or acceptable)


LOL. It doesn't take a creep to know her past nudes scenes. All it takes is a quick double-check on ancensored or Mr Skin. You tool.


'It’s for people who like to see tits and get info where and when we can see them on movies and tv shows".....haha!! What a bunch of pervs....


Roark sounds like a creep, seems to be obsessed with lena... Knows all about her career nudity, yet calls others creepy and gets quickly offended... Quick someone get her a restraining order..

You suck hairy dicks and like it, it's cool though, tell your mom, she'll still love you

Hey dipshit, this site is not for people who think they are entitled to see tits. It's for people who like to see tits and get info where and when we can see them on movies and tv shows. This used to be a great site for that, because commentors knew about that stuff and knew how to behave. Now you have to scroll through 90 % of comments, because they are meaningless bullshit, and most people in the know don't even bother to share anymore. I can't really blame them either.

Complaining about not seeing someone's tits is not going to make any difference to the amount of nipples in view, it only lets people know what a huge douchebag you are. Complaining about the number of posts means there are going to be even less of them. So be grateful for what you get. If you have questions, ask them politely or shut up. If you have idiotic complaints, piss of and die.

Either way, have a great day.


I ain't going anywhere. This site is for people who like to hear about nudity. Not all of us feel entitled to it.

And she still does it. She did for Zipper and she's done it in movies since she was 18 in Waterland. Just not for that scene because of its unique conditions. Being naked in front of that many people outdoors is very different to being in a one-on-one scene indoors and of course it comes down to her decision. If you can't make that distinction and empathize with her decision on those grounds then I don't know what I can do for you, buddy. Anyways, the scene wasn't supposed to be sexually attractive. It was a scene of humiliation and abuse. Which if you're attracted to you're a fucking creep tbh.


Exactly. Insult to the viewers.

She knew it was coming years in advance and said she was ready for it. Of course back in 2009 (?) they didnt know about CGI nudity like this yet... And she took the easy option. Thereby cheating viewers. Maybe you wont notice if have a low quality image and dont pay attention but if you do its jarring. It takes a viewer out of the scene. Without any reason whatsoever except her shyness = she is nto a good actress and should not have been nominated for an emmy.

I think she is a near lock to win though. Which is bad for nudity of course.


As for Alexandra Breckenridge. Recapped had a review of this movie up months back so just scroll back on the site. But the answer as far as i recall is no full frontal.


You do know that she was pregnant when they shot that scene, right? Can't really hide the baby bump when you're doing full frontal


She gave birth in July and that scene was shot in October of last year. She either wasn't pregnant yet or had just conceived.


Why? She's still great-looking. And her scene in Zipper is her so what's the problem? It's all about the circumstances of the shoot and if she doesn't want to get naked outdoors in front of a ton of people that's her choice. We should just be glad she's still happy to do it on a closed set. This shitty entitled attitude towards actress's nudity is fucking annoying. Sometimes they'll do it and sometimes they won't. We should just be glad when they do not bitch when they don't for fuck's sake. And she's done it for Zipper, so how should her not doing it for Game of Thrones be at all relevant?


Closed set open set, whats the difference when millions of people are going to see it anyway. I couldn't understand why she wasn't nude in GOT when everyone has seen it anyway but since you say she was pregnant then it makes sense


I know this site focuses mainly on female nudity but could you tell me if Lizzy Caplan is naked with Josh Charles or Michael Sheen?


Josh Charles. And he's topless. If there's enough demand, we can post male nudity news.


Female nudity's slim pickings enough as it is. Opening up male nudity will flood this site with "news" about every man's ass. That'll be the coup de grace. Please don't.


Exactly. I dont want to have to read about that unless its related to female nudity.

There should be a seperate site for male nudity if a lot of people want it but it shouldnt be included her. Also because it will be discussed in the comments.


Yeah. I'd appreciate more updates on male nudity as well.


How naked does Helene Yorke get? Full-frontal, or just topless again like all her appearances in 1st season? (Ass maybe this time?) And for how long (wondering how her scene compares to her scenes from season 1)


Naked from the side while sitting down. Brief breasts mostly.


Male nudity news would be greatly appreciated!


Please don't, I am sure there are sites for male nudity....don't ruin this great site !!!


They are not asking to substitute female nudity news by male ones, but to include both... so how do exactly male nudity news ruin this site??


If you do a Red Oaks review I think Ennis Esmer wants to be credited for his topless scenes, lol. The guy is pretty humorous on instagram


i have a feeling he was just wanting to know which guy was banging her, as it pertains to the storyline


Both, actually. I was interested in the storyline and the nudity, specially when it comes to Michael Sheen.


Emily VanCamp in The Girl in the Book (2015)?


Films rated for nudity

1.Bastard - Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, sexual content/nudity, language and some drug use. (USA film)


Five strangers - newlywed serial killers, a suicidal cop, and a runaway brother and sister - become suspect and victim when a masked murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town.

Starring: Tonya Kay, Rebekah Kennedy, Emily Lopato, Olivia Rush, Madison West, Kelly Hancock, Ellis Greer

2.Roger Waters The Wall - Rated R for some language,

nudity and violent images. (U.K film)



Rated for 'Sexual Content'/'Sexuality'

1.The Light Between Oceans - Rated PG-13 for thematic

material and some sexual content. (USA film)


A lighthouse keeper and his wife living off the coast of Western Australia raise a baby they rescue from an adrift rowboat.

Starring: Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz, Caren Pistorius, Emily Barclay

2.Nasty Baby - Rated R for sexual content, some disturbing

violence, language, drug use and graphic nude images. (USA/Chile film)


A close-knit trio navigates the idea of creating life, while at the same time being confronted with a brutal scenario that causes them to take a life.

Per Mr Skin: No nudity. Kristen Wiig in underwear.

3.Northern Soul - Rated R for drug use, language throughout and brief sexuality. (U.K film)


'Northern Soul' is the story of a youth culture in the 1970s which changed a generation.It tells the tale of a nightclub based movement which developed in Northern England . The film is an authentic and uplifting account of two young boys whose horizons are opened up by the discovery of black American soul music. (Northern soul was/is a British music style.)

Nudity per Mr Skin: Antonia Thomas, breasts

Additional reporting from IMDB Parent's Guide:

- In one scene near the end a man & woman are having sex and her breast is shown briefly.

- A few men are seen shirtless and a few brief glimpses of womens panties when they are dancing.

Also Rated This Week

1.The Boy - Rated PG-13 for violence and terror, and for

some thematic material.

2.Chloe & Theo - Rated PG-13 for brief violence.

3.The Condemned 2 - Rated R for violence throughout and


4.The Guardsman - Rated R for bloody violence.

5.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - Rated PG-13 for

intense sequences of violence and action, and for some

thematic material.

6.MI-5 - Rated R for violence and some language.

(European title: Spooks: The Greater Good), from the best TV show of all time.

7.Operation Avalanche - Rated R for language including a

brief sexual reference.

8.Steve Jobs - Rated R for language.

9.Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine - Rated R for some language. (Documentary)

10.Suspension - Rated R for bloody horror violence, language

and drug use-all involving teens.

11.Yakuza Apocalypse - Rated R for strong bloody violence, a rape and language.


Ellen page nudity ?


TIFF 2015 News: Into the Forest

Word on the street is that Ellen Page makes her nude debut in Into the Forest. About 40 minutes in she briefly shows her breasts during a sex scene with Max Minghella. Quick shot but a good look.

She briefly shows her right breast later in the film before what was reportedly a lesbian love scene between her and Evan Rachel Wood in an earlier version of the film screened for test audiences. This has apparently been cut from the latest version according to my sources.

Wood also shows her right breast briefly in one scene and both breasts in another scene in the final minutes of the film. Both non-sexual scenes.


Thanks for the update!


wow, dunno how i could wait until release of the movie. Wanting to see her tits since long time. Its a shame one scene could be cutted from release, but i'll be happy with whatever i could get.


People in test audiences who saw the lesbian scene and convinced the movie makers should be shot. Despicable people. We can only hope it will show up in som unrated / extended version.

But as you say... Ellen first time nudity is a big deal!



They will already have a baby at this point of time 😉 That is also where the other nude scenes are - likely - coming from. They are breastfeeding it together.


just because they are doesnt mean they have to ruin for the rest of us. What's going to happen if two sisters have sex? They are going to get a baby from it?!


People are uncomfortable with incest - even if it's just a movie.


Thank You MK for that information.


I admire Lizzie's commitment to nudity.

But come on, Arielle, show something.


She wont sadly


Is emily kinney one of those dancers or test subjects?


Emily Kinney will not be going nude in Masters of Sex.


Pointless to ask, trolls scroll through and say that anytime a high profile actress's name comes up, just to get a rise out of everyone. Treat it like Sponsored Content under a headline, and disregard the info.


Look about, she did a radio interview. She pretty much saus this, anytime they ask what its like to strip, she informs them of what the main cast do...listen, make your own observation. She wont be getting nude, guarantee


If she does go nude to any degree, hers might be nude scene of the year for 2015.


Nope. Female subjects are Leah Verrill and Catie Boles. Dancer isn't credited.


asked below, but not sure if you saw:

How naked does Helene Yorke get? Full-frontal, or just topless again like her appearances in 1st season? (Ass maybe this time?) And for how long (basically wondering how her scene compares to her scenes from season 1)


You can probably rule out full frontal.

Kinney seems to be also in Ep 10, so maybe 9 as well.


She's on episodes 8, 9, 10 and 12.


Showtime doesnt do full frontal nudity so no... No vagina....

Maybe the Knick can take care of that?!


Her episode run doesn't start until September 30.


I meant August 30. Sorry.