Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 28

Caitlin FitzGerald is topless on Sunday’s Masters of Sex. There are also some uncredited naked dancers. For those of you who keep asking, Emily Kinney makes her first appearance and starts her sex surrogate training.

And there is no surprise nudity this week in the last two parts of Show Me a Hero.


What do we know about Imogen Poots? I already saw her butt but I need to see her little boobs.

Hearing Imogen Poots may have a nude scene in the upcoming Frank & Lola.

Anything nudity from Sarah Dumont in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse?

No idea but Sarah Dumont has a couple of nude scenes in Acid Girls.

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anything on flock of dudes?


Official Regression premiere @11am tomorrow San Sebsatian time - hopefully we'll finally get some of that info we've been waiting so long for.

I don't have high hopes, but there is a glimmer


From a review of A Bigger Splash:

'So while there's a fair few sex scenes and a good deal of bare flesh on display, the film never leers, and the one moment of full-frontal female nudity leads to a development that, unlike in the original film, is more powerful for remaining ambiguous.'

Any confirmation who? Fingers crossed here it's Dakota.



'Sophisticated shooting, abundant nudity and Johnson’s presence in the naughty nymphet role should generate initial boxoffice for U.S. distrib Fox Searchlight'


Any nudity news on this week's Masters of Sex?


Boo hand of god


Anything From Hand Of god ??

Or Wthat ?


Nothing to see.


So I'm a frat guy extra in neighbors 2 and all I can say is goodddammmnn I am excited for this one. Similar to the first one girls have to do a fundraiser or something but unlike the guys they don't do sextoys. Kinda cliche but its the whole carwash thing with wet t-shirts. I was in one of the cars and I spotted for sure Selena Gomez and that one girl from the last American pie. Chloe I think was there but wasn't by car. The shirts they might as well have not been there. We could see EVERYTHING. Another cameraman must have been in their car because they kept pressing their boobs against the windows and there was some making out action. I can't wait to see that from that cars POV in the movies. Selena's boobs look AMAZING. Not topless but she might as well have been. I'll check back in if anything else crazy happens. We're shooting a pool party scene that I think is the finale thus weekend


Virgin level 9999999999999o


LOL....please post your lame fan fiction somewhere else


Pics or it didn't happen


i wish this were true


It doesn't sound that unbelievable.

Rusty Shackleford

Sure, buddy.


Holy crap, Selena Gomez has just joined Neighbors 2. I wonder if she'll play the Zac Efron part?

Nudity would be super. I'm hoping for at least some juicy scenes and dialogue.


2015 had good nudity in the early months with Shameless. Power gave some great scenes also. Looking forward to Emmy Rossum again next year


I preffer moar of Sasha Alexander.


Any upcoming nudity of ELINA SATINE ?she iz quite hot in zipper.


If there's any nudity in Neighbors 2 it'll be a penis.

The last decent actual nudity from even a somewhat established actress in a comedy that I can remember was from Hot Tub Time Machine. And even then Jessica Pare wasn't as much of a star as Moretz


"If there’s any nudity in Neighbors 2 it’ll be a penis. " LOL....so true.


Nicky Whelan in Hall Pass.

Who knows. Surprise nudity does happen from time to time.

I'm also hoping for Alexandra Daddario and/or Kate Upton in The Layover.


Nicky was on home & away or some Australian soap opera but that's really it, not really much of a recognizable actress at the time.

Nudity does happen in comedies but yeah it's 200% guaranteed that Chloe will not be doing her debut nudity in anything other than Oscar bait.


Hey what's up with Elle Fanning in "About Ray" there were rumors she'd of full frontal but I doubt it at her age but still is there anything on that?


Not going to happen. Maybe 20 years ago but not in today's climate. I see only two possible scenarios:

1) No nudity

2) CGI nudity

With #1 being most likely.


Movie has a cinematic premiere on september 18th so we will hear more then.

Anything we get will be a happy surprise. I know it wont be Elle's fault for sure...


Emily Kinney, Masters of sex. Talk to me. X


Emily showed her tiny tits and her ass! She is very beautiful.

I hope she will do full frontal nudity someday.


Wont happen, and those that say prove it...how about prove it will....noone including emily said she would be nude.


Emily Kinney will do a nude scene in masters of sex. You're welcome.


Alicia vekander the dornish movies trailer hints to nudity


it premieres in venice and is then in toronto so we will know soon enough. Kind of don't see hooper doing that much nudity though.


Rated for 'nudity'

1.The Martian - Rated PG-13 for some strong language,

injury images, and brief nudity. (USA film)


During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring "the Martian" home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney's safe return. Based on a best-selling novel.

Starring: Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Scott

My belief, and the belief of a poster on IMDB is that the 'brief nudity' will be a shot of Astronaut Matt Damon's butt. (The poster made a post about a posterior.)

2.Son Of Saul - Rated R for disturbing violent content, and

some graphic nudity. (Hungary film) Original title: Saul fia


In the horror of 1944 Auschwitz, a prisoner forced to burn the corpses of his own people finds moral survival upon trying to salvage from the flames the body of a boy he takes for his son.

Starring: Juli Jakab

Rated for 'sexual content'

1.I Smile Back - Rated R for strong sexual content, substance abuse/disturbing behavior, and language. (USA film)


Laney Brooks does bad things. Married with kids, she takes the drugs she wants, sleeps with the men she wants, disappears when she wants. Now, with the destruction of her family looming, and temptation everywhere, Laney makes one last desperate attempt at redemption.

Starring: Sarah Silverman, Mia Barron, Kristin Griffith,

Others films rated this week

1.El Americano: The Movie - G

2.The Giant King - Rated PG for action violence and mild

crude humor.

3.The Last Witch Hunter - Rated PG-13 for sequences of

fantasy violence and frightening images.

4.Mercury Plains - Rated R for violence, language including

sexual references, and brief drug use.

5.Our Little Sister - Rated PG for thematic elements and brief language.

6.Poached - Rated PG-13 for some thematic material and brief strong language.

7.Wind Walkers - Rated R for bloody violence and gore and

language throughout.


Watched Martian a while ago, don't get excited - it's Damon's bum 😛


IMDB Parent's guide of the most recent film releases in the U.S

1.We Are Your Friends

Discussion of sexual acts.

-Few sex scenes but not brief.

-A scene in a strip club. Most strippers are covered, though one -section where a stripper leans towards one of the main -characters, her breast can be seen on the side of the screen.

-A pool party scene, two women are shown topless.

2.No Escape

There is an attempted rape, however there is no nudity and is stopped before it happens.

3.War Room

No Nudity. No cleavages. No Sex. (Ed - No fun.)

4.Queen of Earth

No nudity, or no sex scenes. A character takes his shirt off for a swim. A mild sexual reference.

5.When Animals Dream

-A young woman bathes her naked mother in a bathtub (breasts briefly visible along with butt)

-A young woman inspects a strange rash like mark above her breast

-A man and a woman share a passionate kiss

-A man and woman have sex. Butts and breasts are visible.

Not reviewed

1.Z for Zachariah

2.The Second Mother


Anything on Christine Taylor ???

Hottie !!


Any news on Emma Watson's nudity in Regression?


Apparently August 28th was a photo call and not an actual premiere. I believe its now premiering October 2nd in Spain.


The world premiere will be on September 18 at the San Sebastian Film Festival


Okay cool. Thanks for the info.


...and Colonia premieres at the Toronto Film Festival September 13


Does anyone know if the Spanish actress Maria Valverde is naked in the movie “Ahora o nunca”?


she is not. there is no nudity at all


Any nudity news on Emma Stone in either Battle of the Sexes or La La Land?


La La Land is a musical. I highly doubt it is going to have any nudity in it.


it's not close to being a musical. It's drama set in the musical world. I hope we get nudity.


I wish There would have some more Nudity From

Paulina Gaitan (Pablo's wife)

Scene was so Dark Broke My heart :p 😉


Nothing From Ana de la Reguera that Sucks.. 🙁 🙁

Story Demanded Nudity From Her.. :p :p


(sidetrack) Haha, reading through the comments, I think it's fucking awesome that the most down-to-earth bros are on nudity websites, though now that I think about it, that's not so weird or surprising.


Does anyone know how to find Zhu Zhu's (from Marco Polo) nude scenes from The Secret Sharer? Sounds like she has a lot of nudity in it. Or just any nudity at all from her?


Any word on anything from Lucy Fry or Johanna Braddy?


Mr. Skin is the first nude capper on the internet to correctly identify Laura Perico in Narcos. One person incorrectly identified her as Vera Mercado by looking at the incomplete IMDB cast list and guessing, and all other cappers on the net just copied it.


I'm still looking for the next Alexandra Daddario style nudity.

A lot of speculation early on about her role.. Usually it ends up being nothing or something mild.

Later, the trailers come out, and tease a nude scene from her. The last teasing tv spot made it seem almost absolute.

A few early reviews come in not long after. Not just naked, but very naked with good lighting.

It would be fun to have all of that again.


What movie?


I was talking about her nudity on True Detective. I would like to have that experience again.


Oh, guy.... Don't play with my feelings.


What about Chloe Moretz in Neighbors 2?

A poster on IMDB said he heard a rumor that she gets naked in it.

Hot pics of her on set.

In an interview, she repeatedly used the word "crazy" to describe the things she's going to do in the movie.


If it sticks to the script there is absolutely zero chance she can avoid getting naked in Brain On Fire. That is the Chloe movie you should all be focusing on. I have yet to get a hold of the Neighbors 2 script to verify anything useful or not. Thought it does seem highly unlikely as she would do anything that "crazy" as she has stated perviously not to expect anything gratuitous from her. Brain On Fire as written is Oscar bait. Neighbors 2 is useless fluff.


You got a hand on the script somehow?! I googled but cant find it easily..

I agree its oscar bait. Playing a person with a disability always is. Isnt she supposed to run naked through a busy street. I wonder if and how they will film that. They might move it inside or use the dreaded CGI.

How is this written in the script??


You'd have an easier time finding the lost sex tape from Hitler's Bunker online than you will any script of any value. Don't even bother trying as the new rule of thumb there is that if you have to ask or look......

All I can say about the script is that all the potential moments of exposure are intregal to the plot somehow. Each of which is written into the script in a way that it would be almost impossible to work around. As written all the potential nudity is meant to show her character's vulnerability, psychosis, or some type of emotional release. The entire script is literally written that way. Like a 128 page emotional commentary on the character page-to-page. Which was actually kind of refreshing to be honest. It's pretty solid on paper if nothing else. It's going to be interesting to see if she is a good enough actress to pull it off. And I am not talking about the potential nudity here. Keep in mind that no matter what the script says my opinion is still speculation and nothing else until someone can confirm or get actual related Intel on the film itself.


Here are a few examples as i'd rather not keep answering these random questions endlessly:

Page #7:


Susannah’s eyes open, squinted, regretting that last beer

from last night. Gentle strings of a guitar coming from

somewhere now, she sits up on the roll out sofa bed and looks into the kitchen. She does not have to look far, place is tiny. Cramped.

Stephen is sitting at the small kitchen table with his naked

ass to her. She smiles at it. He is jamming quietly. Writing

some lyrics on the table. Clears her throat -



He turns quick, that smile -


Good morning lady.

She pulls the clothes up more over her exposed body. Not at

that naked morning stage yet, slightly awkward for her -


Would you like some coffee? Tea? A bra?

She smiles, sits up a little, shakes her head, checks iPhone -


Shit, I’m late.

Page 22:


A familiar sight again, tight on Susannah, her eyes WIDE

open. Looks around. Up. Down. Left. Right. She sits up on the bed, does her neck thing again and looks around. It’s messy. Realizes she is naked. Whips the blanket across her body. She looks down on the other side of the bed where again on a pillow is one of his hats. It’s Stephen's apartment. She smiles, but her head is hurting terrible. Hangover maybe? Maybe?

This could go on. Off the top of my head she is completely naked in an empty tub her mother finds her in attempting to swim. Later in the script she is standing motionless and flaccid as a nurse wipes her down in a shower. Etc. Etc. Etc.

There is no big naked walk through anywhere in the script, FYI. This is also not at all a happy subject matter. It gets pretty brutal and uncomfortable the more her illness progresses. Hardly spank material in my opinion no matter the outcome.


Well this does sound exciting!

Of course... We all know literally anyone could write this down. Do you have any details you could share on the naked 'run'. Is this to be shot outside? Or did they move inside to a mall to avoid public nudity and get an enclosed set.

I think we all agree we dont need a repeat from the Cersei drama...


Dakota Fanning was originally cast. Maybe she dropped out because of nudity?


would be most greatful for a link to the Chloe on set pics.


Based on the preview for next week, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of seeing some Emily Kinney nudity on MoS.


Ive tried telling you lot Emily Kinney wont be nude in MoS, but your not listening. Truat me, you wont see any kinney boobies.


You may be right and Emily Kinney may not get naked but you haven't given us any reason to believe your proclamation other than "trust me guys, she's not getting naked". In fact, you've provided the same amount of evidence as those 'nudity believers' that frequently get mocked around here (i.e. you've provided nothing).


The guy thinks he's her confidant because he read a tweet or something. He knows less than Jon Snow.


And it's a just a 50/50 bet anyway.


You can say it as often as you want but until there is evidence to back something up one way or another then people will continue to dream!


i would like to agree... but seeing as how they showed her starting a surrogate session, and the very next preview she is getting yelled at my Masters for something she did herself during the session... i have a bad feeling we wont see anything cause Masters will stop the session before anything happens. But im keeping my fingers crossed, she looked really hot in the episode tonight


Even if she is fully topless on camera you still won't see any boobies she has none hahaha


Thanks for the post. And ignore the bitter trolls.


Rlly? Thanks for the poat for that utter nonsense?


It's ten thousand times better than that "oh! you think you are entitled to see tits! entitled! entitled!" bullshit on every comment from the last months.


Sorry, this was meant as a response to JustSomeOne above.


To those who ask: Why do actress stop doing full nude scenes in their careers.

So what i observed throughout my life is that the women body changes over the years. And the women breast change and somehow arent symmetrical anymore. It can be due to age, gaining weight or pregnancy. So one breast is smaller than the other.

Why do you think they have no problems doing full frontal and then they start doing some weird side stuff or partially hidden by a blanket? Or when they are in a wierd pose in bed to obscure the view.


What a waste of time. Keep that nonsense to yourself next time.


Ty for this useless comment


Any Ray Donovan nudity from Katie Holmes?


Give up. It isn't going to happen.


What abt a sexy scene?


Anna Kendrick and Brie Larson have some pretty good non-nude scenes in Digging for Fire. Just released on iTunes.

In one scene Kendrick has a few upskirt shots before stripping down to her underwear for a dip in the pool with a completely naked Chris Messina.

Later in the film Brie Larson walks around braless with some great pokie action for the whole scene.

Anyone have the skinny on Queen of Earth re: Elisabeth Moss? Also just hit iTunes.


Cool. Was there a real reason for why she wasn't wearing a bra? Or just random? I love gratuitous braless tops in movies and television.


What's the word on Emma Watson/Regression? I'm not asking if she's nude but if there's at least any sexy/revealing scenes of her. The movie premiered yesterday in Spain, and I know there's a review embargo (likely cos it sucks) but there's been no mention of people's impressions/responces to it on twitter. Very strange.


Paulina Gaitan shows brief breasts in Episode 8 of Narcos.


Laura Perico has a pretty long nude sex scene in episode 5 of Narcos.


There's also random prostitute nudity in episode 4 of Narcos. A bunch of nude women on the same bed. The Laura Perico scene is out there with the actress Vera Mercado identified, but if you watch the scene.... the scene before the two characters the Ochoa brothers wonder where their sister Marina is, and it cuts to the scene of Marina having sex. The character Marina Ochoa is identified in the credits as Laura Perico.


thanks for the news....IMOGEN POOTS


Any word on the latino HBO series O Negocio? Third season should be premiering in the fall, no?


according to the FB official profile, 3rd season is in production.


crossing my fingers for more Rafaela Mandelli. One of the best pair of tittays I've ever seen.


Anything in the new Amazon series, Hand of God? All episodes premieres next Friday.

Both a Female and Male report would be appreciated!


Thank you for the Poots and Dumont news!


Kinney will be nude or no you didn't answre


Not this episodes I guess.


So what you're really saying is that you really don't know any more than we do? Got it.


Don't feed the troll.


No what I am saying is, Emily is not going to show, boobs, butt or bush.

Thats a guarantee.


link for the Adria Arjona's nude scene or the second episode of Narcos?


How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town premiers on September 19, in Canada, so if any bodies in town that day, be a trooper and give us a review, especially from Katharine Isabelle, she's a goddess.


That would be greatly appreciated!!


I don't watch the show Masters of Sex. I don't know what kind of nudity is shown on screen.

So... Is there a chance to see Emily Kinney doing full frontal nude scenes?

Same question about Isabelle Fuhrman.


Isn't Emily kinney pretty much flat as a board? Just wondering why all the demand


Because she´s extremely beautiful and sweet.


"beautiful and sweet"

This is a nudity blog, don't be a white knight pansy.


You know, it's perfectly possible to think someone is cute and sweet and still want to see them naked.


cute face i guess


I don't think there was any full frontal nudity in any of MOS episodes, so doubt Emily would show everything. Breasts and butt at best.

And since Isabelle Fuhrman was naked but didn't showed anything in episodes one, I would not have high hopes for any nudity.


any one who can give full season 1 nudity review of NARCOS ?


Thanks for the info.

Not surprised re: Kinney considering its her debut episode. Hopefully we get good news later this season.


Thanks for all news.

Any other nudity in Acid Girls? Alessandra Torresani maybe?


I'd like to know about Alessandra Torresani in Acid Girls as well.

photo shoot wise there's been some sexy shots with a hint of nipple, apart from the maxim out takes, from her.