Celebrity Nudity Rumors August 28

Caitlin FitzGerald is topless on Sunday’s Masters of Sex. There are also some uncredited naked dancers. For those of you who keep asking, Emily Kinney makes her first appearance and starts her sex surrogate training.

And there is no surprise nudity this week in the last two parts of Show Me a Hero.


What do we know about Imogen Poots? I already saw her butt but I need to see her little boobs.

Hearing Imogen Poots may have a nude scene in the upcoming Frank & Lola.

Anything nudity from Sarah Dumont in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse?

No idea but Sarah Dumont has a couple of nude scenes in Acid Girls.

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anything on flock of dudes?


Official Regression premiere @11am tomorrow San Sebsatian time - hopefully we'll finally get some of that info we've been waiting so long for.

I don't have high hopes, but there is a glimmer


From a review of A Bigger Splash:

'So while there's a fair few sex scenes and a good deal of bare flesh on display, the film never leers, and the one moment of full-frontal female nudity leads to a development that, unlike in the original film, is more powerful for remaining ambiguous.'

Any confirmation who? Fingers crossed here it's Dakota.



'Sophisticated shooting, abundant nudity and Johnson’s presence in the naughty nymphet role should generate initial boxoffice for U.S. distrib Fox Searchlight'


Any nudity news on this week's Masters of Sex?


Boo hand of god


Anything From Hand Of god ??

Or Wthat ?


Nothing to see.


So I'm a frat guy extra in neighbors 2 and all I can say is goodddammmnn I am excited for this one. Similar to the first one girls have to do a fundraiser or something but unlike the guys they don't do sextoys. Kinda cliche but its the whole carwash thing with wet t-shirts. I was in one of the cars and I spotted for sure Selena Gomez and that one girl from the last American pie. Chloe I think was there but wasn't by car. The shirts they might as well have not been there. We could see EVERYTHING. Another cameraman must have been in their car because they kept pressing their boobs against the windows and there was some making out action. I can't wait to see that from that cars POV in the movies. Selena's boobs look AMAZING. Not topless but she might as well have been. I'll check back in if anything else crazy happens. We're shooting a pool party scene that I think is the finale thus weekend


Virgin level 9999999999999o


LOL....please post your lame fan fiction somewhere else


Pics or it didn't happen


i wish this were true


It doesn't sound that unbelievable.

Rusty Shackleford

Sure, buddy.


Holy crap, Selena Gomez has just joined Neighbors 2. I wonder if she'll play the Zac Efron part?

Nudity would be super. I'm hoping for at least some juicy scenes and dialogue.


2015 had good nudity in the early months with Shameless. Power gave some great scenes also. Looking forward to Emmy Rossum again next year


I preffer moar of Sasha Alexander.


Any upcoming nudity of ELINA SATINE ?she iz quite hot in zipper.


If there's any nudity in Neighbors 2 it'll be a penis.

The last decent actual nudity from even a somewhat established actress in a comedy that I can remember was from Hot Tub Time Machine. And even then Jessica Pare wasn't as much of a star as Moretz


"If there’s any nudity in Neighbors 2 it’ll be a penis. " LOL....so true.


Nicky Whelan in Hall Pass.

Who knows. Surprise nudity does happen from time to time.

I'm also hoping for Alexandra Daddario and/or Kate Upton in The Layover.


Nicky was on home & away or some Australian soap opera but that's really it, not really much of a recognizable actress at the time.

Nudity does happen in comedies but yeah it's 200% guaranteed that Chloe will not be doing her debut nudity in anything other than Oscar bait.