Celebrity Nudity Rumors December 14, 2017

Rumor is Erin Moriarty has been cast in The Boys from the same creative team as Preacher. However this show will be on Amazon and the role of Starlight apparently requires nudity.


Anything from Haley Lu Richardson in Columbus?


Any nudity from Quinn Shephard in Blame?

Nothing from Quinn Shephard or anyone else in Blame. Quinn does show some left sideboob while changing in Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl however.

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The Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu Ray has some behind the scenes footage of Madeline Zima's scenes. There's some side boob in some shots, and they actually include a shot that would give a side angle of her nude scene which was shot from behind, but it was manipulated so the image consisted of black and white lines to conceal the nudity.


any gif or clip from zima's extended scene ?


Here there's a picture (in "Sex&Saucy-ery" section) coming from the Daily Mail article about Britannia. Where does the original come from? How is it possible that it was in the article? http://latestnewsnetwork.com/how-new-tv-series-britannia-resembles-game-of-thrones/


it came direct from the producers or Sky - they are trying to hype the series as a GoT-type show (it won’t be - even the writer, Jez Butterworth, has said so in interviews).


Thanks for the answer. I really can't find it, I try to find it everywhere. So, do you think that we will see the "original" scene or it could be only a "promotional pic"?


Yesterday the trailer for Heather Graham's "Half Magic" dropped. The MPAA rating promises nudity and Angela Kinsey mentioned on "Hollywood Game Night" that she shows her ass in the film. Hopefully that scene wasn't cut out. There also look to be some nice lingerie shots of Stephanie Beatriz.


Do any one perhaps know when a trailer will be out for my days of Mercy?The only thing I can find is a clip they posted.


Trailers are usually made by the distributor, so we won't get one until the film gets picked up.


Any more nudity in Stella Blomkvist?


That is what I have been wondering too. I have heard there is also a lesbian scene with Heida Reed in episode 2 or 3. Does anyone know where more episode can be seen or have access to them in Iceland?


My days of mercy playing at palm spring festival January 11 and 12


Guessing there was nothing on SMILF?


Shaw pulls down her panties to pee in her kids pottie, but, no.. you don't see anything. Nothing else.


Logan Browning has been cast as the other female lead (the one Recapped thinks will be getting naked) opposite Allison Williams in The Perfection.


Any more episodes of Stella Blomkvist leak? Really want to see the Heida Reed lesbian scene and any more nude scenes.


Any news from Above Suspicion with Emilia Clarke?


The trailer for breath dropped.
Its a coming of age movie for a teenager and having sex with Elizabeth Debicki's character is integral to the story.
There is plenty of sex and nudity in the book. Lets hope there is some nudity in the movie.


how was there nudity on that episode of Shameless tonight. It didn't have anything just a bit of areola from Shanola Hampton. Ridiculous. Showtime doesn't know the meaning of brief anymore


You could say the same about Smilf. Every episode is rated for nudity yet the show hasn't had any female nudity for a while.


Harking back to the later days of True Blood and Banshee. Statements of nudity in the rating description (not even brief) and yet nothing is shown.

Apparently Fiona is supposed to start hooking up with that Irish repairman so we should be getting some nudity from her soon. The downside, obviously, is that they're stubbornly refusing to put her with Nessa.


Louisa Krause is naked again on tonight's The Girlfriend Experience.
And Carmen Ejogo shows a tiny bit of areola in bed and also ass in thong earlier.


So close with Ejogo. So irritating. Really wish she’d show even just 1 boob haha


Any info about release date of Mobile Homes?


Anything from Lucy Punch in You, Me, Him? Indie movie streaming on Showtime at the moment.


There’s no nudity in the description so I wouldn’t count on it.


MrSkin's poorly encoded cap. I brightened it up quite a bit best I can. It's actually a dark scene. She even shows her breasts at the end but you can't make out nip. Nat Geo, people. If you were to ask me 5 years ago if Nat Geo would do a drama series that had hot naked chicks in it, I would have laughed.


I'm sorry. What series is this?


The Long Road Home, a limited series that's about to wrap up its run on the National Geographic Channel. Sarah Ramos (Monica Potter's daughter on Parenthood) showing an exceptionally nice ass in her first nude scene. One of the best surprises of the year, in my opinion.


Creek from Midnight, Texas 😀


Guys ... anyone knows about Maya Gilbert.. from Banshee and Zane s sex chronicles...
She has done a ton of movies...but unable to find any to download...


MrSkin has 5 nude scenes for Maya Gilbert.


Can someone give the download link for sophie cookson nude scene in the Crucifixion and samara weaving sex scene in meyhem.Please I am searching it form days now but no free website has it.Any help would be highly appreciated.


Samara’s sex scene in “Mayhem” is clothed.


Yes.I want it.Please can you give me the link.Please!!
All those fucking websites which has this clip requires premium membership.


Check johnny moronic.


sophie wasn’t really naked, it was just a nipple for two seconds


Any news for Legion on FX specifically Rachel Keller and Amber Midthunder.


Phoebe Tonkin just signed on as a guest star for the upcoming season of The Affair, playing a character named Daphne. Any idea if the role requires nudity?


making us wait for anticipation for when Alice Eve goes nude in Replicas. I know it says its rated PG-13 but it does contain some nudity according to the MPAA rating


That's a welcome surprise! 😀


Britannia red band trailer is out. It seems that also Kelly Reilly could have nude sex scene. So, Scholey & Reilly nude? When will be a nudity review available?


Birgundi Baker is naked in the series premiere of The Chi.
Available to watch for free on Showtime's website.


any nudity from tiffany boone on the chi?


The actress from Columbus that recapped describes is actually Michelle Forbes (who plays the mother of Haley Lu Richardson's character).


Thanks. Edited post.


Any nudity on season 3 magicians


That show has only had implied female nudity its first 2 seasons.


Recapped, is there any news/rumours on Lily James's upcoming movies?


You know, by and large the second half of 2017 has been kinda timid, nudity-wise. I hope it picks up in 2018.


well isnt 2018 when kate mara makes debut? so theres at very least that to look forward to.


Yeah we have been waiting for so long


I'm afraid that it will be disappointing .... (January Jones comes to mind here ) But hope for the best i guess...


what do you mean by this? if you are talking about quality of scene january jones showed well lit tits so i wont complain if its similar, and if you are talking about quality of her actual boobs, she already didnt leave much to the imagination in the movie "Shooter" where she just had a slightly see through white tank top on with no bra.


I'm hoping Sammi Hanratty drops a nice little Christmas present when she shows up on Shameless. Though considering how tame the season as a whole seems to be thus far, I probably shouldn't hold my breath.


Sadly there is no new episode on Christmas day.


I looked her up and the first picture I saw of her was when she was 12. I was really freaked out / fucked up for a second there.


Any nudity requirements for Nell Tiger Free's role in too Old to Die Young?