Celebrity Nudity Rumors December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! There’s not much news during the holidays but we’ll have our big 2018 preview on New Years. In the meantime, here’s our last Q&A of the year:

Phoebe Tonkin just signed on as a guest star for the upcoming season of The Affair, playing a character named Daphne. Any idea if the role requires nudity?

Phoebe Tonkin will actually be playing Delphine on The Affair. It is a one episode guest appearance and there are supposed to be two nude scenes. As an added bonus, Emily Browning may also be getting naked in the same episode.

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I keep refreshing the homepage for the 2018 preview because it feels like it’s gonna drop any second.


I have my RSS refresh the feed every five minutes.

Which of course doesn't stop me from refreshing the page every 30 seconds myself...


Any news on the Alienist?


Premieres Jan 22. Basic cable TNT - they could show proper topless nudity but they probably won’t. Butts and nippleless sideboob is about as far as they have gone on shows like Animal Kingdom.

Dakota “topless” from one of the latest trailers - http://imgbox.com/pK3UbIXR


I believe she is wearing a corset in that scene which she was shown wearing in one of the trailers.


Hi Everyone,
I am new here and I don't know many actress.
I only know some famous actress who has nude scenes.So I want to know some actress name who are beautiful (by face) and done nudity or a good sex scene.So please tell me some actresses name who are not famous no one knows her but she is beautiful and done nudity.Any help would be appreciated.
P.S - I know almost every famous actress who appeared in a big movie.So name someone you think no one knows.
Example ( If I am going to reply on this post i would have named someone like clara ponsot.Not many knows her but believe me guys she is gorgeous and done nudity.You can check it out and thank me later.)


Hello!Solene Rigot;Svenja Jung;Eili Harboe;Daphne Patakia;Alexandra Borbely;Lilith Stangenberg;Mercedes Muller;Lou Roy-Lecollinet;Min-hee Kim;Tae-ri Kim;Bianca Pintea;Iben Akerlie;Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas;Saskia Rosendahl;Stephanie Amarell;Noee Abita;Esther Garrel;Mette Gregersen;Anna Raadsveld;Jella Haase;Ida Elise Broch...dunno if this is of help!


Looking back at Recapped's first post of the year, there are still some actresses whose nude scenes are yet to come out: Imogen Poots in Mobile Homes, Margaret Qualley in Novitiate, Lily Collins in Halo of Stars, the actresses from Under the Silver Lake, Annette Bening in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, while Nicola Peltz's show didn't get picked up.

I'm hoping all these scenes will come out in 2018.


also in the comments of that post, Recapped mentioned a possibility of something from Liana Liberato in a short called “Birds”. Have seen nothing else about that project.


Does Halo of Stars even have confirmed nudity from Lily Collins? I didn’t read anything about that.


It used to be called The Clown and Recapped said Lily may have nude scenes.


Please anyone confirm it.
I love her.It will be a festival for me if someone confirms it.


Top Five Nude Scene this Year.
1.Hanna James Outlander.
2.Teresa Palmer Berlin syndrome.
3.Nathalie Emmanuel GoT.
4.Lala Power/Alison Brie Glow.
5.Emilia Clarke Voice from the Stone/Elisabeth Moss Handmaid's Tale/The Meyerowitz Stories- Grace Van Patten.
New Year expectations.
Alexandra Daddario,Kate Mara, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence.


What looks promising for Emma Stone?


Or Mila Kunis?


So what is everyone hoping to get news on in the 2018 preview?
Hoping for Alexandra Daddario, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and hopefully some nice surprises.


Alexandra Daddario in "I'm not a bird", Sophie Turner in GoT or "Huntsville", Chloë Moretz in "Suspiria", "The widow", "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" or "Party of the century" and Elle Fanning in whatever. With all this I'll be happy. XD


“Huntsville” now renamed as ”Josie”, being screened at Mammoth Film Festival on Feb 8th, so maybe some news then.


Obviously news on Alexandra Daddario's three out of four roles next year is my most anticipated. When We First Met is obviously the one where she won't be nude. We Have Always Lived in the Castle might have nudity based on its director, but might not based on the source material unless it's expanded upon in a way that could warrant it. Nomis is a thriller involving a predator, but what I'm seeing from her role suggests nudity is unlikely, though there could be a surprise. I Am Not a Bird is obviously the big one for nudity so hopefully she stays true to her word when she said she's open to it if it's required.

As far as nudecomers go, I'd say Shelley Hennig and Leven Rambin are my top two actresses I want to see nude, but I don't think either one of them have any nude roles lined up. Maybe BFF Phoebe Tonkin could convince the former to take on a nude role.


Level Rambin nude photos have leaked today.


It's 1 picture , almost identical to the 2014 leaks and 1 nude low light selfie that's well ... meh .... (not sure about the selfie being new tho)


Two separate pics? I only saw the one low light selfie.


I saw that. That was weird. It was an Instagram story that was promptly taken down.

Anyway, I don't want leaks. I want a legit nude scene in a movie or TV show.

The way she took off her dress in The Path was designed to be a topless reveal, but she just had to have a bra on. I feel like she's kind of a tease, but her body definitely looks prime.


Alexandra Daddario
Kathryn Newton in Blockers (A long shot, but possible)

And hopefully some of my other faves will surprise.


I Don't expect anything from Kathryn. disappointed every time.




Atlast ... 🙂


For a second I thought we got a full frontal, my heart skipped a beat.
She is lovely.


Huh, just when I was about to despair that Emmy was done with nudity. Where did you get this though? Episode hasn't come out yet.


Damn nothing from Sammi Hannaraty


Showtime released it on their site today.


I'm still waiting for Szohr nudity, hopefully joint with Emmy.


I'm beginning to doubt she'll ever get naked.


Actually, after this episode, I'm now skeptical anything's gonna happen between them now. lol


She also directed that episode. 🙂


Then I applaud her ever more. Great, great girl.


And I thought we were going to end the year without Emmy nudity. This is great.


godamn, shes still so sexy


Emmy Awesome did it again! There is no other actress that did nudity in 8 seasons of any other show.


And yet, no clear butt shots in that whole run. A bit like Anna Paquin in True Blood. Not criticising either actress who had more then deliver, just me lamenting my freaking damn luck.


The gift that keeps on giving.


I did a color re-edit for anyone who likes those.



The best nude scene of the year? Bianca Pintea in Comrade Detective. Female full nudity is so rare, it's kinda refreshing.


So what do you guys think was the best nude scene of the year? For me it's a tie between Lily James in The Exception and Nathalie Emmanuel in GoT.


The greatest nude scenes of 2017 for me are:

1. Nathalie Emmanuel, "Game of Thrones"
2. Georgina Leeming, "Virgin"
3. Lily James, "The Exception"

No other nude scenes come close, IMHO, although this was a pretty good year!


So fucking glorious.


Hard to pick just one as there was a lot of great nude scenes in 2017. But if I have to, for me, it would be tie between Natalie Krill & Erika Linder in "Below Her Mouth" and Louisa Krause (with accompaniment of Anna Friel) in The Girlfriend Experience season 2.


Hayley Kiyoko's threesome on that show Insecure.


My vote is for the other James -- Hannah James in Outlander


Lucy Hale in Dude and Cara Delevingne in Tulip Fever.


It was such a great year for nudity, it’s hard to pick.
I’ll go with the norm and say the best nude debut was Lily James - she’s amazing.
I also agree that the “most improved” nude scene belongs to Nathalie Emmanuel. Her first scene a few years back was nice, but this time she knocked it out of the park.
The best repeat nudity was easily Emily Meade in The Duece. Lots to choose from in that show, but she stood out.
The best potential nude scene was Margaret Qualley. The one that was posted here looks like it has great potential, but it was very dark. I’ll need to see it in HD.

I also loved the Alison Brie scenes from GLOW. I’ve had a crush on her for ages, and it finally seeing her nude body was a dream come true. I just wish the scenes weren’t limited to the first episode. Another good debut was Lucy Hale. I wasn’t expecting such a long, well lit scene.


Emmanuel gets number one for her body and beauty alone. Any year she strips, odds are she'll win that year. A perfect, perfect girl.


It's tough to top Christina Ricci going full frontal in Z. Alison Brie's scenes in GLOW were a bit of a letdown but I still enioyed the. Emmanuelle and James were also great scenes. Was Imogen Poots in Frank & Lola this year or December?


Poots was last year.

This year it's a tie between Nathalie and Lily for me.

I also think Below Her Mouth's scenes were superior to Blue is the Warmest Color's.


Lily James is #2 and Nathalie Emmanuel is #3 for me. #1 for me this year is Anna Chipovskaya in "About Love".


Lily James because it was her nude debut, but Nathalie Emmanuel’s was technically a better scene.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

Does Phoebe Tonkin have two nude scenes, or are there two nude scenes in the episode she appears in? Either way, if she or Emily does appear naked in the episode, I may have to watch the season (couldn’t get through more than 2 episodes of season 1). Also, when is this episode supposed to air?


New article on The Sun about TV series Britannia. "[...]They (Celts and Druids) are also thought to have had orgies — which are also depicted in the show.[...]". This article follows the Daily Mail one (that talked about nude sex scene with Scholey) and other preview (where they confirm sex as a quite relevant element of this series). I hope recapped 2018 preview will have informations about that..


Is there any nudity in Black Mirror season 4?


Hoping for some Georgina Campbell.


multiple sex scenes in Georgina’s episode but no proper nudity, always just out of frame or blocked by arms


Manuela Velasco is topless in the T.V. show "Traición."


Yesterday evening another scene, but she covered her breasts with the hands. So unusual in real life! 😉


Somehow, muted like this, this scene looks much better then in the movie with sound 😀


There's a long beach scene in Mr. Roosevelt that's really hot. At least five different women are topless. One of my favorite nude scenes of the year.


i really want to know the names of the other actress apart form Daniella Pineda and Noël Wells. But I thinks there are extras, hot extras.


Rama Tchuente, Lindsay Mackin and Carley Wolf.


Daniella Pineda is literally the only one I care about.


I was going to say the exact same thing!!


Yes She has a nude scene


You're doing god's work Recapped. I bow down to you. Can't wait to see your big 2018 preview post


Hopefully it's got the lowdown on all of Daddario's projects.


Holding my breath...


Oh man , if Phoebe Tonkin gets naked in the Affair i might have a reason to watch the whole series 😀


That's a great news / Christmas present, thanks Recapped and Happy Holidays to you too!

PS. Truly can't wait for your 2018 preview:)


That news about Phoebe (and maybe Emily) is by far the best gift I've gotten today. Thank you Recapped!