Celebrity Nudity Rumors December 3

Been a while so here’s a quick Q&A:

About Ellen Page in Into the Forest. MK says there is 2 topless scene and other site says it’s a brief nipple who is right?

MK’s Into the Forest review is pretty much spot on. Ellen Page is topless while having sex with her boyfriend about 41 minutes in. Ellen then shows her right boob from the side briefly about 74 mins in. Evan Rachel Wood barely shows her right nip as she is getting into the bath at 25 mins. Evan shows her right breast again but from the side in the bath at 64 mins. Lastly, Evan is topless briefly at around 88 minutes.

So you said Quarry has Banshee season 1 level nudity but what about the upcoming season of Banshee? Is it as lame as the last season?

The new season of Banshee is a return to the form of season 1. However, one of the actresses who got naked a lot in the first season supposedly stays clothed the entire season.

When is Virtuoso coming out?


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Let's start taking bets on when the next update will be. I say mid March.


Next Christmas


Hey guys, random question, anyone know of any movies in which more than one couple are nude together? Maybe a beach or bedroom or whatever? Thanks in advance.


4some 2012

The idiots 1998

seen some more but cant remember

Google "Swinger movies"


4some is a good shout, anyone else who has movies that involves more than one couple nude together, movie doesn't have to be swingers if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the reply.


Anything on Vinyl?


You got the white album?


Are Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart nude in the movie "Certain Women"?


The Deuce got picked up to series. Surely a show about porn will have nudity?


I hope James Franco gets his future sister-in-law, Alison Brie, involved like he did with "The Disaster Artist".


Elena Anaya & Allison McKenzie full frontal nudity in SWUNG (released in UK)


I saw this movie, its available for rent on Amazon. Elena is fully nude few other actresses topless. I didnt know of any 'explicit' sex scene as the other guy says.... However its quite a sexy film although predictable and it bailed out of potential further sexiness. One day a good swingers movie will be released best I know of is 'the big swap' the rest are pretty crappy.


That version, released digitally this week, has all the explicit sex cut out that was show at the Edinburgh International Film Festival


Def shows tits on elena. Haven't seen any full frontal yet


Stana katic the rendezvous


what about her?


The trailer for Neighbors 2 hit and it looks like Selena Gomez will only have a cameo at the beginning. Chloe Grace Moretz plays the leader of the sorority that moves in next door to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Chloe's character seems to be the antagonist of this film, and what is shown makes her out to be a slutty party girl who drinks and smokes pot all the time. Near the end of the trailer Chloe is wearing a small, tight bikini along with a bunch of other bikini clad sorority sisters attacking Seth Rogen's car - it appears that this scene will have several girls flashing their tits when they're sprayed down with a hose, but I doubt Chloe will flash. It looks like there will be plenty of opportunity for female nudity in this, but if there is it will probably all be random party girls. Still, more than any other movie she's been in, this one probably has the best chance for Chloe nudity - I'd say a 1% chance versus the 0% chances we've had until now.


You're delusional if you think Chloe will show anything. The first movie didn't have any nudity, and neither will this one.


Did you read the post? Dude said he thought she wouldn't get naked. Either you're the same guy who goes around using the phrase "you're delusional" on every other celebrity nudity rumor post or you're very unoriginal.


I won't watch this shit. I don't want to see random girls showing their tits. I want to see Selena's.


Even if Selena doesn't show the goods I would still consider this movie worth it if Chloe showed something. It's highly doubtful though. Still, she looks good in that bikini.


Buzz from a screening of Deadpool suggests that the "graphic nudity" comes from a scene in a strip club and a sex scene featuring Ryan Reynold's ass.