Celebrity Nudity Rumors December 4, 2017

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Q&A so here we go:

Is there a lesbian sex scene in Lizzie with Kristen Stewart?

Not really. Just kissing with Chloë Sevigny.

Do you know if Nazanin Boniadi or Sarah Bolger get naked in Counterpart, which begins airing next month?

Doubt Sarah gets naked. Nazanin’s character has a few sex scenes but no idea if she actually gets naked. Sara Serraiocco will be getting naked for sure though.

Any news on Talulah Riley in The Last Witness or Westworld S2?

No nudity in The Last Witness. No idea about Westworld.

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Anything from margaret qualley in novitiate?


https://www.recapped.com/novitiate-nudity-review + someone already posted short cam version clip of that scene here, couple posts ago.


Thank u i've been waiting for this for a long time


Fingers crossed for Faye Marsay in McMafia or Bancroft or You, Me and Him.


Alicia Agneson shows tits and ass in latest Vikings.


what an ass, godamn


Is it available anywhere??


clips please...coz i already seen the pics...



Here are the link to download Alicia Agneson video.


Thanks, sadly this is still censored version. Hopefully we will not have wait long for uncensored one.


I'm downloading uncensored version right now.


The international (Amazon) version is framed slightly differently, so you see her tits - partially obscured by her hair.


It's on aznude


@JamesO there is a pic in which A.Scholey seems show breasts, but it's censored (somebody has painted a black rectangle...).


Is a that really Tatiana Maslany topless in "Stronger" or a body double?


It's her. She has some distinctive moles on her left shoulder.


Is Annabel Scholey nude in Britannia? There was a (censored) pic on a newspaper.


A preview says she has a nude sex scene in the first episode, but the source does have a history of overhyping these things, so who knows how much will be seen.


Thanks! Which is the preview? There was a pic in a newspaper (with a censorship on breasts) from that you can think she will show a great topless. Did you see it? (Search "Amena making love Lindon" in a Search engine..)


“BRITANNIA: Little is left to the imagination from the very first episode onwards, after the nude sex scene when Prince Phelan (Julian Rhind-Tutt) discovers his wife Amena (Annabel Scholey) making love to his cousin Lindon.”

from the not always reliable (an understatement) Mail on Sunday


What do you mean she shows "sth"?


Ok, in the same article there is a picture of Annabel Scholey censored. It seems she shows sth interesting...


I wonder if the famed Reese Witherspoon full frontal scene from "Wild" will ever get released?.


Reese Witherspoon is very shy , too bad she has a great body !


I think Jennifer Lawrence is really nude in Red Sparrow because she says in an interview about nudity :
“I just thought, ‘I'll never do that again. I'll never share that part of myself ever since it got shared against my will "
“And then when I said yes to ‘Red Sparrow,’ I felt I was taking something back.”


I agree with oonch. She may be briefly nude but given that many people have screened this movie and she is, basically, the biggest female star in the world and nobody has said boo about the nudity, logic would dictate that we can't expect much here. It shouldn't surprise anyone that even brief nudity would be a "big deal" for someone like Lawrence. Wait until she around 40. I would wager this is when she'll do her best nudity. It seems like an average for many actresses. It really does take this long for American actresses to grew up a little with their attitudes and become less self-righteous.


there are nudity in the book so ... And nobody have seen the complete movie !


that interview was months ago. movie has been screened several times since then and there have been no reports. she's teasing you.


nobody have seen a complete movie , just a 20 minutes teaser so .... And I think nudity was not in the 20 minutes teaser !


there has been a full length version screeened - though it may not have been the final cut


Nobody have seen complete movie and final version !


Anything about Emmy Rossum or Jessica Szohr in this season of Shameless ?


Carly Chaikin's ass in a thong in tonight's episode of Mr. Robot. Only lasts for about a second and it's pretty zoomed out and dark, but it's a straight on view. There's also a lot of lesbian kissing.


Here's all the good bits in 1080p. SPOILER WARNING



A bit low quality but here it is.