Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 1, 2018

Altered Carbon will be available on Netflix tomorrow. We haven’t seen it but hear Kristen Lehman is full frontal nude. And of course Dichen Lachman has already confirmed she is naked in it.

Sunday’s Counterpart is supposed to feature a random naked prostitute.

And we forgot to mention there is no nudity in Never Goin’ Back with Maia Mitchell and Cami Morrone in our Sundance recap last week.

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Compulsion is out today on UK Amazon & iTunes. Can anyone get it?
00 -- breasts from Analeigh Tipton as she rides a guy. Intercut with shots still to come in the movie. Some topless extras. Then after, she's topless in bed.
8 -- breasts and bum as Tipton dresses
12 -- Tipton watches a dance in a sex club from Marta Gastini wearing see-thru clothing. Super imposed flashes of a sex scene to come (Not much seen. Implied.)
29 -- Tipton fondled from behind. Dress hiked up to show side bum.
30/31 -- Gastini kisses Tipton. Tipton goes to undress but Gastini stops her. Moves to touch her but a guy interrupts them.
32 -- flashes of clothed sex with Tipton and a guy
33 -- Tipton wearing a revealing low cut dress -- she primarily wears this dress throughout the movie.
34 -- Tipton and Gastini have sex. Breasts and bum from both. Maybe a hint of FF from Gastini. Certainly a dark/shadowy glimpse of FF from Tipton. 3 mins long.
39 -- naked extras in blood
40 -- breasts from Gastini in open robe. Then seen lying topless on a bed in the open robe. Gastini wears this a lot throughout.
42 -- another revealing low cut dress for Tipton.
43 -- topless extras at an orgy. Gastini kisses some chick.
44 -- topless extras at an orgy
45 -- a clothed Tipton felt up by Gastini and others.
51 -- Gastini again topless in bed.
55/56 -- bum, blurry full frontal and breasts from Tipton as guy undresses and washes her and then dress her again.
57-59 -- Gastini and Tipton kiss. Flashback to their sex scene. Some new footage intermixed. Breasts and bum from Tipton. Hint of FF again for Tipton. Gastini topless.
1hr07/08 -- back at the orgy. Topless extras again.
1hr14/15 -- clothed sex with Tipton riding a guy. Pokies.


Analeigh is my girl, this sounds amazing.


Holy crap, can't wait for tomorrow


Tomorrow? It’s out today in the UK. Or are you hoping by tomorrow someone posts it?


it does not come out in the US till March 15th


That doesn't mean clips won't post online before then.


Where did this description come from?


From a person who already skimmed through it today, but for various reasons cannot post the videos.


Fair enough. Hopefully someone can post the entire movie soon like someone did with Below Her Mouth last year (someone posted it via Google Docs).

Gotta love the European influence on American actresses.


nothing in Waco ?


I think the reason why we haven't had confirmation about Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow with the movie less than a month away is because of NDA-s. As the release date approaches more info will become available.

I hope recapped do another q & a soon.


review embargo lifts Feb 16th, plus several public screenings that weekend


This guy on Twitter confirmed it but it was back in November. Movie may have been edited since then. We will see


He didn't say if you can actually see anything. Not that it matters, he's just some random guy on the internet to me.


“He didn’t confirm if you saw anything” is a weird preoccupation with people on this website. If he didn’t see anything he would have said something (presuming of course that he’s telling the truth, which is a big if)


she might not show anything. Thats a realistic option we have to consider. Shes so guarded and hostile towards everyone since the leak. I hope for the best, but im prepared for nothing.

SHe will be hot, though, thats clear


This one tab with recapped.com open in Chrome is using 600Mb RAM and 40% CPU UTILISATION for me. People please stop posting auto playing GIFs. They are really CPU intensive and make browsing this page very frustrating. It is lagging like crazy while scrolling through the page.


I always look forward to newly posted gifs here myself as it's pretty much the first place I see new content posted.

But the comments sections becoming laggy is another reason this place would benefit from a forum


Zsófia Tarjányi nude scene in Strike Back S06E01 (S05 in the USA/France)

Uncut Cinemax Version (aired yesterday 2. February 2018 in the USA and today 3. February 2018 on OCS City in France):


Censored Sky One Version (aired on Sky One, 31. October 2017 in UK):


Edit: Looks like my first comment didnt work so here is it again with fixxed links sorry.


Damn, Sky One sure love to censor nudity. Quite the difference between the 2 clips.


Thanks for this. Much appreciation to the guys sorting through the complication of which version airs where and when.


Next Episode with Nudity is episode 3 and 5,6.

I actually don't understand the censorship on Sky One because it looks like the cinemax producers did it. If you check the two clips you see that are both alternate versions so not only "cut" but completly alternativ, cinemax have exclusiv scenes but sky one too (but not really important). So i first thought its because of the BBFC guidelines but thats not the point because episode 3, 5 and 6 had more nudity than the first one (they are censored aswell but not as much as episode 1) and its not a "timeframe" thing because it always airs at 9 pm on Sky One.

I have really no idea why there censor the sex scenes.


Could be something to get people watching it on Cinemax instead of downloading the sky one version? Seems to be standard for a few of their other shows. I think The White Queen did the same.


Thats not the reason they airing the cinemax version in every other country so as an example the french version (with optional english original audio) was leaked 40 minutes after airing so i dont know that what not make any sense because you can download that version too.


Anything from Dakota in next episode of Alienist?


Officially Confirmed: The Scent of Rain and Lightning with Maggie Grace comes out in theaters and VOD February 16. The film will be released on DVD on March 20.


Was any nudity confirmed from her or Maika Monroe?


From Mr.Skin: Maggie Grace nude - butt, right breast.


Any hope for Gillian Jacobs nudity in the final season of Love?


Hopefully she will, but she didnt the other two seasons so I assume no. I am happy to be proved wrong though.


no news about Annihilation , it's R classified violence, bloody images, language and some sexuality


No idea about the movie, but I read the book and I don't remember any nudity in it. It wasn't a very sexy story, it was bizarre and depressing.


can somebody tell me what episode Lisa Chandler is naked in on Altered Carbon or can u post the clip



According to Johnny Moronic, who's capped the whole series and identified most of the actresses, Lisa's the topless girl pulled out of the sea in ep1, then nude on the slab in ep2, and has a flashback scene in ep9